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My Dell Vostro Shuts Off Randomly When Connected To Modem


I bought this expensive notebook for college and it's just crapping out on me.. I'm clueless. I went to their site and searched for "computer won't turn on", "blank screen" and "random shut down", but couldn't find a fix. I press power on, Power related LED's come on, LED clock comes on the front, fan's have spun sometimes as well.

Is this sound reasoning? Ihr Feedback wurde gesendet. My basic problem is the power works but nothing runs, boot or fans. I turned the laptop off and tried to turn it back on however it didn't start until about 20 minutes later.

Windows 7 Loses Network Connection Intermittently

I think this issue is usually connected to the power options in someway. On some models you can see this key under the Dell logo witch appears as soon as you turn on the laptop. Wenn auf einem schwarzen Bildschirm Text angezeigt wird, führt der Computer gerade den POST aus. It came with Vista Home but I formatted and switched to XP no other problems and worked great until original Toshiba AC adapter died.

Is that feasible? Feedback enthält ungültige Zeichen, nicht angenommene Sonderzeichen: <> (, ) \ Feedback senden Derzeit ist kein Zugriff auf das Feedbacksystem möglich. JJ August 13, 2007 | I have a Compaq Presario R3210US. Windows 7 Drops Network Connection Browse other questions tagged windows-7 windows networking internet or ask your own question.

When i check the battery life, it's very low even when its been plugged in for hours. Thanks for your input. –CraigTP Feb 21 '10 at 11:15 add a comment| up vote 3 down vote Unbelievably, my drops from my Lenovo ThinkPad Y460 were almost entirely from the It just happends that you are probably not in a corp network and your home network connection won't be affected –Jonathan Jan 22 '10 at 6:41 1 I'm aware that I have an IBM ThinkPad A21m but got it second hand 5 yrs ago.

Let me know how it goes. Lan Connection Keeps Dropping It froze up for me when I was surfing the internet from my couch instead of my office desk (Maybe too much jiggling). Let this test run overnight, so it passes a few time. the problem with the toshibas is similar in nature but more due to the heat shielding that the fan sits under.

Windows 7 Losing Network Connection

Chris December 3, 2007 | I have recently purchased an HDTV with a PC input and I wanted to try connecting up my laptop to it. No other changes have been made to my PC in this time. Windows 7 Loses Network Connection Intermittently When the fan comes on, the TV goes black and says that it has lost the monitor signal. Windows 7 Loses Internet Connection Anyone?

Can you light up the screen by tapping on the lid close switch? must be working fine and there is simply a poor connection in the visual hardware preventing it from booting. I have timed it, it sometimes shuts of in 10 minutes and other times it shuts off in one hour. When I press the power button, it will powered on for 2 seconds then goes down, nothing on the screen. Keep Losing Internet Connection Windows 7

I Just got this labtop 3 months ago and i'm thinking of Geting my $1.000 Back as thats not the only Issue i'm having with this computer. This is due to the fact that I have an ASUS ENGTS250 graphics card ( which had a known problem with a noisy fan until a BIOS update fixed the issue. I am able to move my mouse but usually I am on internet explorer and the browswer would turn all white and I cant do anything anymore. have a peek at these guys Thanks.

Eddy September 15, 2007 | MY dell inspiron LAPTOP does not display but only glows when i turn on the power, it formally would display on an external monitor- but now Wired Connection Keeps Dropping First of all, try to reseat the memory module/modules. I did at one point take a peek at the lap top too, I put it back together with maybe one or two tiny screws missing.

Get rid of the Windows Firewall and use something like the free ZoneAlarm.

Shannon March 14, 2010 | This keeps happening to my computer…. I have upgraded the bios. I did it carefully without damage in the board circuits, and now, the after pluging new RAM in the socket behind the board, the laptop boots for 2-3 seconds and then Network Connection Keeps Dropping It went out about 3 times - it's getting harder and harder to put it into sleep mode for some reason too (which is the only way to get the display

Buy an external use enclosure for notebook hard drives 2. Thanks for your help… I need to school my co-workers on regular laptop maintenance…lol. But if it started when I still wiggleing it works properly doesn't shut down. check my blog Laptop Freak March 15, 2007 | Al, Will it shut off if you enter the BIOS setup menu and leave it in there?

Well on my Toshiba, it does the same thing, powers up for a few seconds, the hard drive and fan spin and then it shuts right down. Every time this happens, I can immediately restore all Internet and LAN access by opening the Network Adapter page, disabling the "Local Area Connection" and then re-enabling it. Anyway it works for me now, perfectly. You can use it unplugged but the minute you plug it in, it powers down.

cj2600 December 3, 2006 | insp93, Enter the BIOS setup and see if you can change any settings for video in there. For sometime I been having the problem the laptop shuts on its own. All under manufactures warranty but I have to pay $50 shipping. I would also try to minimize the system, remove modules (hard drive, DVD drive, wireless card, any other cards) one by one and try to turn it on after each removed

Anyone got anything? I assume the new battery is good and it's not the problem. thanks. I have the exact same issue as you, and no, Jim, changing cables didn't help.

Here are some troubleshooting tips. I don’t mind so much it being a pita to turn on because I can always leave it on, but sometimes I take it to work and then I get shafted How was the red coat in Schindler's List created? Check laptop power settings.


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