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Trojan Horse Troubleshooting

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Troan horse generic.10.B_ _ _

Trojan Horse/ Vlob virus

Infected with various trojans/spyware?

Trojan Horse patched_c.LYU in services.exe

Trojan horse Downloader.Generic4.WTK & .Agent.MFJ

Trojan Horse Generic 17.HVJ

trojan horse and spyware


Trojan horse and malwares in services.exe

trojan horse proxy.acqh is really buggin me

Trojan Horse PSW.OnlineGames.IBA

Trojan Horse Backdoor.Generic2.AJH

Computer Virus/Trojan Problems

Help with resistant trojan

Trojan Horse - Generic9.AHKQ when opening commdl.dll

Trojan Horse Generic20.BYVP

Trojan horse BackDoor.VB.HAO *HELP* #2

Trojan Horse HTML:Bankfraud-BBE detected by Avast

Trojan Horse Hider.

trojan horse generic8.cxs

Trojan horse virus? or email worm?

Trojan Horse Patched_C.LZI help please!

Trojan Horse Generic 14.XBT and a4.ADBO

Trojan horse downloader.FraudLoad.N

Hit by Trojans

Trojan Horse Generic

Trojan Horse Downloader Generic 10

Possible trojan remains

Trojan horse Adload_r.AKC

Hidden Virus/Trojan/Worm (Matrishasyou?)

Trojan Horse Clicker.AJRO

Trojan Horse Persistant

Problems with I-Dialer and Trojan and one other Trojan!

Trojan virus (trojan horse PSW. generic5

AVG is warning me - Trojan Virus

Trojan horse downloader generic 7.AMDP

Trojan Horse Help.PLEASE

Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.U infected

Trojan horse Crypt.IQK + System is slow + Attached HiJack and Anitmalware logs

Trojan problem

Trogan horse

Trojan horse Generic_r.bat

Trojan Horse HBO.IMS

Trojan horse Agent2.AJBR

Trojan horse downloader

Trojan horse flooder.ake?

Trojan - The kind that messes with computers!

trojan horse sheur2

Trojan horse patched_c.LYU

trojan horse

Trojan horse BackDoor.Ircbot.DME & Trojan horse Downloader.Zlob

Trojan horse dropper Tiny E

Trojan horse Downloader.Agent.AQWW

Trojan Horse Pakes.emc

Trojan horse Downloader.Dyfica.2.BA

Trojan Horse Patched_c.JED on explorer.exe

Infected With Trojan Horse

Trojan horse Patched_c.LXT and Luhe.Sirefef.A

Trojan horse SHeur.BOGQ[moved from xp]

Trojan horse Downloader.Generic.HGT

Trojan horse SHeur2.ARAO

Trojan Horse Patched_c.lxt HELP PLS

Virus:Generic Malware (Panda ID'd) + various Trojans.

Possible trojans infecting computer

Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic3.CFP

Trojan Horse Generic19.CNHY

Trojan Horse SHeur

muti-trojans found please look at my log thanx

Trojan Horse SHeur.COOO

Trojans or something

TrojanhorseBackDoor problem

Trojan horse - "osmim.dll"

Trojan Horse not cleaned by AVG

Trojans and such giving me problems

Trojan found log included

trojan horse SHeur.CFHX.?

Trojan Generic15

Possible trojan(s)

Getting hit with a lot of Trojans

Trojan Horse Backdoor.Generic3.EPD

I have a trojan that AVG won't compeltely destroy

Trojan horse: Backdoor.Generic12.GOG.dropper - Can't remove this one!

Possible Trojan Horse

Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic2.RMJ

recoering from trojan attack

Trojan horse PSW.OnlineGames.AMBN found in external harddrive

Trojan attack

Trojan Horse Downloader.Generic8.AAYK

Trojan Horse VB ZXQ help me get rid of it!

Have a trojan or two

BackDoor.Generic12.GOG.Dropper need urgent help

trojan horse downloader.generic9.AILO need help pls

Trojan Horse Backdoor Sdbot2.cfl and Trojan Small.FR

Trojan horse Backdoor.Ircbot.FIP

Trojan horse Downloader.Agent2.ARZ - Lingering effects

is this email a virus/Trojan horse etc?

