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Windows 10 Troubleshooting

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CPU wakes itself up

preparing installation tools

Win10 Screen Saver Travel theme

CD/DVD Will not autoplay

Computer crashes if idle for a while

Windows login - computer suspends for about 1 minute!

My Videos Previoew Thumbnail File Viewer

BSOD and potentially related system freezes

Vanishing Folder and Files

Help please: Error message 0x000000EA

Can't log on to windows

Video_TDR_Error nvlddlmkm.sys HELP !

Need help solving corrupted file/driver problem

Bugging me and my IE each time I open it

Please help with activating windows.

Bloatware Banished: Windows 10 Eliminates the Need to Ever Reinstall Windows

Z drive disappears unless I restore my computer to earlier point

BSOD on wake up.

not able to create recovery disc

Problems after microsoft updates

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10576

cannot be written & no internet options

QuickSearch and won't leave my system.

Sloooww boot

BSOD on Windows 7 Host with Guest VM Running on Virtualbox

Put some easy short icon to shut down pc

need help with minidump file

Startup programs sometimes not loading

Vista Business won't boot while connected to exchange

Cannot boot to Windows 7 Partition after Windows 10 installed

Installin windows problems

Computer Doesn't shut down

system hanging and need to restart again

boot up to wallpaper in normal-can not use keyboard in safe

log-on sound

Can't Access Add or Remove Programs

usbohci.sys corrupt unable to upgrade

Cant click taskbar/desktop? Critical error sound

Windows 10 - Monitor Display On TV

Freezing/BSOD when trying to open games


Removed Virus but still cannot connect to the internet

Major Problems with Updates

Windows 10 Includes a Linux-Style Package Manager Named ?OneGet?

Start Up Shut Down Cycyle Won't Stop

My Computer won't mount any ISO/Image files? :(

very wierd windows issues

Rolling back a Microsoft patch?

Extended Display not Working after System Restore

Laptop frequent BSODs

problems with instaling

Cannot download itunes

windows upgrade

Windows 7 audio glitch

Frustrating USB 2.0 Problem

High Memory Usage When Playing Games

windows crashes

Problem with my pc it always exit programs. Help.

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and other BSODs while gaming

I hate IIS! (help me plz)

Windows 10 Anniversary update not installing

Alway losing connection now

Can't add/remove

Uninstall Calculator App

Start up screen after screensaver turns off?

i have problem with my ie which is refresh automatically

SUdden BSOD and laptop not restarting.

Uninstaller problems (RESOLVED)

PC very slow after hibernate/sleep

Problem with Ethernet Driver

Hibernate forces me to delete restore data every other time

what happened to hibernate?

Flickering dialog boxes.

ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt

Can't Save files

How to stop the updates?

Blank popup message in taskbar

Help pls : Keyboard freezes after keystroke.

Random Freezing and Loss of Network - Please Help.

Stuck at login screen

Too much memory used

Windows Security Center Displaying in Arabic

Win 10 Specifications

lose taskbar when IE7 is opened

Complicated startup problem. No recovery CD.

00_*.dll files

Missing all Files and Programs from Account

local network connection not working HELP!

Windows will not boot

Forgot Windows 10 password

Migrating windows 7 user accounts to windows 10 for businesses

monitor resolution issue - can I change my resolution from outside windows?

Computer Won't Boot; Failed Preboot Diag.(RESOLVED)

Where is Win10?

windows dosen't load

new user account do not work correctly

Can't change the Title Line in Windows 10 Theme

Desktop Icons Messed Up

Laptop starting to slow. Random sounds at times. Please HELP HIJACK!

Search Function on Start Menu

Zone Alarm/Windows Update Freeze: Error Log

Accessing Files Incredibly Slow

help installing windows please

Help. I think I've killed my PC

WMP 11 napster issues

30 days to recover previous OS

Can't get to desk top

UAC Show all processes closes Task Manager and IE7 makes new clicks maybe in

Can't get into Windows - stuck at Login

Windows crash

Getting rid of link in IE menu

Memory usage maxing out

Computer crashing after upgrade.

Cant Install Software (HELP)

Problem installing windows

Gamer considering upgrading to 10 from 7 SP1

Unveiling admin. password

Windows Sound Help

quicktime install mess.

Browser Homepage troubles(2 seperate problems)

Very Slow Laptop After System Restore

Repeated BSOD crashes

Media player 10 won't run after sp3 install

Lightscribe problem

Windows 10 Ethernet Drops

Disc cleanup slow

Windows 10 New memory management

Windows explorer initially slow displaying network

Text on monitor suddenly become blurry/fuzzy?

