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Safe Mode Troubleshooting

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computer is stuck in safe mode

Turn off safe mode from setup menu?

Password Won't Work & the Comp Wont Get Out of Safemode

can't start computer in safe mode

Lost classic view of windows and looks like i'm in safe mode

Internet Explorer Dosen't Work unless in safe mode

Windows fails to boot (even in Safe Mode)

IE works in Safe Mode networking

Video Card Driver disabled - unable to enter safemode

Windows Wont Load (Not even in safe mode)

Virus alert on task bar and cannot boot up in safe mode or edit registry

Computer wont boot - Ci.dll error

av.exe virus - can't even boot in safe mode

Computer won't allow Safe Mode or Other Actions

Windows won't let me boot in SAFE MODE?

IE8 will only work in safe mode

System Wont Startup Even in Safe Mode

Call of Duty "Run in Safe Mode ?"

how do i get out of safe mode? plz reply fast

Safe mode video

Cannot use CHKDSK normally nor acces Safe Mode

PC wont boot up in any mode help pls

Vista Load Problem - Boot & User Login -

turning off safe mode

Virusburst Toolbar Safe mode wont work

My Internet only works in safe mode. HELP!

Can only access internet in safe mode

Freezes in Normal Mode but okay in Safe Mode.

Safe Mode with an External Display in Vista

laptop shutsoff when i run avg/spybot in safe mode

XP hangs on Safe mode boot.

System Restore Crashed

Can only log in in safe mode?

Cannot run Vista normally from startup menu

multiple problems- can only access safe mode

Safe mode problem

unable to start in safe mode

How do you get into safe mode under Vista?

Windows will not start in any mode

Windows 7 hp notebook safe start


Antivir & Safe mode don't work.

Error messages when launching SAFE MODE

Vista won't reboot in safe mood or normally

Computer only boots into safe mode

BSOD then restart after windows logo - cant use safe mode either

Safe Mode does not work

computer always boots up in safe mode

Can't access safe mode BSOD!

Spyware has made WinXP inoperable - only safe mode

no antiviruIn safe mode now with s and a lot of malware

Vista unable to boot in any mode

Can I start safe mode from bios?

Cleared virus but computer not responding?

cant get into safe mode>:(

Nothing appears during logon.

Windows XP-internal safe mode

Need help backing up files in safe mode

Computer "freezes" in Safe Mode

Computer will not boot. May be in safe mode

need help to get out of safe mode and get back internet security

Cannot enter safe mode

crashes in both normal and safe mode

Safe mode

Internet will only work in safe mode

Can not even get into safe mode

How to prevent user from enter safemode ?

BSOD or Restart on booting (even Safe Mode)

Trouble loading in normal mode have to open in safe mode

Can't get out of SafeMode Prompt - PLEASE HELP

Windows 7 only works if I boot into safe mode first and restart

Safe Boot mode not working due to Spyware

Distorted screen while starting in normal mode

computer will not boot except in safe mode or safe mode with networking.

comp non start insafe mode

IE will only open in Safe Mode.

Need help stuck in safe mode

no safe mode

My computer will not start in safe mode please help!

Laptop runs only on safemode

safe mode not working

Icons appear on desktop as tho I am in safe mode?

help with safe mode

keys & mouse are disable when entering Safe Mode

explorer only in safe mode

Can not boot into safe mode

Safe mode error message

Vista Crash. Can't boot in Safe Mode.

Internet access in safemode with networking only

Cannot enter safe mode or reinstall

boot files for win xp in safe mode

No Boot in Normal but in Safe Mode

Login and Safe Mode problems

My hijackLog file *~Windows starting up problem~*

Windows won't load normally or safe mode

Black screen when accessing Safe Mode or Boot Menu

Toshiba Satellite w Vista BSOD & Internet trouble

Please help! My system only starts in safe mode after running combofix

Stuck in Safe Mode! Please Help!

