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Windows Explorer Troubleshooting

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windows explorer / freeze problem

Explorer.exe crash down

windows goes crazy - where's the bug?

explorer.exe keeps restarting(icons folders close)

opening via windows explorer not responding

Windows explorer has stopped working!

Windows explorer crash

Graphic Display problem in certian areas? (possible explorer.exe problem?)

Microsfot Word and Wondows Explorer Stops Working?

Windows Explorer address bar history (dont want)

Opening My Pictures alot causes windows to freeze

Random crashes (Moved from Vista/7)

Explorer.exe Constantly Crashes When Deleting/Examining/Browsing Files

Windows Explorer Constantly Crashes

Windows explorer restarts

XP Pro Windows Explorer Problem

Explorer.EXE keeps Dying

Windows Explorer Always Closes!

Window Explorer crashes

help with my windows explorer

Exploere.exe and IE keep closing

[resolved] Windows Explorer Problem

Windows Explorer sometimes needs >20s to show files

why does windows explorer crash constantly?[moved from XP]

Problem with Win Explorer

Windows explorer keeps freezing

Corrupted file crashing windows explorer if selected

Windows 7 Explorer.exe "Not Responding"/ BSOD

Windows Explorer

Problem with windows explorer error

Windows Explorer Problem Possibly Virus?

Problems with explorer.exe and other programms

Windows Explorer Keeps Terminating

Please Help XP/Explorer causing problems

problems refreshing folders in XP

IE6 Crashes When Create New Folder

explorer keeps restarting in Vista

Picture file problem in Explorer.

IE7 on WinXP SP3 main toolbar missing (not the menu bar!) ?

Windows Explorer Crashes (Vista sp2)

Crashing Explorer

Windows Explorer Stopped Working - Black Screen

Windows Explorer Problem in Vista ultimate SP!

Problems with explorer.exe and more

starting Win explorer in a specific folder

Vista-Explorer.exe crash

Windows explorer restarting several times.

Windows Explorer stops responding.

explorer malfunction

Vista Windows Explorer Issue

Windows Explorer Restarting upon clicking search button in Google

Windows Explorer annoyance

Explorer.exe Keeps Shutting Down And Restarting

Windows explorer restarting antimalware virus HELP PLEASE!

Windows Explorer restarts over and over

Explorer.exe keeps crashing a folder is causing it

explorer.exe crashes at startup

Vista explorer Keeps restarting

Videos folder crashes Windows Explorer upon opening

explorer.exe restarts again and again.

Windows Explorer strange behavior

Windows Explorer Error.

Windows Explorer in Vista

Intermittent 'Explorer.exe' Errors[moved from xp]

Windows Explorer Problem?

IE crashing when previewing a file.

W7: Windows explorer crashing

Windows Explorer keeps crashing when viewing AVI files on computer

Explorer.exe keeps closeing and opening.

Windows Explorer Stop 'APPCRASH'

Computer freezes quite often when opening explorer windows.

Folder crashes then wont select thumbnails or close folder.

Windows Explorer gdiplus.dll

help please with explorer hanging

Windows Explorer continuously shuts down & restarts

Windows Explorer running full tilt 99%CPU

Explorer crashes all the time

problem with windows explorer

Windows Explorer will not open

Did explorer crash?

Constant Windows Explorer crashes

Explorer.exe crashes continuously. Haven't found a straight solution yet.

Explorer.exe keeps restarting >_<

Problems in Windows Explorer

problems with Windows explorer on windows 7

Windows explorer error due to .mkv

Can't open control panel in vista. Windows explorer has stopped working message

please help slow internet and now explorer.exe not running properly keeps turning off

Explorer Unresponsive

How can I make explorer auto-close open windows for folders that no longer e

Explorer.exe crashes continuously during startup

Windows Explorer Help

Strange error on startup wnidows explorer is not responding

Windows explorer keeps restarting.

