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Trojan Virus Troubleshooting

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I got another trojan

Need help with Trojan Removal

Help Got a Pretty Bad Trojan

Major virus/trojan/malware infection

My AV program is telling me I have a trojan

Pls help with trojan/malware/virus problem.

Malware - claims to delete Trojan

Got a trojan problem

Infected with Trojan

trojan removal help

Trojan/Virus Removal

Laptop infected by Trojan

Trojan/worm/Spyware infected? Please Help

trojan/virus help!?

Help with removing trojan please

Various Trojan/Viruc Problems

trojan virus

6 viruses in laptop and 2 in my desktop. with HJT log file.

Trojan Virus Issue

Trojan/Virus Help please

Help me with a Trojan.

Help Trojan Virus

Trojans are taking over my uncles labtop please help

My Laptop is Infected with spyware or trojan virus

cannot delete trojan

Trojan Virus in msiexec.exe

nuwar.CG.worm/spammer.h/various other malware

2 Trojans? Need help!

I dont know what to do about this virus/trojan

HELP. I Cant beat the trojan horse

can't get rid of HJT included

Trojan Virus Problem!

trojan cleanup help

need computer checked after recent trojan

Need help removing Trojan horse please

Help with Possible Trojan?

Nasty trojan virus seems impossible to remove

Have various trojans

Spyware/Trojan help

trojan problems.

Internet problems possible dialers or trojan ?

Trojan Help

Need help removing returning Trojans

need help with virus/trojan

Viruses and trojans not being removed!

Trojan I can't get rid of.

Help getting rid of hidden trojans

Trojan / Virus need help

Virus? Trojan? Help!

Do I have a virus or trojan? My other PC

Helppppp i think i have a trogen

Malware or Trojan?

Cannot remove worm (TR/Dldr.Urseowl) - please help

Trojan or Worm Help

my anti spyware cant find trojan

Infected by Trojan


PLEASE help I think I have a trojan hidden on my computer

Help!Help! Urgent! Computer is trojan infected! Badly.

Help with possible Trojan viruses please!

Help with a trojan!

Trojan Viruses

Trojan Spyware Remover 2009

need help- computer infect by malware/worm.?

Trouble with Trojan removal

Virus and trojan infected

Need help! Random trojans and malware

Virus/Trojan/Spyware Removal Help

Trojan and Vista problems and some

Trojan and other problems

Trojan virus malware problem.

Please help - Multiple trojan horses

Trojan found by Antivir

Removing Malware/Trojans

trojan help plz

RE: Need help with Trojan

Malware and trojans found! Help please!

Trojan virus deleted

trojans viruses

need help with possible virus or trojans

I know im infected with trojans and other stuff. Please help.

Please help for Trojan!

Trojan Malware infection

Help with trojans

Trojan can't be removed

Trojan or other

Computer trojan virus

Hidden Virus/Trojan/Worm problem?

Trojan Horse - help!

Need help getting rid of trojan virus (logs attached)

SpyWare or trojan on my laptop

Infected with a nice trojan

Spyware/Trojan help needed!

Infected with virus/trojan

Tojan removal help

Trogans-Virus found lop

Help with trojan

trojan/malware help please?

Removing Trojans and/or Malware

Trojan Lop.4.F help

Trojan - Help please =)

Help! Cannot remove a Trojan

Can't even log in! Trojan virus problems

Trojan on PC

My Trojan Problem

How to remove Trojan

Unable to delete detected trojans and worms

startup.trojan Help!

Cleaning up computer after trojan

Unable to remove Generic26.BUQF trojan horse

Please help with remote trojans.

Help with Generic7.ORH Trojan

Please help I need to remove a Trojen-Delf[WDI] Malware

Virus - trojans

can't get rid of trojan horse downloader

virus/trojan infection that i cannot find

Trojan/Virus/Malware problems

Help in removing traces of a trojan

I Have Various Virus's/Trojans

Problem With a Trojan

trojens/malware plz assist

Please help! Got a BIG Trojan/worm.


Please help with Trojan

i think i have a worm/virus?

Trojan/Malware Infection - help please

Trojan/Malware Help?

Trojam Help

Can anybody help me get rid of a trojan?