Windows not loading goes straight to safe mode

Internet only working in safe mode.

I restored my computer and now i cant see anything!

msconfig safeboot help

User settings won't load/memory issue?

zoostorm stuck on safemode

Safe mode help needed

Can't get out of safe mode prompt

cant start windows even in safe mode

how to delete operating system from safe mode

laptop won't boot even in safe mode

What does safe mode do?

Trouble with Safe Mode and installing certain software

No monitor display with normal startup

Can't access Safe Mode: missing from Advanced Startup Options

Can't Enter Safe Mode

failure to load the logon screen

BSOD and can't access safe mode

slow computer-now only starts in safe mode

safe mode works

PC operates very slowly in normal mode

Is it okay to run my pc in safe mode?

Computer Only runs on safe mode only


Safe Mode-keys not responding

Vista won't start up (Plz help)

Network connection sharing in safe mode

Cannot boot.even safe mode.

I can't start my computer in safe mode.

Monitor flickers after startup - Works in Safe Mode

My pc only starts on safe mode

Can only boot into secure mode w/nettwork

boots safe mode only&defaults to wrong log in

Windows XP not working outside of Safe Mode

Need Help! 2000 server won't boot - please review my log

PC not booting in safe mode

Changing Safe mode on startup? How do you do this?

system restarting and not running in safe mode

Help! Laptop runs in Safe mode but not in normal mode

Random/missing characters on boot up and PC only works in safe mode

Windows Crashes & Restarts. Works only in Safe Mode

Windows 7 fails to load unless it is in safe mode

Windows XP does not start correctly after virusscan and is very slow


safemode not working

Can't start Vista in safe mode (or any other).

Computer Will Not Go Into Safe Mode--HELP!

stuck in Safe Mode

Computer Won't Start - Even in Safe Mode

Starting in Safe Mode

Forced to Run in Safe Mode/ Logs Included.

Is Safe Mode really safe?

Vista fails to load in any mode

computer boots to safe mode menu

problems getting into safe mode

win 7 not booting even in safe mode

stuck booting safe mode

Can't Get Into Safe Mode!

Safe Mode goes down

internet works in safe mode only

Computer running quite slow.may need a lot of work. HJ log:

Help! Not able to boot; even in safe mode!

Safe Mode restarts

Safe Mode Comp

BSOD on Safe Boot only

BSOD Crashes not even in safe mode?

Pc locks up except when in safe mode

Thunderbird only runs under safe mode

No Windows 7 Boot Settings

Stuck at boot screen after spyware/registry clean.

1 hour to boot- still in safe mode!

Disable Safe Mode from Command prompt?

My Dell Inspiron 8200 wont start up. cant even start in safe mode

XP freezes in normal mode but not in safe mode

Firefox works in safe mode but not normal. Please help!

Safe Mode Won't Boot Up

Computer not able to run in regular mode

Turning off safe boot

any way to have sound/audio work during safe mode on Win XP?

Windows Vista-safe mode

Computer only works on safe mode

Win xp loads in safe mode but not normal mode

Strange lag in windows 7 even in safe mode

Need to reverse safe mode - unable to log in

Vista doesn't boot. Safe mode SLOOOOW

computer won't get past safe mode screen

Can't find "SAFE MODE"

XP boots in Safe Mode but not Normal Mode

PLEASE HELP! Win7 Starter not starting unless in safe mode

freezing at startup after logon in normal mode (not safe mode)

My Asus G51VXseries wont work other than in safe mode

can only boot into safe mode networking

XP Home only starting in SAFE mode after uninstalling programs

Cannot Defrag in Safe Mode

Antivirus 2009 on system and can't access fixes

Can't get into safe mode on my HP Pavillion

Can't get chkdsk /f to work even in safe mode

Unable to get out of safe mode.

Help! My computer will only run in safe mode!

Windows won't load even in Safe Mode

My computer wont go past safe mode

cant boot to safe mode

Run A Proccess in safe mode?