Trojan horse SHeur2.AA00 help

Trojan horse virus-hijack this log and pandascan

Trojan Horse Generic.GM

Trojan horse SHeur.ATVC

Various Trojans Found

Trojan Horse VB.VJE false positive?

recurring Trojan Horse Generic 22 on Windows XP

Trojan Horse GC

Trojan horse BHO.BLD

Trojan Horse or lies?

Had trojan

Trojan Horse Invasion!

Trojan horse Generic26.QP

trojan attacked?

Trojan horse and generic_c.vcz

trojan problem or what?

trojan horse PSW.Ldpinch.YZM - please help

Trojan horse / hijackthis log

Trojan Horse Downloader.Agent.2.V

Trojan Horse BackDoor.Generic7.HYA

Trojan Horse and Viruses

Spyware and Trojan trouble

known trojans clicker.CAH is one of 3 found by AVG

Returned from virus trojan malware.

Infrom.exe Trojan Horses

trojan horse generic 6.jwp

Trojan Horse BHO.BMB BHO.BLD in .\system32\avifilep.dll

Trojan Horse Patched_c.LXT threat by AVG

Help with an old trojan.

Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic3.VJS in dthtml.exe

Trojan Horse Downloader.Istbar.5.AQ. help witht hijackthis log!

Trojan horse Clicker.AJSF "congratulations you won!" Trojan horse Downloader.Agent2.Y

Trojan Horse - TR/Vundo.Gen

Trojan Horse or a Lie?

Trojan Horse Agent3.ATLI help!

Various Trojan horses

TrojanGeneric. - Can't remove it.

Trojan horse sheur.ccyx

Trojan Horse ircbot.LWM? & Original post from 6/12/10

trojan horse patched_c.lxt services.exe! Please help me!

Trojan horse proxy.BUF

Trojan Horse Patched_C.LZI help!

Trojan Horse 19

Trojan Horse Malware - Win32-Alphabet-P

Trojan horse Generic10.AKSU

trojan horse sheur.cazb

Trojan horse called Vundo in system 32 file

Trojan Horse NaviPromo.AF

trojan horse virus

trogan horse viruses

Trojan horse BHO.EOW

Trojan Horse Hider.mpr - need help with removal

System Security Trojan

Multiple Trojans and spyware

Trojan Horse Drppr virus help HJT log

Advertising Trojan

Aftermath of Trojan infections

Trojan horse Dropper.Delf.CPH

Trojan Horse Dropper.Delf.BLA and Win32/PolyCrypt

Trojan Horse VB.KYQ

Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic12.GOG.dropper

Trojan Horse and Infostealer.Gamepass viruses on my PC

Possible trojan - W symbol

Trojan Horse IRC/Backdoor.SdBot.202.AU

unidentifiable trojan/virus. computer crashes

Trojan horse hider.mpr

Trojan horse BackDoor.VB.HAO *HELP* #3

Trojan horse Dropper.Agent.BMH detected by AVG Free

Please help me! -- trojan horse --

Trojan Horse AHF.DLL ?

about bank and assorted trojan virus attack!

Spyware protection Trojan/virus.

trojan horse downloader.small.57.a

Trojan Horse Generic10 and Downloader.Generic7 HELP!

Trojan Horses ! AGHHHHH

Trojan horse downloader. generic6.SJK

Trojan Horse Dropper.Agent. A0

Trojan Horse. Please Help

trojan horses & virus

virus or Trojan horse

Virus/Trojan Horse/ Infection

Trojan horse Lop.4.k / Trojan horse BackDoor.Hupigon3.wyw

Trojan Horse Generic16.BRBK

Trojan Horse BackDoor

Trojan horse Downloader.Wmad.E

Trojan Horse Generic9--detected by AVG

Trojans taking control

Trojan horse backdoor.agent.nrb

Trojan horse generic.GM rdriv.sys

Trojan Horse Patched_c.JED

Trojan concerns

Trojan Horse Generic 19. NVG HELP!