Need help removing Trojan

many logs; still cannot remove trojans

need help with trojans

Cannot remove Trojan

Can't get rid of Trojan.

New user:Trojans

2 Trojans on my computer

HJT - Trojan cannot be fixed

I have a new Malware Trojan

Help Needed with Trojan on my PC

trojans and malwares found! help help help!

Poblems with ad ware and Trojans

Trojan found on my laptop

Suspected Trojan virus

Help! The worms are taking over my PC!

Scanners cant remove my spyware please help me :(

Trojan Infection (Vista PC)

Trojan Horse Found! (freeze problem help)

I have a Trojan Horse Dialer

Virus (Trojan) Please Help Need help. :(

Help Getting rid of trojan

trojan or virus

Help: I think I have a trojan

Trojan infection

Help With Trojon Virus

Help. i am havin problems removing a trojan

Computer giving me trouble possible virus/trojan

I have a Trogon horse virus and I muss up my computer trying to get rid of it

Have trojans :(

trojan help need pls

Computer affected by Trojan/Virus


help removing trojan

generic trojan need help locating

Possible Trojan help please!

Virus/Trojan/Spyware Removal - Need ur Help

Trojans in my computer!

Trojan/spyware problems

Can not get rid of download.trojan virus

can't get rid of trojans / viruses

Email Trojan ?

Malware/ trojans infected computer

Virus / Trojan / Malware.please help me remove

Possible Trojan Infection

Need virus/trojan removal help :(

Help with Spyware/Trojan

Help with trojan viruses

Help! Spyware and Trojans!

Need help finding and deleting Trojan

I keep getting 'Trojan' ith avast!

got trojan

Can't get rid of a Trojan

Trogan and Virus problem

unable to remove trojan

Cannot remove a trojan

Need help with Trojan Horse: Update

Troubleshoot! A Virus. OH

virus/trojan help please

Trojans - need help

Need help with Trojan Horse

Help! Trojan Viruses Detected!

Please Help me to resolve Trogan

Nasty Recurring Adware / Malware - Multiple Trojans / Programs

I Got Trojans

I think my computer has an email worm

Trojan/Virus Infection! HELP!

Please help My computer is out of control and may have Trojan

Help to get rid of a trojan

Please help with Trojan or virus

trojan/virus of some sort

Trojans Found Plz Help

Passed off from Virus/Trojan/Spyware

Trojan Horse in everything and no recovery [moved from Security]

Trojan Infection Help :(

Trojan virus downloaded via activeX request

trojan threat on my computer

hijackthis-need help ridding computer of virus

Just removed Trojan

I think I have a Trojan type virus?

Help getting rid of a possible Trojan. I'm not sure what the deal is!

Comp affected by malware and worms:Please Help

vrus and trojan help

help get this Trojan off my Computer

Trojans and spyware on my computer!

Got a Trojan

Need to get rid of trojan virus

I have trojans and I don't know how to remove them

Please help - Trojan virus

Please Help- Trojan found

Deleting a Trojan

Trojan Virus Removal - Help Request

Trojan and worm detected.

Got loads of trojans

I think I have a virus or a trojan

Help removing virus/trojan/spyware

Trojan Removal Help please

After (possibly) removing a Trojan Visus (RESOLVED)

infected with trojan virus

Trojan/Virus.cannot get rid of it.

I think I have spyware/trojan on my computer

Trojan virus on my comp/"Your internet privacy is being compromised"

trojan dialer problem

Have trojans need help removing please

Trouble after deleting hAIgaEn worm

Generic Trojan Horse and AdClicker Popup Problems

Virus? Trojan? What's going on?

tronjan viruses

Need help i dont know if this is a trojan.

Computer infected with virus: onlygoodsearch hijacking

Help with a Trojan horse

Download Trojan? Please take a look

Virus and Trojan problems on my computer

Would You Please Help? Virus/Trojan/Malaware?

Trojan on my PC


help needed to remove Trojans and virus

Trojans Help!

Trojan/Spyware Help

Help with removing a trojan.

Virus or trojan help

Trojan Infected

Pop Ups and Trojans/Can not open HJT

Trojan Virus Infection

Do I still have a trojan?