Vista runs insanely slowly/crashy when not in safe mode

Disabling safe-mode on start-up

Computer cannot operate out of Safe Mode

Safe mode without F8?

My Windows works only in Safe Mode with Networking but not Normally. Help needed!

msconfig stuck in safeboot

How do i use sound on Safe mode

black screen and windows wont boot safe mode. please help

Cannot Start up in Safe mode

stuck im safe mode

Can't start windows! Help! Please?

When booting

Safe mode only

Cant get into windows using any mode

Can't boot into safe mode?

Slow Startup cannot enter safe mode

Access Safe Mode From Shortcut or 'Normal' Boot Menu

XP will not boot allow log-in after AVG 8.0 scan

pc is not booting in normal mode as well as safe mode

Welcome screen on safemode different to normal?

virus scan from safe mode

Can only start in safe mode

Help I can't do nothing except in Safe Mode

windows is not loading safemode keeps crashing

Very Odd Safe Mode Problem

EU's computer boots to XP

Windows Safe Mode Issue

Computer Works in Safe Mode/Not Standard

windows vista not even starting? :(

Cannot boot into anything but DOS

changed keyboard driver now can't boot up

When In The Safe Mode The Icons Are Very Large

BSOD and windows in safe mode

Help Before I Throw My Computer Out My Window. (Hangs

deleting outside of safe mode

Safe to login in safemode?

Malware possibly causing Windows not to load in normal mode.

can only use computer in safe mode

Vista gets to log-in screen. Any attempt to log in

I'm stuck in Safe Mode

Safe Mode screen goes black with safe mode in all four corners

Computer Freezing in Normal Mode

Vista 64bit Safe Mode ok/Normal Mode not ok

boots up in safe mode

dell inspiron only works in safe mode

How to enter safe mode in a treble boot system?

Bluescreen on Safemode

Windows does not respond unless using safe mode

Vista malware causing blue screen. Only runs for a few minutes in Safe Mode.

Safe Mode Not Working/Computer Not Booting Up

game only works in safe mode

Someone PLEASE help me get Vista OFF this machine?

Can't enter safe mode on xp

How to start in safemode?

Can't do certain things in normal mode.

Firefox/Mozzilla Command Line Questions

won't boot up in safe mode or from disc

Can't Log into Safe Mode or Install AVG

vista crashes on start up and if not running a game or something cpu intensive

Please help me get back my Safe Mode

Can't even star "Safe Mode"

Internet Explorer not working in safe mode.

Can only start computer in fail safe mode

Stuck in safe mode with blank screen. need help

urgent! can't start win7 in normal mode

cant change safe mode & no sound tryed everything?

Extremely slow PC internet only works in safe mode

Inernet only works in safe mode! Plz help! :(

Xp working fine in safe mode but notinnormal mode

Will only fire up in Safe Mode

This is my last resort before my computer goes out the window!

Safe Mode Works but not Normal Mode?

Distorted Welcome Screen - Can't Login - XP only runs in Safe Mode

winbfi32.dll - Trojan.Abwiz - Cant restart in Safemode

Toshiba My Safe issue

Win Vista/& wouldn't boot up

Windows failing to start (normal or safe)

Safe Mode Help!

won't load pop-up windows that you click you on [Moved from XP]

Internet not working - connection fine in Safe Mode with networking

Can only access the in ternet in Safe Mode

My computer won't log in Safe Mode or Normal Mode

How do you make a hack to make the print spooler start in safe mode

Infected PC only works in Safe mode - Help please

Excel 2003 won't start

Windows boots but not in safe mode

Can't get past safe mode option screen or boot up win.

Can only run in safe mode

I can only use XP in safe mode

Xp keeps booting to safemode

Please HelPPPPPPPPPPPP cannot get in to safe mode?

Virus preventing me from loading Windows and safe mode

Computer keeps restarting when tying to open regular/safe mode?