BSOD whenever I load utorrent

Laptop takes ages to load.

ntfs.sys BSoD on Win XP

Crashes w/out blue screen

Computer Does not Boot Past Windows

[Random Crashing] X505 Laptop is Crashing without any BSOD or Errors

System doenst shut down automaticaly

Big microphone problems

DOS Application under Windows XP

How to get rid of the logon screen?

Disable Metro Start Menu Only

Can't install any printer drivers on Windows 8 after refresh

Mouse and audio consistantly skipping/stuttering

Bluescreens last month

TASKHOST.EXE problem (sluggish

Need help with Windows Mail

Big problem with new pc

what happened to my computer? HELP PLEASE

BSOD and services stop running

BSOD and freezes

computer crashes built PC

Windows makes my laptop freeze

Spyware removal icons/sites not working

Disc drives disappeared and MS upgrades won't install

Problems with Microsoft Updates

ntoskernl.exe is missing or corrupt

While switching from WIN10 to WIN8.1 and vice versa one additional BIOS warm reboot!

lock a registry change after shutdown?

Computer doesn't know where Windows is

Getting no sound after an automatic Windows update

Restart of Prior post

Is my PC just a brick now?

nagging button that tells me to shutdown for updates

Microsoft imposes Windows 10 automatic updates

Possible Registry Problem?

Windows Bigger? [RESOLVED]

Removing Icons From Start Menu

Setup/Install Problem

When does a OS become unstable (HW)

when i click on a website link on my desktop it wont open

directx help

Audio skips.

Kernel Symbols are Wrong

Connection issue - Internet OK - Other software not recognizing connection

svchost.exe downloading a lot

Custom computer hangs till manual reset/power off

Cannot Access Windows Update or Security Update

Explorer & Graphics Apps.Crashes Galore

System process talking up a lot of memory

Lag every 2-3 seconds

Loose internet after idle time

Windows Install Problem

@!#%& Phantom Monitors

Max screen resolution issue.

My taskbar doesn't respond and all icons are gone

New Laptop New Windows 7 Install Admin Problem

Invisible windows and frozen clock

No Audio after Windiows Update!

Display resolution problem

View windows startup timestamp log

Slow Slow startup

after logging into system its getting shutdown

Dreadfully slow startup all of the sudden?

Will my Windows Backup work when I go from RAID to standard AHCI?

Can someone help me fix my audio problem

Random Restarts\BSODs Installations failing

Here Are the Features Windows 10 Will Remove When You Upgrade

windows installer/ PhotoGallery endless problem

CD drive recognized but cannot burn.

System32 Error codes

Need to upgrade to Win 7

No Sound despite Successfully Updated Drivers

Disabling auto-install of drivers

My documents keep opening randomly

Printer pop up steals focus.

Dell won't boot up

Critical Windows Application errors!

I have no taskbar.

Your Computer is infected Continuous shutdown

Windows 10 & WAMP not starting

Windows lose focus

Event-Id 41

Homegroup Issue

Windows Update slows laptop

IPCONFIG quits on me

blinking desktop has an html file on it i cannot change

Slow performance laptop--adware

Sound Control Problems

Computer does not detect OS and will not boot into Windows

Windows Update is Disabled

New Windows installation

Secondary Admin Account -> Display won't wake from standby

ESET NOD Antivirus problem

Windows Shutdown Issue

Computer in Vista does not recognize USB External Drive

Reset Clock And Slow Computer

My search doesn't work!?(Please I NEED IT FOR NEXT 3 hours!)

How to turn off the security on Vista

MediaTubeCodec- now computer is almost unusable

Lost start menu bar

Error notification sound when using mouse scroller

Help fixing restart problem

Access denied to C disk and lost admin rights to system admin account

lost focus to explorer.exe My Computer

System Hangs Frequently !


PC problems with startup and some apps


Windows trying to install software when I start another program

Registry error on startup

memory maxed off of startup

Logon screen not showing. Need help.

windows.old has no owner

Remove input languages from all Desktop users

Help! Strange window in taskbar

Windows 10 upgrade From W7Pro

BSOD driver_irql

My documents opens when starting applications

Windows 10 for Enterprise: More secure and up to date

Slow Cpu staticy sound

Start Menu Icon Error

Windows 10 and Firefox problem.

