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What Ports Does Windows Media Player Use?


Metadata retrieval. In the Tools menu, under Download, Visualizations links to a Web page that contains extra downloadable visualizations. Cookies. If the system remains AWOL, try temporarily disabling its firewall to see if it's blocking any of the necessary ports.) When you double-click on the remote system in Windows Media Player,

The content you requested has been removed. IP Multicast Choosing to allow Windows Media streaming via IP Multicast is simply a choice to allow traffic through which is addressed to the standard Class D IP addresses ( Configuring the Router Next, you’ll need to configure Port Forwarding on your home router. Setting Streaming Media Protocols There are two methods for setting streaming media protocols.

What Firewall Ports Need To Be Open For Windows Media Services To Operate

A cookie on the client is accessed by (unless the cookie is blocked) and the Skins Web page is sent back in Internet Explorer. If you keep your media on a different drive or on a network-attached storage device, however, you should import those files into WMP. A cookie on the client is accessed by (unless the cookie is blocked) and sends the Radio Tuner Web page, with presets (if the cookie is not blocked).

Click on "Stream" on the top menu, and select "Allow Internet access to home media." On the "Internet Home Media Access" window, click on "Diagnose connections." The "Internet Streaming Diagnostic Published 03/26/10 SHOW ARCHIVED READER COMMENTS (7) Comments (7) March 26, 2010 damiththa so WMP 12 is only for Windows 7? One option not enabled by default is the globally unique identifier (GUID) that uniquely identifies the Player. 4. List Three Protocols Used By Windows Media Services To Administer The Server See Also Concepts WMS HTTP Server Control Protocol Add IP addresses to resolve port 80 conflicts Using HTTP streaming and other services on the same computer Show: Inherited Protected Print Export

We appreciate your feedback. What Is The Recommended Security Method For Running The Windows Media Administration Site? For more information, see "Logging, Encryption, Identification of User, and Privacy," later in this section. Microsoft Media Server (MMS) UDP or TCP: The port number is 1755. Cookies Notification.

When the HTTP protocol is selected, the HTTP protocol is used to receive streaming media from an MMS or RTSP URL. My Network Places Helps You Share Another option that is not enabled by default is metadata that is downloaded for files. When the user selects Premium Services from the taskbar, the Premium Services Web page is triggered, and the user can select from the page. In addition, see the previous subsection for a note describing a Group Policy that prevents radio station preset retrieval.

What Is The Recommended Security Method For Running The Windows Media Administration Site?

Note that the first set of seven ports and ranges apply to the system that's hosting the shareable media, while the last one applies to any system that wants to access Tracking log. What Firewall Ports Need To Be Open For Windows Media Services To Operate For more information, see Appendix B, “Learning About Group Policy and Updating Administrative Templates.” A white paper in the Enterprise Deployment Pack (EDP) for Windows Media Player 9 Series provides detailed Does Using Basic Authentication Offer Any Advantages? If So, What? Logging, Encryption, Identification of User, and Privacy The following list describes the way the Player sends logging information to a streaming media server, the encryption options available for the Player, the

And if the host machine connects to the Web from behind a router or firewall, you need to open and forward a few ports to the PC to allow incoming connections.Getting To use this method, you must first update the appropriate Administrative template, Wmplayer.adm, to a version that contains the new Group Policy settings for Windows XP with SP2. The user is not notified. However, Microsoft finally released the protocol specification in February 2008.[6] See also[edit] Windows Media Station References[edit] ^ a b Microsoft's Windows Media Networking Protocols Porting Kit ^ Microsoft's Windows Media Format Windows Media Service Ports

Configuring the Windows 7 Computers Open Windows Media Player and go to the library section. Accessing a PC remotely from across the Web will likely require some tweaks to a router or firewall, however. The Windows Media Player status bar will indicate that a codec is being downloaded. By default, Windows Media Player will share all the media it has access to.

You also need to open TCP/UDP 135, which is used for RPC End Point Mapping, among other things. Movie Maker Can Be Accessed By Clicking On Firewall and Registry Settings for DCOM DCOM dynamically allocates one port per process. If the user accepts, there is no notification at the time information is transferred.

If not, you’ll need to manually forward the ports.

Avoid selecting the option. The screen will also show a list of devices on the network that are capable of accessing the library. Downloadable visualizations. Port 554 When the user submits corrected metadata for files, CDs, and DVDs, information is sent to

However, ports in your firewall for outbound traffic may be closed if a more stringent security policy is implemented on your server network. The log is neither encrypted nor correlated with personally identifiable information. The following table lists the options for configuring a protocol to work with a proxy server. this page Note   For the last step, if your program does not appear by name, contact the vendor of that program for information about how to configure it as the default.

Turn on media sharing on an XP or Vista system running WMP, and you'll be able to access most of the multimedia files stored on that system from other Vista (but Note Windows Media Services tries to use port 80 by default, but Web servers frequently reserve that port. Other versions of Windows Media Player might differ from the version described in this section. The number ranges in the documentation below indicate an entire range of available ports; typically, the actual number of ports allocated will be far less.


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