Windows 7 x64 Freeze at log in even in safe mode

Blue Screen & I CanĀ“t Go Into Safe Mode!

xp safe mode

Re: Mixing colors and PC shuting down in normal mode but not in safe mode

ATA drive restarts computer instead of loading windows.

Program / driver problem upon startup

Won't load even in safe mode

Computer boots into safe mode.

Trouble booting into safe mode

no boot/BlueScreen - Good Safe mode

my computer wont boot even in safe mode

problem starting in safemode

Need help! Two Vista Admins can't login either.

Startup repair not working but SafeMode does work!

Help with Safe Mode Please

XP Safe Mode slow to a halt

How to Use and Enable/Disable 'Safe Mode' in Windows 8

Safe Mode Problem-windows will not boot

Vista Help w/ BSOD on normal and safe mode!

hit f10 in safe mode and now have problems

laptop only runs in safe mode - help please

Booting in Safe Mode

safe mode question

Shuts Down in Safe Mode - Not Normal Mode

Can't boot normal

vista safe mode

Cannot Boot Unless Safe Mode is Used

How to run XP in Safe mode after Vista installed

internet explorer only works in safe mode

Safe Mode Busted?

Internet explorer will not work in regular mode

win7 loads but restarts with a crital error

Defrag in safemode?

Back In Safe Mode :-/

All my drivers have disappeared and Safe mode doesn't help

Stuck on safe mode and can't get out because it freezes!

IE runs better in safe mode.

Stuck at DOS Prompt- how to restart

Can't get past safe mode login screen

Issues with Startup (except in Safe Mode)

Boooting in safe mode.

Computer stuck safe mode

problem with safe mode

Windows won't load in any mode

Can only run computer in safe mode - PLEASE HELP!

BSOD! Can't access safe mode

Trojan - Now can't login even in safe mode

Unable to boot PC in safe mode

Dell monitor in save mode only

computer won't go into safe mode

my computer always starts in safe mode

How do I reverse safe mode

Numerous errors with internet and safe mode

Can't go to either the Normal mode or safe mode

HELP! System stuck in safe mode durring reinstall

No starting in Safe Mode

Safe Mode Problems (Issues)

System infected and now wont switch off

safe mode loop

Not booting in Safe Mode

Starting Windows XP Professional

Windows 7 Hangs on Normal Boots - fine in safe mode

Reload of Xp only boots correctly in safe mode

Cannot start safe mode

my xp runs in safe mode only

WINXP - When I bring up windows

PC not running normal

can windows 7 install from safe mode ?

internet explorer works only in safe mode

Can not connect to internet except via Safe Mode

Pc will not start in safe mode

XP Boot 5min +

Windows Vista can't open anything. I only can open stuff in Safe Mode

How to start xp in safe mode?

BSOD when starting in normal mode and safe mode

Won't let me choose safemode

Booting Trouble in Safe Mode

Safe Mode with Networking using gotomypc

Vista wont start up and no safe mode

in safe mode

Loading XP freezes even safemode no username/pwd fields to try 2 login

Windows can't enter setup in safe mode

computer wont boot up or go to safe mode

please help im infected and in safemode.

[resolved] Boot log- can anyone help?

computer stuck in safe mode

Safe Mode on Windows XP

Computer wont let me start in safe mode

Help for PC stuck in safe mode


Can't Get Out Of Safe Mode

BSOD after windows logo. Safe mode works. Could it be power supply?

Computer restarting after startup in any mode

BSOD Vista + won't run in safe mode

Computer Boots to Safe Mode Screen Everytime

Safe Mode Screen

cannot start windows in safemode

Dell Laptop Freezes Randomly in NORMAL mode

My windows wont load! resolved

I can only access the internet in safe mode w/networking

Safe Mode wont work

safe mode info

HP Pavillion dv9500 only starting in safe mode

Windows boot help!?

