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Desktop Background Image Contains a Spyware Warning Message

What is 5eS1NOP7.exe?

virus need help.

What is the most stable AMD graphics driver?

What is the INVALID character in this registry? Anyone. About: Error 1325

internet sucked away/not wireless HELP

ad doubleclick redirect problem

what is a gigabyte DVD used for?

What is my computer doing?

msvcrt.exe error

What is Billy.exe

3 viruses along with a log n stuff

What is CIMTEMP folder?

System re-booting

DHCP internet Issue's Windows 7

persistent malware won't leave (yet)

mp4 video files extension

what is going on.

How can I run the DDS scan?

What is happening to my Laptop?

What is the best antivirus for windows 8 and battery goes fast even when its asleep

What is RoxSiffer9 Module?

Whitesmoke virus

Has my PC developed a bug?

Can't Uninstall Bearshare

What memory?

Registry entry: Jveyaguh?

What is the purpose of C:\WINDOWS\system32\SearchFilterHost.exe

Double Click Virus

Trojan Damage?

Major Issues.Spyware & Viruses

what is the best?

func.exe virus problem

Internet Crash-Trojan Spyware Virus

Please help lots of spyware

ISO Help

slower than a turtle.

What is this Vista Black Eternity? Please help

I need to remove these threats

Something slows down the machine.

what is vcom\mxcycle

Spigot file Viruses and More

What is happening to my PC!?

DDS. Txt?

3-1-5-21 Virus

What is so busy for 20 minutes after booting?

What is wrong with all my browsers?

What is wrong

What is

Winantivirus and related PUP adware spyware issues. 5 steps completed

Attacked by backdoor bots and virus possible spyware too.

What is LGE LTE Driver Package for?

What is Opera's History Path?

Wallpaper reads ''Warning Spyware detected on your computer''

Suspected Virus/trojan/worm

User logs in

What is cli.exe and how do I fix it?

Virus Controlloing all Anti Spyware Applications

Help please - spyware problem!

Help With Trojan(s) please :s

Msmsgs.exe is taking over my CPU.

What is this V1rus I have?

what is the code?

dds.txt log

Better than OE but similar format?

What is Alasend ?

what is awwtmp? (brand newbie here)

CPU/Memory being eaten

FraudLoad.vaag trojan help

Odd boot up

what is zeno

what is wiadss.exe?

A question about hacks and spywares

adware and spyware found by pandasoftware

what to do with my oEM?

What is this!

frustrated by malware threat


what is operation failed on camfrog?

Is it Java

What is purger.exe ?

Bios and Operating System Question

i think i have adware or spyware on my computer

Where did my zipped folders go?

Horrible Adware and Spyware problem

Bad stuff even in registry

HELP! Autorun worm + MFC32dll problem

Conduit Search Trojan

smss.exe missing at startup

What is

What is goin on?

Malicious Files

What is Service: Avmlio0nl - Unknown owner - Please help!

Winlogon Hook Trojan and Virumonde Adware found in Spysweeper.Tons of assoc. problems

Internet: Low Latency

What Is Tmasoldl?

DDS Scan Log - what's wrong with my computer?

possible spyware highrisk issues

a Trojan is using my PC to share Trojans? C:/uploads

What is 'boot.inx'?

Virus/Spyware affecting internet related processes!


What is Fontvb.exe and why is it growing?

Port Help Please

Virus and Spyware Problem Please Help

What is this account?!

What is spoolerlogs folder?

Missing or damaged file

Assistance Required for Spyware Infected System

what is overicon.dll and is it safe to remove it?

Rpcrt4.dll Issue


What is STString.dll?

what is this problem?

What is Odyssey Client and how do I get rid of it?

spyware infection.please help

Computer is DRAGGING

What is ntpga256.exe?

Warning! Spyware detected message on desktop

Lost a Change of Color-Function

FakeAV.LCU infection

What is "zcom-ad" ?

What is taskeula.exe (part II)

What is pbparallel.sys?

DirectX10 on Win XP PRO fails - Streaming SIMD Extensions support required.

What is the persistent handler in registry?

What is up with my startup?

pop.optional.installcore Detection & Issues

Running 80 processes at times.Virus? hacked?


Windows NetBios Service

Slipstreaming difference?

Desktop background image contains spyware-warning message

Viruses and malware attacking.

Virus/Trojan/Spyware? Please Help!

What is PCS_0019[1].exe?

what is Bman?

What is the Difference?

Some kind of virus or malware help?

Video card problem with games that use Bloom and HDR


what is hs_err_pid3

Possible Botnet Infection

What is PUP.Optional.Spigot? How to clean it?

Change Doc & Settings File Name

Programs Rejected to Internet

nscsrvce.exe not responding

Help with spy-ware

what is ---> tapieula.exe

BBC Browser

Spyware Infection as desktop background

what is this folder that appeared? (96513.)

blue "Warning! Spyware detected on your computer!" Wallpaper

What is C:\window\system32\ss.exe

System Fader


Problems with malware/spyware

virus or spyware problems plz help

what is deffirents?

What is NTUSER.DAT and why is it keeping me

HJT LOG-What does it mean?

Malware/Spyware PC Connectivity

What is thunder bird?

What is dsfhost.exe?

