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Can't View Embedded Video Using IE8 As An XP Limited Account.


I'm just so puzzled on why vimeo is not taking a stand on this and actually doing what is needed. Ian Durkin Staff 4 years ago Sorry about that, Patrick. The second hand stores here in Belgium sells a lot of older laptops with Win 7. Well, Internet Explorer isn't horrible anymore. see this here

And now the browsers , today I get a warning from GOOGLE CROME, the stop soon support Windows XP. Sorry we can't give you a more exact timeframe. This affects a lot of users and really needs to be given some attention! I'll look into video uploads and will see if I can reproduce the issue under IE 8.

Unable To Play Youtube Videos In Chrome

Thanks for the details on that. But I have already spent over 2 hours trying to upload a photo. But on the Linux thing, I think I might switch my Linux Mint to Zorin OS Reply Josemon M March 30, 2014 at 4:07 am XP is dying and people are For IE9.0.8112.16421 64-bit Edition, I discovered today that I must install Flash Player 11 ActiveX version 11.4.402.287.

Let me know if any of you can get your videos to play trying this as well. And by the way the egg timer, it shows almost black and can't be seen very well...Can't make out the grey on it from the black very well... Unfortunately, it isn't and consequently, it requires more time. Unable To Play Youtube Videos In Firefox First, although the hack currently allows updates until April 2019 (adding five years to XP), there's a chance that Microsoft will shut down this loophole.

Have toggled the compatibility setting to turn it off and nothing changes, still have the old uploader. Unable To Watch Youtube Videos On Mobile Brilliant! I am still using XP and want to know which browers I should use and which I shouldn't use. When I load the page, I see a light gray youtube logo which fades away to the blank space.

You hardly can find a Windows version which has a bug capable to annoy you OTOH every Ubuntu since 12.04 I've seen (including Lubuntu) always has some annoying bug. 3) Have Unable To Watch Youtube Videos On Android IE8 comes Windows 7. Mark Staff 4 years ago Well, that's true - it should be doing that. Anyway back to the subject at hand, I vote for Opera 12.16 or lower as the most secure because I have yet to see a toolbar that can install themselves on

  • Posted 56 months ago. ( permalink ) phil dokas PRO says: We’ve now expanded support to include IE 8!
  • Posted 55 months ago. ( permalink ) The Narcoleptic Naturalist PRO says: I have just attempted to upload 43 photos - 32 of these have uploaded successfully; however, despite several attempts,
  • Graphics drivers for the major card manufacturers can be downloaded from Nvidia and AMD.
  • Reply Bruce E April 3, 2014 at 4:46 am @xyz: PNG uses lossless compression and JPEG uses lossy compression.

Unable To Watch Youtube Videos On Mobile

A small message appeared at the top of the screen saying something about the session timing out and then the screen refreshed to my photostream and a banner at the top Of course, I installed Linux on it. Unable To Play Youtube Videos In Chrome April 3, 2014 at 4:16 am thank my friend for giving me this info. Unable To Play Youtube Videos On Windows 7 Using the worlds most popular browser on the worlds most popular operating system with default installations should work.

Elizabeth Lytton Ltd PRO 4 years ago i have the same problem - just adding my voice and will have to leave Vimeo Pro unless it is sorted out for viewing other Please can you keep me updated with your progress. Instead, you need to install decent security software to protect against threats. Many Thanks. Unable To Play Youtube Videos On Android

Our developers are working on this and we hope to have it resolved shortly. Ian Durkin Staff 4 years ago I understand your frustration. Ellie Gower Reply Matt's computer support February 6, 2016 at 1:45 pm i'm 1 of the few that are helping people that are still using XP in short you need service check my site Reply Bruce E March 31, 2014 at 10:31 pm @xyz: Let me be the first to call you out as a liar.

But not managing communications around it better will lead to mistrust and concern that your service isn't reliable - if it hasn't already made some people feel that way. Unable To Watch Youtube Videos On Ipad The problem is with IE7 and IE8 and on pre-Windows 7 machines. I have plenty of experience with other OS.

Ever since Flikr added the new system,I have been unable to upload more than one picture in half an hour...and that's if I'm lucky.The old uploader worked fine.Now I can't get

You’ll get all the latest browser features and performance improvements, while Internet Explorer users will be stuck with a browser several major versions old. O'Daniel Designs PRO 4 years ago I am also experiencing similar problems with Embedded video not displaying in IE 10. If Vimeo failed to load, slap a div in front of the video with an error message. Youtube White Screen Problem Chris Hoffman March 29, 2014 29-03-2014 3 minutes Which Browser Is Most Secure On Your Old Windows XP System?

PNGs are only good for text screenshots but I've seen most of the images here on MUO. If you’re still using Internet Explorer 8, you should have switched to Firefox, Chrome, or Opera long ago. Please note that certain browsers do not support all the HTML5 features that the New Web Uploadr offers. anchor Both my laptops are going into Linux!

But I most say that I work not much on pc, if I search something is it educating and further YouTube or Facebook. Cool1. Indeed MS used their "embrace and extend" approach to try to corner the market by adding "MS only" features to the HTML specification like the notorious MARQUEE tag. SacPhotographer 4 years ago Thank you for the link, unfortunately for me, it only tells me I cannot receive a refund, only close my account.

When I switch back to the old uploader, it's glacially slow. ProMedia Digital Design Plus 4 years ago Having the same issues here.


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