Desktop slow to boot and Windows Explorer file management tool is very slow

Help ! Windows explorer stops working

Windows Explorer not working when i open anything

Windows Explorer hangs up

Windows explorer closes whenever I open my ipod

win explorer freezing & crashing

Moved from IE: re:start programs

atimcenc.dll keeps crashing explorer.

windows explorer keeps restating

Windows crash with "open with"

WinXP explorer window freezes when accessing Win2000

Windows Explorer problem ( i think)

Explorer keep crashing and restarting [HELP]

Windows Explorer doesn't work

Windows Explorer keeps crashing.

Windows Vista (64-bit) Window explorer problems!

Windows Explorer won't open.

Windows Explorer Restarts repeatedly

Windows explorer freezes

Uninstalled Jaz drive still shows in XP Pro Windows Explorer

Bagle removed but explorer.exe crashes after closing all windows on a regular basis

Windows.exe in Win7 crash loop

Windows Explorer keeps rebooting itself

Need help folder crash

Explorer.exe stopped working and restarting

Windows Explorer Crashes.

Windows Explorer - Regedit problems

Windows Explorer crashing.

Windows Explorer always restarting

System restore and explorer keeps crashing

mouse freeze and explorer.exe startup error

Windows Explorer is constantly crashing in the Start Menu.

Windows Explorer sluggish

windows explorer error. help. :(

99% explorer.exe usage when connected to the network.

Windows XP Folder Missing Toolbar

Explorer.exe freezing randomly

Explorer.exe Crash on Win 7

Windows explorer troubles

Messed up installation - Now Windows explorer wont work

trojans caused IE search to stop working and eventually windows wouldnt load

Windows Explorer dieing on me

Windows Explorer restarts constantly

Explorer.exe freezes wayy to often.

help with explorer crashing

Vista SP1 Constant Crashes

Windows Explorer has stopped working - help!

window explorer restart automatically

Windows Explorer + More Crashings from Video files

Windows Explorer CPU problem

Explorer Constant Restart

Windows Explorer keeps locking up

bug that makes explorer.exe hang

Windows 7 x64 Crashing on Reboots

Windows explorer problem - Malware or corrupt windows files?

virus that crashes Windows explorer

Most video files cause windows explorer to crash

Windows Explorer crashing and restarting

Windows explorer.exe keeps crash and restart every 5 seconds

NOT RESPONDING errors >> moved post here for virus help

Windows Explorer Crashes CONSTANTLY. Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Vista Home Pre [Exploler Error] Some Programs Locked

Windows Explorer/Program crashes

extemly slow windows explorer

PLEASE HELP: Word/Excel/Internet Explorer/System Restore all stopped working

Explorer keeps crashing/restarting

Explorer problem

Win7 Ulti x64 Crashes Like Crazy!

Is it possible to add a new "detail" to Windows Explorer?

need to select windows/explorer to open D drive

Windows Explorer Continuously Crashes

Virus caused explorer.exe to stop functioning

Vista - Explorer Freezes on reboot

Windows explorer not responding

Windows explorer has stopped working error

windows explorer issues

Windows 7 explorer and programs not responding

Windows Explorer crashes or is just plain corrupt

Explorer Crash

Windows Explorer constantly stop working and restart.

Explorer.exe keeps on closing and restarting

problems with windows explorer error

Change default in Windows Explorer

Win7 window explorer always restarting

Explorer.exe keepss on crashing

Windows Explorer keeps crashing/restarting (Win7x64 SP1)

