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Task Manager Troubleshooting

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task manager help!

need to know how can get back my task manager when i click ctrl+alt+del

Task Manager Not Working

No Task Manager

Task Manager Freezes/does not work.

disable task manager always appear

Random processess in Task Manager =/

Help required on task manager/regedit/foldedr options disabling virus

Can't open task manager.

regedit/task manager problems and a couple other things

TaskManager and other programs wont load

Windows XP task manager auto startup

No Task Manager/Regedit/Hidden files

Task mgr. running processes

Task Manager & regedit disabled by administrator

Help with deleting processes

taskmanager problem

XP Pro Task Manager screen - on different PC's

task manager

task manager process

Windows Vista TaskManger.

Task Manager won't open

Regedit and Task Manager not Working

Google Chrome's Task Manager

Weird file name in task manager

Windows Task Manager

windows Xp not showing my dual core

Task manager with no tool bar.

Can't kill multiple firefox and IE in task manager

Task manager and folder option gone!

Task Manager playing games!

Number of processes on Task manager just keeps growing

Can only load programs from task manager! help!

Several Task Manager Windows Open

Task Manager does NOT work. EVER!

Help Task Manager?!?!?!?!?!

Problem with Task Manager

Control panel and task manager disabled

Task Manager and Command Prompt doesn't work

Do i need all these processes?.

92 processes running!

my task manager is gone?

Regedit/Task Manager/gpedit disabled. Possible virus. Help

Iexplore process in Task Manager

Taskmgr.exe Freezing

Help Me. Blank Task Manager

Task manager has been disabled by your administrator.

task manager doesnt load

BIG VIRUS Wont Let Me Open Task Manager Nor Command Prompt

What are all these running processes

unknown new entry in start up list

Hundreds of Background Processes?!?!

Task Manager & Registry Editing Disabled

Task manager troubles

Bootscan Virus & no access to Task manager

Mystery Program in Startup

Hidden running processes

Task manager is not coming up when i press alt del ctrl

Windows 7 Task Manager issues.

task manager wrong ram amount

Virus Removed but Ctrl+ALt+Del & Task manager still not working

Virus disables access to Task Manager


Run command and task manager on service pack 3

Disabled task manager.

Restore Task Manager

Task Manager? I've got issues.

task manager not working [Resolved]

Lost Control of Task Manager and rest of computer

Lots of processes running

Window's Task Master

system task manager

Windows XP Pro 64 bit not detecting all my cores in Taskman

Virus has locked me out of Task Manager and Registry

need help identifying this virus. disabled task manager

Program that does not show up in task manager?!

Task Bar Locks up and Task Manager Wont Open.

Task Manager says 250 processes running but list shows less

Task Manager has been disabled by Administrator

MY task manager and registry editor are blocked

Task Manager has been disabled. Warning

which *.exe file runs in processes of task manager

Regedit and taskmanager disabled

Cannot open task manager and cannot do a system restore

virus ? error in task manager

my task manager has gone

Task Manager is broken and uncloseable.

Task Manager has been disabled by adminstrator win xp

more than 1 iexplorer.exe in task manager

I don't understand so many processes?

5qr8P56j.exe in Win Task Mgr - HJLOG Help Plzz

Ieuser.exe Application Error

Task Manager and Regedit disabled

After prog stops responding and I close

Task Manager Problem!.

System Security has taken over my Computer. No Task Manager or msconfig

Task manager blocked

2 instances of iexplore.exe running and keeps restarting after being killed

Disabled Task Mgr/Regedit

My Task Manager has gone funny

Task manager CPU useage

Unable to Restore or open Task Mgr

Task manager broken.

Vista Task Manager

can't access task manager

Another duplicate Processes in Task Manager eating up memory

I cant open Task manager

Task manager not showing

Task Manager/Registry Editing Disabled (Malware? Trojan?)

invisible taskmgr ?

Task Manager is disabled. Windows Explorer is unresponsive.

Task Manager not shutting down progs.

Task manager and Registry editor got disabled! Please help

task manager hijacked

Aftermath of a virus hidden folders and admin tools

Can't open task manager or regedit

Suspicious processes.

Task mgr unavailable

Taskmgr can not be found

Task manager not working properly

How do set Ctrl+Alt+Del to open Task Manager (without Screen)?

Window's Task Manager Problem

Can't get into Task Manager and icon loss etc.

New! Help Task Manager

Winstall.exe virus cannot remove

windows task manager error

Windows Task Manager not showing up

Windows Task Processes

Too many things running in my task manager.

Virus/malware locked me out of regedit

Task manager was disable please help me

Task Manager Information

XP Problem: Processor/Kernel going crazy

an alternative task manager?

Clean but No Task Manager

what are all these Processes

Installer crashes Task Manager and Explorer

Task Manager won't open properly among other issue's.