Trojan backdoor virus that I can't get rid of?

trojan?malware?Need help

Need some help removing trojan(s)

Trojan removal help plz

Trojan/Spyware Issue - Need help for removal

Help! Virus/trojans

Trojan virus on computer can't remove it

I used ComboFix for a Trojan and need help.

Malware and a possible Trojan

gxvxc trojan on my laptop (got it from some greasemonkey script)

I have a Trojan!

help with trojan downloader problem

virus/malware/trojan help

Malware/Trojan Problem

computer virus or trojan ?

Help with Trojans and other viruses

Infected With Viruses Trojan

My system is affected with Trojan

Trojan disables all programs

Trojan has attacked my computer.

Help Needed W/ Trojan/Mallware Infection.

Virus/Trojan removal help please

Help! Got a Trojan Spaming from my PC

safe mode start + 2 trojans

Unable to get rid of trojan-backdoor-progdav

Help. I can't get rid of Trojans

After removin a trojan.

Laptop full of trojans

Need help: Trojan

trojan detected by windows defender

Trojan Virus Troubles on Windows 7

Please Help! I've got worm trojan program on my computer.

Help. [1].exe Trojan horse detected?

Virus-trojan problem Please help!

Virus Trojan Horse Help Please

Can't remove Trojan!

Trojans infecting my computer and security

problems with trojan virus

Has a trojan taken over my machine?

Backdoor allowing execution of trojans and more on my computer


Possible Trojan Virus

How to detect Trojan virus if installed

Need Help.System has Troja Virus.

Insidious kbda.dll trojan - Help!

Help removing Virus/trojan/or worm?

Virus/Trojan Problem

Trojan Virus Problems

Help Spyware/Trojan!

I have Malware and trojan horse

Help. Virus/trojan/malware infection

Trojan problem . help me please!

Need to Make Sure Spyware/Trojan is Gone

cant get rid of trojan horse

about trojan virus

Worm/Virus Help

Possible Trojan Horse Causing Issues

That Securitytool Sure is a Tricky Pest

Can't get rid of trojan/virus - logs provided

Need Help! Trojans

windows vista trojan -missing files

Need help with trojan

Many Trojans/Malware

Possible Virus/Trojan Help Please

Need help with trojan problem

infected with trojans

Trojan/Virus: can't remove

Is there a trojan/virus on my computer?

trojan/malware problem

Trojans taking over my computer

troj\rostock-n trojan malware virus please help us. we are in deep stoook

Help removing a trojan

Kindly looking for help w/ Virus/Trojan removal

Need help with a trojan / virus

How to get rid of Trojans

HELP! I have a trojan

Trojan Remover - What Should I do?

HELP! How Do I Remove These Trojan Horses?

Backdoor Trojan Keeps Disabling Service

[Second Request] Trojan help

Removing Trojan

Have found Trojan Virus need help

Problem: A0057037.exe trojan horse

Torjan help

trojan and spyware help pls

Found Trojan On My Pc

Help - issue with trojan/cannot get rid

i got trojan virus

Trojan found but unable to remove

Trojan(s) Found on Laptop

Malware & trojans

MSN messenger send automatically trojan! files to my contacts!

How can I get rid of this trojan/virus?

Trojan Virus removed. I think.

Tojan can't fix myself HELP!

need help getting rid of trojans-hijackthis

Spyware and Trojans on my computer!

Malware/Trojans Problem

Need Much Help with Trojan? Backdoor? Malware? Hijacker?

Cannot Boot System After Finding Trojan (2)

Possible Trojan and other malware

Malware/Trojan Virus

Trojan horse virus - help needed

virus help please trojan.

Need Help Removing Possible Trojan

computer has tojans and more?

Help With Trojan And General Maintenance

noton found Trojan

Trojan taking over. Please help

Trojan Virus Adware Help!

Possible Malware/Trojan

Got rid of a Trojan but still appear infected

after trojan attack

Trojan/Malware/Virus Infection

Trojan Virus TTSVSKAR ?

Need help with malware/ trojans

Trojans?Viruses? Helppp =[

Trojan in system process and other viruses

Trojan infected laptop

Trojan Horse Removal

Computer infected with Trojan

Need Help In Removing This Trojan

Unable to get rid of trojan virus

Virus/trojan issue

AdvancedCleaner and Others Malware/Trojan Help

Trojans that i had on my machine?