Help PC wont go into safe mode

XP only Boots Safe Mode

computer will not go insafe mode or anything else [moved from HW]

Windows won't boot even in Safe Mode

Administrator Log on Problems

Can not get into safe mode and laptop has antivirus live

Antivirus Soft: can't enter safe mode

Cannot start in normal mode or safe mode w/ networking.

New LCD Monitor/TV- only displays in safe mode

Diagnostic Startup went badly. HELP!

Virus? Can only start up in safe mode

Laptop randomly Freezing safe mode and regular


Even Safe Mode won't run

USB Mouse locks in normal mode

Getting out of safe mode

Non-PC user: I can't log into XP - login screen beeps when clicked.

Won't run in safe or any other mode

Pc is automatically booting into start mode?

Computer will not start in Safe Mode

my comps slow and it crashes everytime i'm not in safe mode

Internet dead except in safe mode

Computer will only boot into safe mode.

i can view web pages wirelessly in safe mode only

Can't boot Vista or get into Safe Mode

Pc not starting up window and not even in safe mode

internet only opens in safe mode

Restart on startup

NTOSKRNL-HOOK and PC only boots in safe mode

win 7 safe mode loops

ACER Travelmate 8000 entering Safe mode problem

Restart Problems/Safe Mode Not A Given Option

Computer opens in safe mode every time

windows 7 Keeps Restarting Works in Safe mode

IE Not Working in 7 works in safe mode HELP!

PC will only boot to Safe Mode

Old PC Only Working In Safe Mode!

Internet works only on Safe mode.

Normal mode freezes at Startup

Safemode > Normal

Getting my Dell laptop out of safe mode

Safe Mode Boot not working

no logon in normal or safe mode

Safe mode wont boot

Problem starting Excel

Online only in safe mode question

Trojan Vundo Can only load programs in safe mode

Can't open in Safe Mode

Vista isn't starting up.

logging onto internet in safemode

Safe Mode Black & Login "Spyware detected" Screens

IE8 only opens on safe mode

Starting up fine in safe mode but blue screen with normal mode

Is there a way to run backup in safe mode?

Cannot enter BIOS or SafeMode XP Pro

remove safemode option from windows xp

unable to access safe mode ?

blue screens and safe mode only

BSOD and can't get into safe mode

Safe Mode Problems

My notebook keeps booting. Can't use safe mode or run on CD

PC freezes while torrenting but works fine in safe mode

Graphics problem after booting in safe mode for virus removal

Safe Mode Boot issue

computer is not booting with safemode also

Win7 wont do anything out of safe mode

Website only works in safe mode

Safe Mode Help Please?

Safemode booting problem

Help getting into Safe Mode!

Cant boot into Windows after case cleaning!

Keyboard & Mouse Failure In Safe Mode

after system 'Repair' safe mode works 'BLACK' screen at normal reboot

HP G60 Sceen Blinks at welcome screen and doesn't load

BSOD but can't even boot into Safe Mode

my computer completely shut out on normal mode

Vista primium Safe mode not working

Would like to reformat but cannot start my computer in safe mode.

help dropped eee pc now windows 7 will not load

Computer won't boot! Safe mode not working!

Wireless Connection only works on sade mode

Locked-up at Safe Mode Entry Attempt

Cannot get past safe mode option screen

Laptop hangs but works fine on safe mode

Cannot access Safe Mode

I can't even start up

HP Vista sp2 only opens in safe mode

Unable to boot (Only in safe mode)

Starting an application during safe boot

computer only runs in safe mode

HT Log. Can't access system info.

crashing big time but not in safe mode

Computer Display only works in safe mode

BSOD Safe Mode does NOT work!

safe mode/blue screen/reinstll disk

vicious System Tool problem

TV monitor turns off unless in safe mode

WinXP Home Restart

how to turn off safe mode using bootcfg

windows xp only loads in safe mode

XP safe mode problem

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