Windows Explorer Crashes When opening My Computer

help explorer.exe keeps closing

Windows Explorer stops working on start up

Windows Vista x64-Bit Windows Explorer Problem

Windows Explorer crashing on start up

Windows Explorer Problem-Vista

VERY simple windows explorer question

[Help pronto!] Windows Explorer Error

Windows Explorer My Music File Keeps Crashing. Please Help><

Trying to diagnose a persistent issue of occasional hanging of Windows 7/10

Windows Explorer problems

Malware / Adware Problem - Explorer.exe keep crashing

Vista x64 windows explorer freezing problem

Single video file causes hanging when viewed or copied

Explorer Freezes at start up

IE eating my cpu

Explorer Window

windows explorer stops working

Windows explorer keeps not responding

explorer.exe crashing and restarting

Explorer.exe freezing

Daily Windows Explorer crashes at random times

Strange problem with Windows Explorer freezing

Can't run Windows Explorer

HJT help - explorer taking 99% cpu

error = Win Explorer stopped working

Windows explorer crashes every 10 seconds

windows 7 - windows explorer crash

Microsoft explorer keeps stopping +restarting

application & I.Explorer gets hanged

Microsoft windows explorer

Windows 7 explorer.exe freezes

Windows Explorer Freezes Up

Windows Explorer Keeps Shutting Down

Can't create folder or paste files due to "explorer.exe" error

windows explorer stopped working


Windows Explorer Keeps Dying

Windows Explorer and Other Programs Freezing

windows vista stopped working

Vista freezing after a few minutes--explorer memory error?

Windows Explorer freezes in Look In function

Explorer.exe sometimes restarts when I press the 'Delete' button

Explorer.exe dying.

Windows Explorer crashing/restarting; Mystery windows in Taskbar

Explorer crashes when window closed! (Must Read please.)

Windows Explorer often hangs

Expanding Directory Trees Crashes Explorer

[Resolved] windows explorer freezes

Windows Explorer has been restarting constantly!

Explorer keeps freezing on Windows 7.

Windows Explorer Crashed

Windows Explorer Crash On Startup

Windows Vista continously popping up 'Windows explorer has stopped working.' .

Windows Explorer closes after I boot up

Lag and explorer.exe constantly shut down

Explorer constantly crashes

IE addy bar & WinXP My Comp cause prog shut downs

Windows exploreer not working

Windows Explorer crashes constantly

I need help with MS explorer.exe problems!

Explorer crashes from opening Search or "My Computer

Windows Explorer Crashing / Videos

Internet stops working when Explorer.exe procees running

Explorer Quits.

windows explorer has stopped working error [moved from Vista/7]

[RESOLVED] I accedently removed alot from my taskmanager

Explorer.exe crashing in Vista

Windows Explorer - Stopped Woking

Windows Explorer won't stop shutting down

Help - 'explorer.exe' crashing at logon

Error Message "windows explorer is not responding"

Explorer.exe - Right-click causing freezing/hanging

Window Explorer and My Computer won't open

Screen Doesn't Refresh When Closing IE7

Explorer using a lot of memory and keeps crushinn and restarting

Windows Explorer has stoped working - loop

Explorer keeps shutting down and restarting.

Process: Explorer keeps shutting down and restarting

Windows Explorer and Myspace shutdowns

Windows Explorer crashes each time the pc is started.

Explorer constantly crashing

Windows Explorer opening view

Selected menu items in Explorer won't stay + Explorer locking video files

Windows explorer has stopped working. Please help.

windows Explores stops working when ever I try to open the Control panel.

Windows Explorer constantly crashing

Problem with a virus 64bit Vista

Windows Explorer giving me trouble

Sporadic Taskbar/Desktop Locking

windows explorer has stopped running

Windows Explorer keeps closing

explorer.exe restarting constantly

Windows Explorer - How To Do This?

Windows Explorer Crashing When Turning Off Computer

Error Messages on Windows Explorer

Window's problem? Explorer's problem?

Explorer.exe shuts off every 5 seconds then turns back on

Explorer Crashes.

Windows Explorer Hanging + Multiple Issues

explorer.exe keeps reloading

Explorer restarts.

Windows Explorer error after pressing Start -> Turn Off Computer!