Can't run regedit & cmd after infection

Strange process in task manager

Taskmanager/registry/command prompt disabled

omga in task manager

task manager "path not found"

Strange Things Happen In My Task Manager

Task Manager Doesn't Open

List of Good Vs. Bad Processes

Can't do the system restore. task manager was disabled. cannot run programs.

Task Manager Processes Query

Spyware changing desktop background with task manager disabled.

Repair "Task Manager"

Unknown Programs Running

How do I stop a redundant process/tab?

Task manger

Task Manager has been disabled by the administrator ?!

Taskmanager is not opening up because.

Lost top of task manager (?)

ending processes

Task manager Missing!

Task Manager is not behaving (or appearing).

ProcessName.exe *32 - what does *32 indicate?

Processes running in Taskmanager

Massive slowdown Windows 7 - Task manager disabled

Task Manager shows lots of processes

BSOD after ending process via task manager

Task Manager does not work

Lots of things disabled (task manager

Disabled Windows Task Manager

Task manager has been disabled

Windows 7 doing job remotely.

Unable to open Task Manager

Task Manager not showing all of itself

Hidden processes and problems

The Tabs On Top of my Task Manager Have VANISHED!

windows task manager interface changed

Problem w/ task manager

Task Manager and Run Command After Stupid Using gpedit.msc

Can't Exit Task Manager

PC Running Very slow (lots of unusual processes in task manager too)

No taskbar and no task manager

Cannot open Task Manager

Cant run task manager

Program Priority

priority problem at the task manager

Does my Windows Task Manager look normal?

windows task manager disabled.

Task Manager fails to come up in Vista

Tsak Manager

Can only get on Internet through Task Manager

Task Manager doesn't work

Cannot use Run command or open Task Manager

task manager is not working

Cannot access cmd regedit msconfig etc.

Task Manager Prob.

[HELP] Ram shows different things on system info and on Task Manager

Missing stuff in Task manager

desktop won't load and task manager isn't available

Virus - Process in the name of windows username

Bootsector Virus & cant access task manager

HijackThis Log Help - Can't get Task Manager working

Task Manager Title Bar

Cannot access cmd regedit msconfig etc. thru the search bar

2 IExplore/exe 's in Task Manager

Task manager in Win XP.

only thing i can access is task manager plz help

Task manager and error

XP and task manager

unknown Virus no desktop or task manager

Symantec AV and Task Mgr Disabled Spyware pop up

Task Manager Disabled.

Need some help to remove viruses and re-enable system

Windows 7 Pro Tak Manager

unable to open task manager and msconfig

Cmd/search/task manager is disappeared. Please refer to hijackthis log

Slow computer + unknown processes + unknown extensions in chrome

Proccesses and other stuff gone from task manager.

Disabletaskmgr problem. Not able to enable it

Can't right click and task manager disabled by spyware

hijack help task manager was locked

Appropriate "Processes" running in "Task Manager"?

Task Manager Missing USER tab

Task Manager / Regedit Disabled

Task Manager/Programs Won't Launch

What's going on in my task manager?

Task Manager Proglems.gpedit does not work

task manager processes

Task manager does not start.


Task manager greyed out

too many of the same process in my list

Can't Open Taskman

help taskmanager gone

Are any of my processes a virus or spyware?

No Task Manager and 'not responding'! Virus? HELP PLS

Task Manager fails to end process

Need Urgent Help: slow pc and can't open task manager

Computer's task manager and registry editor disabled and running slow

Export what is listed in TaskMgr App Tab to a file

I have 120+ processes running on Task Manager

Computer "freezing" When Doing Certain Tasks

can't get to task manager

Please help: regedit taskmgr not found

CAD won't work with task manager enabled!

Windows task manager problems

Ctrl+Alt+Delete to see running processes?

task manager and regedit disabled by virus

Lost Task Manager - Doesn't Open

Task manager doesnt open

Task Manager/Command Prompt Not Accessible

Questions about a few processes listed under Task Manager

Can't run cmd or taskmgr

Task Manager/Task Bar/Safe Mode/Symantec Sites etc disabled.

Task manager not coming please help

Suspicious DLLs causing trouble?

Multiple Instances of iexplore in Task Manager

IE6 and Task Manager

Computer running alot of unknown processes

Task Manager Locked by Admin/ Another user is logged in

task manager regedit msconfig

computer processes help

Task Manager won't Display.Please Help!

task manager and limewire pro

Task Manager disabled - Logs attached from Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)

Windows system task manager

Task Mgr + Slow Web

Spyware/Malware no task manager

Task Manager problems

RAM usage insanely high - displaying differently in the task manager

Trouble with asm.exe virus and enabling of Task Manager

No Task Manager and 'not responding'! HELP PLS

large memory in use in task manager called iexplore

Run dialog and ctrl-alt-delete gone

Task Manager and Control Panel missing

alternate ways to access task manager

Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator (from XP)

Task Manager memory values are whack!