Computer Dragging

what is wqjtvg.exe?

What is ApUsbPnp program?

Latency in online game

Spyware and/or Adware

What is jrestub?

What Username?

What is your opinion of

Do i have to clear registry for this ?

What is this and do I need it?

adnxs redirect in AOL

SATA - AHCI vs compatibility mode

Windows/BIOS/ACPI interaction

Warning Spyware Desktop/No Wallpaper Tab/System Restore not working

Huge adware problem - tried the usual

Question about XP file system for HD format

what the heck happened?

Replace ? Test ? Gamble or Buy a Brand New PC

How to determine is PC is Vista capable?

DirectX question

What is this?WINDOWS\tasks\SDMsgUpdate(TE).job

Adware and Spyware

What is this? and what do I do?

Search Redirect Malware and progressive errors

Virus etc Help (First steps included)

problems with viruses (and "antivirus software")

What is this $NtUninstallQ1234567$

What is

Phishing - what is going on here?

What Is The Deal With Java?

work and home internet connect

What is http.doc

What is

logging on computor

DCOM service

What is DNS

What is fontvb.exe?

What is Navwp32.exe

Spyware Warning Desktop Background

What is c:\windows\system32\kill1211.exe?

This system is shutting down - worm activity or what?

reboot system


AVG scan found rootkits on a newly formatted computer

Connection Through Router

What is mobsync.exe

viruses slowing down my computer and interfering with webrowsing + sounds

Warning! Spyware detected on your computer! set as my background

PC invaded by Adware/Trojans

atdmt and doubleclick

What Is pgrs.tmo

What is m3mPipe.exe

Double Click Spyware Problem

Smss a virus or not?

what is delayedwnd

Another DDS Scan

GDI32.dll not found.

what is error code#HD521-2W

What is Recycler\NPROTECT?

What is keyblo.exe?

What is custom locale about?

What is 73496f2c7244f1bad702045f?

Trojans & Adware

What is Ccapp?

VSS & Images


What is "Panther"?

Can you help me somthing is attacking my computer

what is an invalid backweb version id "

Antivirus Action Virus Problem

Stopping Doubleclick Ads/Pop-Ups

DCOM Service Process Related (again)

What is lxbrcmon.exe thinking of?

What is a kernel? trojan help please!

What is Cygwin

what is the solution

dds.txt & logs

DDS Scan Detail/Report

dds logs.

What is drive "x:"

codec needed

spyware warning in background

What is otypi.exe?

Warning! Spyware detected on your computer Desktop Bug

What is happening?

What is 1.12 MB/s in bmps?

BETA ? what is it

hacking and viruses - please help!

achi versus compatibilty

What is going on? Do I have a Trojan AND a rootkit at the same time?!

Rootkit infection (using AVG

Desktop Background Changed/Spyware Warning

anti virus is saying all my files are bad. even the antivirus

What is Betriebssystem?

What is "Win453"

keep me from virus/spyware/etc

trouble with oem vs. oem

Powerpoint 2000 -- 2 Days Of Research

what is this thingie called

What is "bakcr.exe" Non Stop CPU User!

System lag?

what is dra in windows 7

Spyware and Adware?

computer was restart not running

NTdetect file got deleted

what is hibernation?

Spyware/Malware/Virus? Please help me. New site user.

What is hijack this?


Something eats 50% of RAM

Blue background that reads: "Warning! Spyware detected on your computer."

what is WebIQEngineSetup.exe

What is jquery?

what is BIOS

What is this ANVIOCTL thing?

What is my taskeng.exe error?

What is SSISEA.exe?

What is lxcjtime.exe ?

What is doing in my IE history?

Desktop Image Virus - "Warning! Spyware Detected On Your Computer"

dial-up alongside adsl ?

What is cdmyidd.dll? is it a virus?

Double Click Virus Has Returned

What Is KME Update For?

Malware issues-Trojans?

Internet Connection(Low) while HotSpot is active

dds.scr not scanning

computer slow virus off msndouble click

outlook with changed isp

what is

What is going on with my base score and back up?

Spyware and Internet problems

No internet and problem with dcomcnfg

virus or spayware or both - help

what is "Page file base allocation size" exactly

Possible sspyware and adware


When streaming a video from a free movie site does it get stored on your comp?

May have infected system with trojan and malware

evil virus and trojans

Multiple viruses and malwares

Adware? Trojan? Spyware? Not Too Sure (LOG INCLUDED)

Used Malware self Help guide - still big problems!

Making sure a Trojan didn't replicate

DDS scan log

Cache Problem?

what is hku?

Direct X question

Help! Something is eating my bandwidth!

Possible Malware/Spyware/Trojan: Internet & Computer Slow Down

Recently aquired a bunch of trojan/spyware

Reformatting jpeg files

empty key faults in hkey files

ISP question=which works with bad stuff?

Wierd Bandwidth hogger possible malware

What is svchost

Possiable Virus.

What is babruisk

Malware/Virus? Please help!

AVG Rootkit Help

dds scan

what is this? help

what is a zdx file?

Spyware/Adware problem

Slow internet connection probably caused by a malware/spyware.


Solution what?

Not sure whats happening?

wireless broadband connections?

trojan help required

what is ts2.exe

Spyware affecting computer

What is spool11.exe?

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