Microsoft Update Problem + windows explorer not loading on startup

windows explorer keeps restarting over and over again

cant open anything windows explorer keeps restarting

Newly installed vista random crash and restart

Windows Explorer errors.

windows explorer start-up

Windows Explorer Closing Error - Constantly

explorer hangs after 8 mins

Windows explorer malfunction

Windows Explorer Freezing All the Time

Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working Vista (fix And Need Your Info)

Vista: Windows Explorer Keeps Restarting

Help please - Windows Explorer has stopped working right after boot up

Windows Explorer error when viewing some video folders

explorer.exe repeatedly crashing/restarting

Visiting a folder with AVI files crashes Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer keeps closing itself when i go to my external drive

Windows Explorer repeatedly crashes

Windows Explorer does not respond

Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Windows Explorer Crashes. all the time

Windows Explorer Freeze

Explorer.exe and other vital programs not responding

Windows Explorer Stops Working After Boot

windows explorer keeps restarting | vista |

Windows Explorer acting very strange.

explorer.exe restarting endlessly

Explorer.exe stops responding

Internet Explorer Not Working [Moved from XP]

Explorer bar takes forever to initalize on bootup

IE 7 Not Loading (Moved from Windows Support)

Screen Jumping on Windows explorer

explorer.exe always crashing

Explorer freezes

Problems with windows explorer

Windows Explorer suddenly running slow

Windows Explorer has stopped working in Vista

Explorer.exe has stopped working

Windows Explorer keeps restarting after i installed a video codec pack

Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit Explorer.exe Crashes sometimes.

Windows Explorer Only Gives Errors

Computer crashes when connected to internet explorer [moved form ie]

Windows explorer is not opening correctly

windows vista x64 explorer/mouse issues

Windows Explorer Stops and Starts Intermittantly

Explorer freezing

Windows explorer repeatedly restarting

Windows Explorer error MSPXS32.dll

Windows Explorer continually crashing.

Runtime error: explorer.exe stops working! HELP!

Problem with Windows Explorer 7.

windows explorer keeps restartingand ive tried this and got these results

Windows Explorer repeatedly shuts down on startup

Explorer.exe stops on folder/window open.

Explorer Errors

Issues with windows explorer and shutting down

Window Explorer keeps stopping/Windows Explorer Changed File Dates

explorer.exe keeps turning on and off[moved from xp]

Windows Explorer corrputing files

Explorer.exe Freezes When I Browse File System

Disappearing icons/crashing explorer shell

Windows Explorer Shutdown

[VISTA] '_____ has stopped working' + Random Freezing

explorer.exe Stops Working

Need help: Windows Explorer hangs up

Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) crash on startup

Windows Explorer keeps on restarting

Windows Explorer is not working properly

how to change default Explorer screen

WIN Explore Error

explorer.exe restarts repeatedly from windows startup

Windows Explorer keeps crashin. need help.

explorer.exe freezing on keyboard shortcuts

Windows 7 "Windows is restarting."

i.explore.exe DLL error computer keeps shutting itself down!

Infinite Hourglass in Windows Explorer

windows explorer will not close

Explorer.exe constantly restarting

Window explorer hangs

the explorer gets ended abruptly and explorer starts again

windows explorer dosen't work

Windows Explorer is crashing

Windows Explorer Constantly Crashing and System Running Extremely Slow

explorer service

Windows Explorer Not Responding on Startup

Missing icon from the Explorer tree.

Need help for Window Explorer Memory Error

windows explorer error report window

Explorer.exe crashes on startup

problem windows explorer

Explorer.exe process accidentally exited

Microsoft windows has stopped responding

Windows Explorer Constant Crashing

Windows Explorer in Page Error

Windows explorer has stopped working.[moved from IE]

BSOD and Unresponding Systems [moved from Vista /Windows 7]

explorer.exe restart problem

[resolved] slow browsing due to Explorer?

Explorer crashes after folders closed.

windows explorer has stopped working Repeatedly

Windows Explorer crash mutiple times!

windows explorer not working

Explorer keeps crashing in win7

Windows Explorer Hangs

explorer.exe freezing frequently.

Windows explorer shutting down

Windows explorer continuously crashes and restarts

windows explorer stops working when trying to open folder form a DVD.