Volume Slider automatically reduces to zero

Folders disappear after selecting "view hidden files"

Crashing in My Videos folder

Taskbar freezes randomly.

Popups and no taskbar

[resolved] Japanese IME and Language pack. IE unable to open

PC won't power down.

freezing problems on a fresh install

APPCRASH - intermittant BSODs --- ALL apps

Persistent Loading and Sound Lag (Likely Driver Related)

lost admin powers on my PC

Slow startup & more !

Minidump Please!

Laptop won't Shutdown

Choppy audio and sound on any video or sound

Games from Admin account to alternate account

Windows 10 Reset gets verbose and risky in build 10130

device driver causes crash

screen freezing then blinking then getting residual items on new window

Programs won't open and I cannot shutdown properly.

Getting Vista to Work with Nvidia 7600gs

Microsoft Update & Windows Time Issues.

Windows will not update (may also be causing iPhone crash with iTunes)

How to restore/reset W10 with no restore points?

expand .in files

iTunes will not start

Win 10 side by side

RSIT doesn't work - error.

Windows 7 install multiple failed attempts: perpetual reboot

Function key setup question

Msupdates help file problem

Nothing after Windows update

account freezing issues 2

(.doc) file cloner and fixed attribute changed into hidden permenently

Outlook 2010 (W10) starts then stays as taskbar icon

Cannot remove adobe folder

Win 8.1 Explorer.exe keeps restarting

Connection / Ethernet issue. * Important *

Indexing drives in dual boot setup

PC won't go into standby or hibernate by its own

Nero 6 installation error

restoring backed up files

Security Updates in Control Panel

Missing Icon Image

Can't get shortcut to run with administartor rights

BSODs please help

Something pulling focus away from open window

PC not going past Windows loading screen

Icons and taskbar have disappeared

Windows hotfix password protected? Spyware?

Frustrating behaviour: programs won't load

Win 10 Install

Free upgrade question.

BSOD and System Hanging

lost all my quick launch icons

Software download will not recognise me as administrator

Windows 10 crashing no BSOD

windows 7 (64) vs incredimail.

windows driver framework bsod while playing games

Windows 7 Video Game Crashes

Please Help I have blurry fonts and want to see them crisp and clear

Loss of Admin rights

Removing Quicktime Completely

Planning to downgrade to Windows 7

Can't login - no login screen

Firewall problem after update

Lost Windows XP Start Bar

Blue screen of death + endless restarts after installing updates

Programs Automatically closing. in error

Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Windows 10

Problem with update

Windows 7 backup extremely slow

Audio problem?

My Firewire and Camcorder

Whats the difference between OEM and retail license?

I can't use my taskbar

Numerous duplicate documents appeared after changing PC name

Laptop Will Not Pass Startup

I have encountered a problem that I can't troubleshoot. WEIRD BSOD

Frequent BSOD / Frequent applications crashing

lost administrator priviliges

Different programs look blurry after reinstall of windows.

Built in mic stopped working (not a hardware issue)

ALSO stuck in rebooting loop.

explorer.exe exits right when i login

NTFS.sys may have caused an error blue screen in XP home.

All Windows loses focus every 5-10 seconds

Active window keeps deactivating.

Windows vista audio problems

Stupid Desktop bar won't go away

Sound/Video playback stops

Help with disappearing windows apps?

Can't Run Defrag

problem with one of two user accounts

BSOD! please help me read my minidump file

Windows won't load past initial b&w progress bar.

mouse issues

Cannot Open Icons

BSOD problem by tcpip.sys file on laptop

Windows Vista sound and video lag

randomly minimizing full screen apps

Computer is slow and glitchy

Win10 Windows Button Fix Error

Photo Slideshow is off since update to W10

Windows 10 PC Blue Screens

TouchPad Tapping option resets when Windows 10 is restarted

Compatibility Error: Missing codec won't allow me to run messenger

Creating Additional User Account *FAILURE*

Windows not booting correctly?

WINDOWS XP Login Failure sometimes.

Missing memory

Windows 10 App Store not working

Vista Mirosoft Mail Sig Picture

Windows 7 and Vista networking problems

Windows 10 anniversary update problems

BSOD experiencing random freezes

Do I have a big problem on my PC?

Windows XP Login Screen won't let me logon

Power scheme spontaneously changes from Hibernate to Standby

Updates being blocked!

