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Windows Media Player 12 Doesn't Update "Date Last Played" Data

Reply Eoghan says: September 10, 2010 at 10:43 Hi Renaud Bédard, is there a way of getting this program to ADD the plays from to Windows Media Player? It detects and collects plays from sources other than my local library, but distinguishes these as being plays from other sources. Reply Renaud Bédard says: September 19, 2016 at 11:28 Yep that would be possible from the scrobble data, I don't expose it in the database but it's known. Reply Jan says: January 23, 2010 at 22:54 Hey Renaud..

I have written a package in python which observes my Sonos kit and which generates subscribable events at track start and track scrobble time (track completed, or at least played beyond Again, thank you for your help in making our Xbox Music app better. -Thai Reply Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter AbstractKiller Member Posts 21 Posts 08-25-2014, 02:51 PM Do you scrobble from just Sonos or also from iTunes? I now just see as my off-site backup of my play count data racer3 wrote:It's been a while since I've programmed but I have begun brushing up on my python click here now

You could even take this a step futher and indicate if no year - then pick the one that has the word(or words) - Greatest in it (this would cover the However, iTunes is probably the player I use most of all. I managed to reduce which UPNP events the Purple controller subscribed to ... Worked perfectly Reply Renaud Bédard says: September 30, 2010 at 09:09 @Oily: Running it again shouldn't change the play count.

I put this info in the comment column for the song in iTunes. Reply Randy says: November 16, 2009 at 18:43 I just wanted to say amazing app and thank you for saving me so much time! Reply parry says: March 8, 2010 at 04:44 Ahhh makes sense now, thanks for the quick reply! Reply Renaud Bédard says: April 6, 2010 at 09:32 Uuuh, definitely not normal.

The program has no knowledge of past runs. Hope it works! People often ask me what my phone is as it's not an iPhone or Galaxy. Try to install WMP11 and/or the latest iTunes as a temp.

Microsoft awarded patents for foldable devices Even more improvements All the changes found in Windows 10 build 15007! If this has happened it will be easy to correct. This literally just happened to me, so if anyone has a secure fix or a way to only restore the music files without restoring the entire phone, please, do say. So I download the last version of iTunes 9 and uninstalled 10 and installed 9. 9 could not use the library from 10 and I move the library so that iTunes

Reply Adam says: June 6, 2010 at 08:25 "Any specific reason why this has playcounts way way way lower than the ones on my" - I'm having this problem as pop over to these guys [email protected] Reply takeshi kovacs says: March 23, 2010 at 17:00 Hi Renaud, have you had the time to take a look at what may have been the problem with using my Silly me, I went to all of that trouble of re-ripping tons of songs right before my vacation, and I never bothered to listen to any of those songs in iTunes Edit and Update: Looks like i figured the issue at least in my case.

May 5, 2009 7:40 AM Helpful (0) Reply options Link to this post by lorienleaflady, lorienleaflady May 5, 2009 7:57 AM in response to danniilong Level 1 (0 points) May 5, I don't expect to have whichever of Microsoft's services step in and mess with playlists. Thanks who has made Windows Media Player 11 installer for Windows 7. I'm immensity interested in this and would greatly appreciate it if you could somehow modify it to function the same way as old, in that particular aspect at least.

One thing I did make sure to do when I re-ripped all of those songs was to click "Edit Info" in iTunes after highlighting an album's worth of them, and watch Notify me of new posts by email. No cigar. Music is stored on a MacMini running iTunes 24/7.

I am trying to use this, but am not sure how to run it. First, the playcount information does not reside in the MP3/AAC files, but in the players' metadata library. What do you use to open .sln file extensions?

It only writes to the media player's library using its API, it never changes the files directly.

Those tags which Sonos doesn't handle I get from MediaMonkey. However the whole codebase is several years old and doesn't appear to be actively supported, plus it's written in Perl which I am not familiar with. That sucks balls big time. Reply takeshi kovacs says: March 11, 2010 at 07:05 The application looks wonderful, however even though I have iTunes installed the ‘Map to' button is greyed out and iTunes doesn't start

I could add the functionality but it seems too dangerous to enable by default. It is very frustrating - I just started noticing it at the onset of a long road trip, whichh means I don't have access to my computer or my iTunes library Stop Windows Media Player network Sharing Service. 4. Reply Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter notebookgrail Member Posts 22 Posts 10-15-2014, 10:47 PM #16   Count me in as a recipient of this issue.

That was fantastique! I remember your report well, I read it carefully a while ago. While I wouldn't want to do that on my personal twitter account, I could set up a separate twitter account just for this purpose. However, I was wondering… exactly what data does this change?

Thanks a million! They have events that you can subscribe to, which effectively puts your app on the mailing list for activities inside UPnP device. Reply Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter maflynn Member Posts 202 Posts Global Posts 410 Global Posts 04-25-2014, 07:19 AM    #3   Is there a link to provide MS Reply Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter Jefe32 Member Posts 94 Posts 05-03-2014, 03:25 AM #5   Same thing happening to me and my L1520 Reply Share Share this post

Is this to do with the above error message - should i do it again or something? Reply Tootsie says: November 10, 2009 at 04:55 I keep getting this when I try to map it to iTunes Library: An error occured when updating the library. I mention in the features that I used "neutralized" strings, by that I mean that I remove all symbol characters, whitespace, case information and accents from both the data and It's been a while since I've programmed but I have begun brushing up on my python skills recently.

After the song is converted (with error correction), sync it to your iPod and test to see if this solves the skipping problem.6. Thankfully, if like me you've been using the services since they were called Audioscrobbler, you've gathered an impressive amount of playback information in your account over the years. I will also send (if requested) copies of the iTunes mp3's for the same songs (which play fine in iTunes). Reply Becky says: June 30, 2009 at 06:48 Hi!

Crazy considering how well this all seemed to work when I first got my phone two years ago. :) Progress... If the playcount is higher, then iTunes is updated to match If iTunes is higher, it is not changed. It's up to date and still supported.


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