Windows explorer hang

Windows Explorer Freezing when accessing D:

windows 7 explorer keeps crashing

Windows Explorer Closing and Restarting

explorer crashing

Explorer crashes and slow computer

pop ups and constant explorer.exe lock ups

window explorer is not working properly

Windows Explorer problem/s

Using start menu search causes windows explorer to stop working.

windows explorer crashes when using xvid/divx

Windows Explorer Crashes. Programs Crash. PC is very slow. [Kind of urgent. :s]

freezing explorer and programs

Windows Eplorer Crashes

Windows Exployer has stopped working.

open any file or program freezes computer

Windows explorer has stop working on vista

Explorer restarts when accessing OS installed drive

Windows explorer restarting

Windows Explorere Keeps Starting and Restarting?

Explorer.exe crashes on video preview

Explorer Crashes on loading Properties Window

explorer not responding when copy paste

Help! Explorer.exe crash and restart!

Windows Explorer - Unusual Behaviour! (Please help!)

Windows Exlporer Crash

Constant Vista Crashing

100% CPU. explorer.exe eating it all up!

Various "Windows Explorer has stopped working" Messages

HELP! explorer.exe not working!

Windows Explorer Crash + System restore disabled. Probably Virus.

PLEASE HELP - Vista Explorer Problems

Windows Explorer crashes on startup

Frequent Windows Explorer errors

Windows constantly restarting - am unable to follow instructions

Windows Explorer Weirdness - Help!

Computer freezes when accessing a folder.

Explorer.exe maxing out on usage upon start-up

Windows Explorer locking up

Windows Explorer Crashes Out

Windows Explorer crashes on start-up

APPCRASH; Explorer.EXE; external drive

Windows Explorer.exe opens in a my documents window >_

aliases in windows explorer navigation pane

windows explorer has changed on me

Windows Explorer has stopped working [moved from Vista/ Windows 7]

XP Pro SP2 - Explorer.exe repeatedly shuts down/restarts for no apparent reason

explorer.exe crashing after opening folder

Strange Vista Problem: Random Apps Crashes

Windows explorer restarting itself

Windows explorer has stopped working loop?

My Explorer.exe is underattack!?!

Explorer falure

explorer restarting problem

Windows Explorer Error -- Need Help

Windows explorer needs to close. even in safe mode!

Getting the message windows explorer not working?

Windows Explorer shuts down all the time

Windows Explorer Shutting Down & Restarting (Windows 7)

Explorer.exe keeps crashing

DEP Error when opening My Computer Drive C: folder

Windows explorer error via start tab

explorer.exe stops working on new Win7 install!

Nonstop "Windows Explorer has stopped working" Error.

unable to close Explorer

windows explorer error message

Vista Randomly stops working

Windows Explorer Lagging

Explorer.exe continually restarts

Windows Explorer Annoying Navigation Problem

Vista Windows Explorer Crash

Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds"

Problem with using Windows explorer

Windows Explorer isn't working normally

IE 6 Slow to boot

How do I get Windows Explorer to open on My Computer instead of My Documents?

Windows Explorer Stopped Working On Clicking Recycle Bin

Windows Explorer constantly losing SATA disk

Explorer error

constant windows explorer malfunctions.

Windows Explorer Crashing + No internet access

Error message when starting Windows Explorer

Windows explorer and other software 'hangs'

Explorer keeps restarting

Task Manager and Explorer Problem.

windows explorer has to shut down

Windows Explorer is not responding

Windows 7 Freezing When Opening Windows Explorer From Another Program

windows explorer failing

Explorer not responding

Programs keep crashing and Windows keeps restarting

My Win Explorer is restarting non-stop

Windows Explorer Messing Up.

HELP with windows explorer issues!

Windows Explorer crashes regulary

Windows explorer keeps restarting and computer runs very slowly

Explorer exits somtimes

Windows exploer keeps crashing on start up

Slow computer explorer.exe crashes

Windows explorer.exe freezes

Windows Explorer won't work

Windows Explorer has stopped working and other problems

Have to refresh folders to see changes?

windows Explorer Encountered Has Problem plz help urgent

windows explorer busted help please!

Windows Explorer restarts unexpectedly *all the time*

Windows Explorer crashes when deleting files

Please help windows explorer not working trys to restart but unseuccesful

Explorer.exe and computer crashes and hangs when trying to delete a file and folder

Windows Explorer has stopped working (every 5 seconds)

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