I got a Trojan

Trojan Horse Virus Help

Very slow laptop - Trojan horse found

Virus/trojan problem-help!

Please help with Trojan virus on laptop!

Possible IE trojan on laptop

Help with Trojan/Spyware

Help with trojan horse

Help with Spyware and Trojans

Virus/Trojan creating problems.

Virus/Trojan/Spyware Removal

Trojan Virus and SPYware Help!

Trojan virus on my computer

Please help! -- Trojan Horse --

Need help getting rid of this Trojan.

Notebook likley effected by VIRTU MONDE trojan

help: several trojans/viruses

Help with virus or trojan?

Trojan Virus- Hijack Log analysis needed

Help trojan&worm?

Worm or Trojan from Personal anti virus.

Generic Malware/Virus/Trojan

The day after a nasty trojan/virus.

I have a Problem from a Trojan virus

Help Removing Trojan Horse

Help! cant remove Trojan VB NQM Backdoor HugiponZPC

Can't removed spyware/malware or trojan virus

Trojan Virus - SMALL.EHH

Computer hijacked and found Trojan BackDoor

HELP! I forgot to turn off System Restore when I deleted a Trojan Horse from my compu

Trojan virus help needed? Hijackthis log included

I think I have a trojan. any help?

need the fix for the trojan

Embedded Trojan and clean up help.

need help with a trojan

Any help for a trojan virus? Please.

Virus/Trojan/Malware Issue

laptop infected with Trojans and Virtumonde

Just cannot get rid of this Trojan

Help W/Trojan

HJT log.Backdoor.Trojan detected

Trojans found

Help with trojan files.

Need help in removal of trojan

cant remove trojan!

Computer full of trojans and virus

I think there is a trojan on my computer can anyone help me

Possible Trojan in file

Big Virus/Malware/Trojan Problem

Possible Trojan & Other Viruses

Need A Trojan Remover.

Have a trojan or something!

Everything is TROJAN !

I can not remove this trojan/spyware off my computer and i have tried many programs

Trojan Taking Over Computer - Need Help

Help remove Trojan(s)?

Very nasty trojan on my system. please help

Help I have trojan

Worm virus Problem

Hidden Trojan

Please help with trojans

Please could someone tell me if I have a trojan

Need help with trogan virus

please help remove trojan virus

Computer says I have a trojan worm. Please help.

Help removing Malware -- trojans

various trojan and malware infections please help!

Help with trojan/malware problem

help ! trojan hlog

pissible infection of trojan

I've been infected with a trojan. Help!

Possible Virus or Trojans or Corrupt Windows

Generic Trojan + Possible Spyware/adware Infection

possible trojans/malware

Help need with Trojan virus

searchus tag virus worms generic trojans spyware Help

trojan virus belt.exe

Getting rid of trojans

Internet not working at all and McAfee is getting multiple trojans

Trojans on my PC?

what a trojan

possible virus/trojan

Trojan virus 'appears' to have wiped out whole hard drive

Trojan removed

Need help removing trojan virus on PC

Antivirus is detecting many trojans.

Can't remove a Trojan

Infected with Torjan

Spyware/Virus/Trojan Horse Help

Pretty sure I have a trojan horse

Need help with deleting Trojans

I have the Trojan Virus - please help!

Everything I open has a trojan infection

Trojans/viruses cant be removed.

Exact.exe trojan help

Have Trojans and Virus

Trojans on my Laptop

Trojan virus (doing freeze problem)

problem with trojans

Trojans always found on virus scan.

Seems Trojan Affected

Please help remove Worm Rbot and Trojan Alexmo!

Help me remove malware and trojans

Help! I got a Trojan Virus I believe and need some help. Thanks!

General virus/trojan/malware problem

Trojan Virus: trojan-backdoor-prodav

Trojans/Malware -- I think it's Vundo? Need some help.

I think I have a spyware/trojan issue. Need some help plz =\

Trojan Virus affecting communicators like gtalk

Trojan? Malware? Virus? Computer is a Mess!

trojan on computer

Problem with trojan

Some Virus/Trojan Help?

malware/trojan from .exe file

Unable to effectively remove trojan

Virus/Trojan/Malwer nesting on my system?

malware and trojans

Need help with trojan infection.

Need help removing a Trojan

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