Help: Win 10 won't boot after system reset

Sound slight lag issues

Start bar inacessable and IE doesnt work

[resolved] msconfig/regedit won't run

laptop hangs when i 1st log in

Dumpchk doesn't display everything

0xc000000f Error & Random Freezing

Audio skipping

Desktop Freezing

Weird Registry Issues (or bugs)

windows suddenly reboots

Help! System Locking Up!

need help. some system scan program installed itself on my comp an messed it up

Computer Running Slow and Glitchy

Help! All my programs now(don't) open with.

Windows 10 HP Laptop Keeps Restarting

Can't network computer

Minimising I.E to taskbar causes PC to jitter

Re-Installed windows and having problems

How Can I Restore SHLWAPI.Dll File

Uninstalled ZoneAlarm - what now?

WormStopper detected email activity. Computer will crash without notice

missing desktop + taskbar query

Intermittent Mouse Freeze - Forced To Reset

XP PC will not logon to NAS drive passworded share

Graphical Option and display mode.please help me to fix this one.

Windows will not load after Restart

Losing Settings on reboot

Can't open Folders with Video files in them .

Registry full error

Icon On Desktop Blink

Windows can't shut down or does it slowly

Calculator blocks most access on startup

Win 7 Home network Issues. Can't Save a file

CHKDSK? What is the log saying? Is my SSD data safe?

Endless Restart

Using Paperport in Windows XP

shut down slow

All programs encountering errors.

Rolling back from Windows 7

Windows Needs to be Activated

windows keeps crashing

bsod when connecting aol software

Opening 8.1 via desktop "blocks" i.e. Weather

Computer wont respond before login screen

Default drive action

Can't complete Widows product activation

Start RSIT inoperative (Following)

General system slowdown / IM problems

Rebooting When Idle

Disabling Window-Grouping on Status Bar

Audiio Issues

Hiding program in taskbar

Notepad: Gibberish Instead of Hebrew

Frequent Lock-ups/ BSOD.

Ultimate Defender Prompts and Slowed Internet

Recurring BSOD problem

Computer won't update kepps freezing

Looking for Programs

My computer won't open any ISO files!

Windows Store Error

chhanged security permissions to know one computer willnot boot

Why doesn't my Install Wizard install Some games?

How do I roll back?

windows 10 continual restarting loop

HDMI won't display but vga/dvi will? so stressed!

Windows 7 using 5.5gb of RAM on idle

DirectX solution

Hard Wire Network Problem

Webcam issues and errors in my device manager

Win 7 random restart of computer (acts like power failure)

World of Warcraft crash destroyed operating system

Slowdown in performance. Checking for spyware

network connections list empty

Resolution downscaling on Windows 10

Before installing a specific driver?

Help reading the mini dump

Win 7 Problems after Update last night

Vista reboot issue after updates

Right click "Start" creates error

Windows minimizing by themselves and internet disconnects

Microphone +20dB Boost keeps turning OFF

Windows keep losing focus

Windows 7 -- 4/14/10 update causes WMC problem

Changing resolution of 4K screens

Unexpexted error Windows 7 install

Need help with Windows 10 update from Windows 7

Missing desktop - not able to access anything

Microsoft Issues

computer just crashes no bsod

installing updates 1 of 5 everytime i shut down

Windows 10 creating shortcuts

Remove Ghost HDD

Problem with resuming from sleep.

Multiple BSODs - Win8 x64 - can't troubleshoot myself

Random Crash of DEATH

Crap. XP upgrade results in rebooting.

Windows only detecting 4gb of RAM

Help! Installed Win7 (netbook) & settings messed up!

Missing Network Connections

randomly opening windows

restarting blue screen

Crashing Driver_irql_not_less

Programs won't run

Hang While Using Utorrent!

Windows Maximize Problem

A good universal shortcut key software?

No internet connection/network adaptor

Will not load OS

volume control interface gone

webcam help

Almost all games and apps no longer work after recent windows update.

Network issues after updates

System Stanby every 20mins on Notebook PC

Unable to boot to Windows.

Copy Windows 10 Upgrade files to another PC

cant open add or remove programs for xp

Always getting this error_in Vista

Can I unstack the toolbars?

computer keeps starting up

Windows 10 tablet upgrade no cameras now

Long boot and constantly accessed hd. Help please

Can't defrag drive in XP

turn off parental controls for Family Fued

My Laptop won't read CD's anymore

Autobackup error report freezes computer

icons will not load on desktop

Slow performance!

my computer folder takes over two minutes to load

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