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PC And Internet Running Very Slow!


reset the computer.. Reply to kid1412 randomguy12345Aug 11, 2015, 1:13 PM Hey guys , today (morning) i was on facebook ( with my phone ) ..i was watching some videos .. I believe the directory should be C:\Program Files\AMD Quick Stream. My laptop pulls 34Mbps Hooked up to the modem and via WiFiMy Tablet pulls 30Mbps through WiFiMy computer pulls crap from the router or hooked up to the modem.

I'm going to see if he posts again to see what he reports before I post more for his consideration... -W 6 12/18/2006 (9:50 pm) by admin Staff admin (24314 If you are on the Internet when your computer is slow, make sure all browser plugins are up-to-date. I couldnt find the program.......its making me insane....what else can I do??? even reset the network configurations through command line via the following commands:Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalogReset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults.

Computer Running Slow Windows 10

Now we are in the 3,000MHZ days. 300x faster. I uninstalled it and a few other things that I thought would be causing the problem and nothing helped.. It had around 400-500 gig hard drive with only 12 gigs used. Reply Goodbye Internet Explorer From Janie R on June 20, 2016 :: 6:37 pm Had recent jam-up's with home laptop.

i just solved this on my own.I was looking under my installed programs since this was a fresh install and i noticed something that i had never seen before called AMD You can run hardware diagnostic tests using the Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) utility. Also, check if you have multiple firewalls, and ensure that your computer is not infected. Why Is My Computer So Slow Windows 8 Some conflicting software programs that loads at the startup Multiple security programs Recently installed software updates or drivers Third-party browser plug-ins Cluttered files over years A lot of items loading at

If any application is using too much resources, you might want to close it normally -- if you can't, select it here and click "End Task" to force it to close. On modern versions of Windows -- that is, Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 -- it's easier to get a fresh Windows installation than ever. now 100kbs .. Avoid dropping, throwing or otherwise causing impact to the hard drive to extend its lifespan. 3.

While some programs – such as antivirus and firewall software - should be allowed to run from startup, others – such as iTunes or Microsoft Office – could quite easily stay Why Is My Computer So Slow All Of A Sudden Any human perceivable delay in opening an application, file, or waiting for a page on the web to load should have never existed. Uninstalling solved the problem. It also explains why the speed would slowly go up EVEN WHILE the test was happening.i uninstalled this...

Computer Running Slow Windows 7

Tom's Hardware Around the World Tom's Hardware Around the World Denmark Norway Finland Russia France Turkey Germany UK Italy USA Subscribe to Tom's Hardware Search the site Ok About Tom's Hardware As with all PC issues, don't be afraid to give your computer a reboot if something's not working properly. Computer Running Slow Windows 10 Even this meager conservative ratio shows the underlying problem in computing systems. Why Is My Computer So Slow Mac Also if you dont want to uninstall AMD Quick Stream, you can just open the program and disable it from running.

Have you recently installed hardware and or software and then immediately noticed a slowdown? Fix it Run a hard drive check, says Silverman. Look for the channel it broadcasts on, then compare this to the other channels being used. Hardware conflicts Verify that the Device Manager has no conflicts. Slow Computer Fix

Thank you so much!! But I don't advise it---it serves a real purpose and really should not be slowing him down THAT much to notice. it explains why ONLY my computer was getting crappy tests but everything elses was fine. check this link right here now Hardware issues Finally, if your computer is still slow after trying all of the above recommendations, there may have a more serious hardware related issue, such as a failing component in

There is theoretically no upper limit on the amount of RAM that you can have with a 64-bit operating system, but in practical terms 4GB is more than enough for most Why Is My Internet So Slow All Of A Sudden But I'd be going out on a limb with it to guess the poster would have included such information knowing it to be pertinent to this problem set.. If you choose this be sure to put a check mark in the next box that indicates the choice of “Browser History”.

Press Enter and a Temp folder should open.

I play alot of games an my ping and internet connection all around has been horrible. From Rosalie on January 29, 2016 :: 11:04 pm Wow, thanks for these ideas. Fix it Disable or remove browser extensions and toolbars you don't really need: Firefox: Hit the menu button on the far right, select Add-ons / Extensions, then select disable or remove Why Is My Internet So Slow On My Phone Instead, you can simply use the "Reset your PC" feature built into Windows to get a new, fresh Windows system.

How much memory or RAM should my computer have? Websites were getting hung up or moving VERY slowly, quite frustrating. To do this, open “My Computer”, and select your local drive (usually C:\). his explanation Fix it Run a malware scan. “The best free one we like is Avast,” Silverman says.

Here is a handy video on how to install your new hard drive. 5) Prevent unnecessary start ups This method will primarily affect how long it takes for your laptop or over the last few weeks its been hovering around the 4 to 17 range.I monitored it closely one night for 4 hours and This Was The Result.So after contacting my ISP By streamlining these individual elements and speeding up each one, you can vastly improve your overall connection speed and save your computer -- and sanity -- from certain peril. Hope everyone gets their problems solved by what has been suggested in this thread because it has helped many people including myself.

You can also go to your Network Connections, open properties for your wifi device, click on Configure, open the Advanced tab and change the AdHoc from 11g to 11n if its If both get a low result, contact your ISP. Happily, much of that impact can be mitigated with better electronic hygiene habits. Make sure to check “Validate settings upon exit” so Windows can find any problems with the addresses you entered.

Reply to Viraj Nagre Viraj NagreFeb 28, 2015, 2:54 PM BamBamxxxx said: Viraj Nagre said: hey.....i am having same problem in my laptop.....but i cant find AMD quick stream laptop If only yours has a problem, then the problem lies with the computer. 3 Upgrade to a better package. Update your drivers Make sure you have the latest drivers for your computer hardware, especially the latest video drivers. These will interfere with each other and, in addition to posing security problems, also reduce your web performance.

Your hard drive is failing “Hard drives have moving parts, so they all fail eventually,” Silverman says. “There's no way to guard against it except backing up your files.” As for So lets say for every 10x speed in clock, bus, memory, display, and networking the resulting actually improvement on user experience would be a 10%. My apologies.When you encounter the issue, open your task manager and check the list of processes for "AMD Quick Stream". Hard drive upgrade One of the biggest bottlenecks of a computer is the hard disk drive.

Some people use Internet Explorer, which, while a decent browser, does use a lot of resources. Back in the double digit sub 100MHz days of win 3.0 the time it took to open an email is the same time it takes now. Reply to Pothos Cyro97May 10, 2015, 10:36 PM BajungaDustin said: OMG... Opera has compression technology, (Opera turbo) specially designed for slow network connections.


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