Task Manager Virus

Task Manager Messed Up (PICTURE INCLUDED)

Windows XP Task Manager

Enabling Task Manager?

task manager wont open

2 iexplore.exe in task manager & only certain websites work. First steps done already

No taskbar/task manager

taskmgr and regedit wont restore/enable

Task Manager disabled by administrator

Task manager disabled by the administrator

problems with task manager and display control panel

Suspicious EXE file in Task Manager

Task Manager & Start Up Problems

Infected System - No Folder Options

Can't launch Task Manager

Task Manager closes automaticaly

Task manager doesn't show properly

lost way to taskmanager

IE8 Running in Task Manager

task manager cant be properly viewed

Unknown .tmp processes coming up

Task Manager issues

Step 1: Task Manager

task maneger

Cant open task manager on laptop

Identify this program! What is it?

multiple iexplore.exe instances in task manager

Trojan Help - Task Manager and Regedit Disabled

windows task manager help

Iexplore multi processes? Windows 7.

Multiple processes running in task manager - internet acting strangely

Task Manager does not start Powerpoint

1775 process modules.and a few suspicious programs

What is my taskmanager's performance/memory like?

Task Manager not opening with Hotkey

Virus? - Can't open Task Manager & Programs

I've messed up Task Manager.

Can't access Windows Task Manager

Can't Boot in Safe Mode/Task Manager Blocked By Administrator

Windows Task Manager stalled

ieuser.exe application

Task Manager Won't Start

Windows TSKMGR Related

no menus on task manager

Can anyone help me get stuff off task manager?

Help! Several problems(ie:taskmanager disabled

Help task manager doesnt work!

Unknown Program

Processes That Are Killing Comp

Task manager looks strange

Multiple iexplorer processes

Something is wrong with Task Manager

Windows Task Manager Problem

Task Manager Not Opening

task manager is disabled and auto security updater is diabled

Strange Process in my PC

TASkmanager gives error it can't be found

Command Promt not working. (Task Manager too.)

Tray Duplicates at Startup

Two iexplorer.exe running on task manager

Task Manager wont load possible virus

unable to access the task manager

Task Manager won't work!

strange startup programs

Task Manager Exit Button?

virus: task manager disabled

i cant access task manager and registry editor

Task manager will not show up

Task manager disabled by administrator (Log included)

Task Manager not coming up properly

Programs not closing

Cant Open HJT or Task Manager

Can't alt tab or bring up taskmanager

task manager disabled and explorer problems

Windows XP (running processes)

Windows 7 Task Manager Issue

Task Manager won't stay open

Task manager and some related problems

hijack this help and omga in task manager

TaskManager won't display?

Windows Task MAnger (A Million Process

TaskManager disabled

Task Manager & Installation Problems

Task Manager Disabled and Reg Edit

IE processes won't 'end'- is it Malware/Virus?

[URGENT]New Interface on Task Manager?

One IE creates two iexplorer.exe entries in Task Manager

Problems with task manager

having some problems with windows like msconfig and task manager

Multiple (3) iexplore.exe running in Task Manager

task manager and undeletable virus - hijackthis log attached

Task manager and MSconfig Disappear?!HELP!

Task Manager Blocked? Third Party Software?

HELP progams are showing a *32 by there name on task manager

Taskmgr + Regedit Disabled

disabled task manager virus and new to this .please help!

How to protect task manager?

*HELP*. Duplicating processes in Task Manager causing serious problems

Task Manager Disable by Administrator

Task Manager Not Showing User

[resolved] unknown program on task bar

Task manager not working and slow running

Task Manager? CPU

Task manager not popping up after "ctrl+alt+delete"

Virus disabling all applications including task manager can't do anything

Strange Task Manager issue

task manager failed to initialized properly after 5 day sit

Cant Open Task Manager

Unkown Virus - Disabled Most Programs

Task manager and firefox disappers quickly

Help. Virus eating memory physical and virtual

Task manager and other apps are disappearing

Trojan/Virus on Task Manager

my task manager is gone- might be a virus?

windows task manager not coming

Task Manager List. Does anything in this list raise a question?

Task Manager Problem. Help

Broken Windows TaskManager

task manager disabling virus

Xp Task Manager--Strange behavior

malware infected all .exe (even system processes)

slow pc and can't open task manager

Slow computer and strange file in taskmanager

Taskmanager not working after removing look2me

Suspicious background programs.

Task manager disabled. vicious malware. Regedit log

Need help with taskmanager and it closing.

HJT log! Too many background processes?!

need help with task manager

Task manager issue

How can I get the task manager out of the CPU History mode?

WinXP Task Manager

Your Computer is infected Screensaver/Bad Image Error/Task Manager Disabled

Taskmgr.exe does not Run even after up to date scans.

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