What is this Trojan Horse Backdoor

Trojan Horse Downloader.Generic.8.AICH

trojan horse generic 20.abdx

Trojan horse Dropper. Agent. IYM

Trojan horse. PSW. generic7. me!

Trojan Horse Vundo.Bl?

Possible Infection Torjan.

Trojan Horse and opipowijevohe.dll on Windows startup

Trojan horse backdoor generic 9 help

trojan horse backdoor.vb.cik

Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.M

Trojan horse Dropper. Agent. SYC

Trojan horse Generic_c.TSW and Rapid Antivirus

Trojan Horse Generic12.pjz -- Please help

Trojan Horse pain ! ( view HJT log )

Trojan horse Agent_r.XJ Help please

Trojan Horse Generic 24 cpqj

Trojan Horse Zbot and Crypt2

3 Trojans

Trojan Horse Downloader. Generic 7.NTE - Winctrl32.dll

Trojan Horse Problem

Bad Trojan infection

Trojan Horse PSW.Generic 8.AYA infection

Trojan Horse Dropper.Delf.3.L- Help !

Possible Backdoor/Trojan *May NOT be a well known Virus*

Trojan Horse & Trojan.Dropper

Multiple trojans found with AVG

trojan horse

Trojan Horse Downloader.Agent.3AP

Remove Trojan Generic Horse

Trojan Horse Dropper Small 24L

Trojan horse Downloader.Delf.12.AG

system always reboots - worm VB virus identified by AVG

Trojan horse Vundo.JD found in tclcmd.dll

Numerous Trojan/Virus issues

Trojan horse Injector.FR

Have trojan horses

Trojan Horse Downloader.Dyfica.2.BA HELP PLEASE!

trojan horse patched_c.lxt services.exe

AVG says I have a Trojan

Trojan Horse - Suurcher

Trojan horse Dropper.Generic_c.AOZ

Trojan horse BackDoor.VB.HAO *HELP*

Trojan Horse again

trojan horse patche_c.lxt

Trojan Horse Dropper Agent JOC

Trojan horse in system32\cdsm32.dll

Trojan and/or spyware

Trojan horse Downloader Cant Remove

Recovering from a Trojan

Trojan Horse Generic 14* Please Help!

Trojan Horse Crypt.EML

Virus: Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse Generic12

Trojan Horse downloader agent gpz

Trojan found

Trojan horse Downloader.Generic8.ACKO

Trojan Generic 17 - need help

trojan horse downloader.Stubby.A

Trojan Horse Dropper Generic 2.AXMW

Bad trojans

Trojan Horse: SHuer3

Trojan horse Generic 9.BHBY keygen.exe

trojan horse downloader generic4.vol

Trojan Horse Generic 14 BQNA

Trojan horse found in windows '98SE c:programs/winad client - can not heal or vault

trojan horse

Trojan Horse + W32.Spybot.Worm on Startup [Can't Clean!]

Help! Trojans and worms oh my!

Trojan horse

infected after trojan horse generic5.hzf attack

AVG found a trojan.

Trojan horse generic19

Trojan Horse Backdoor.Generic12.CJBK Help

Trojan Horse Startpage.16.n

Problems with trojan horses

Trojan Horse Problems

Trojan Horse Downloader removal please! Hijack This log available.

Horse Trojan Infection - Help requested

Having problems with Trojan Horses

AVG Detecting Trojans

Trojan horse infections

Trouble with results of 4 viruses (trojan horse)!

Trojan Horse Found

TROJAN Horse Generic15.AVLU - Infected my XP! HELP to FIX!?!

Trojan Horse: file access denied

Help two trojans found by avg

Trojan Virus~~2nd Attempt~

Trojan horse VB.VJE

Trojan Horse C:\WINDOWS\System32\winuns32.dll - Log File

Trojan horse BHO infection. Pls help.

Trojan Horse Generic 12 + GMER rootkit = black screen of death

Suspected Trojan Horse

Trojans and Spyware

Trojan horse patched_c.LXT

trojon horse

Trojan Horse Clicker ADNM

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