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Pop Up Troubleshooting

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Pop-up and desktop problems

Pop Up websites/internet explorer


nasty search2k popups! pls help

cnn_adspaces pop up

pop up hell.please help hjt log

Lotta popups (but better than it was)


endless pop ups

Pop-up Blocking Screen

Pop-ups and slow performance

constant pop ups - winantivirus

Eliminating WinFirewall/WinAntiVirus Pop Up

Elitemedia pop-ups

Trojans and pop-ups

major help needed.pop ups

IE problem with popups

Random Popups?

Weird messages pop up when my computer starts

pop-up ads continually after son used computer

Endless "security" pop-ups

PLEASE HELP! constant pop ups!

Mad pop up at of no where!

Alot of Spam Email and Pop-ups

running firefox w/ ie popups

dcads pop-ups. Help with removal.

pop ups & slow computer

P2P software(s) keeps on popping up

Web Buying Pop-ups

Unsolicited New Window pop ups on IE7 and Firefox

Internet Explorer Pop-ups when no window is opened

Please help remove popup!

coupon pop ups

Constant Popups

HELP with popups!

Some wierd pop up when i try to open a folder.

too many pop ups

got the popups

Vista anti virus now pop ups

Help: Pop-ups + Virus + Trojan?

Firefox Pop-Ups

Netscape pop-ups

pop ups internet

Odd Window Popup

Popup problem?

Project 1 and other pop up problems

Firefox pop up issues

constant pop up problem

Video ActiveX Access (constant pop-ups)

Popup help please

Need help with pop-ups

IE pop ups won't go away!

Pop ups and stupid warnings

Savetheinformation: Constant Popups

Avertisment PopUps

StopClickSearch popups; unable to view YouTube videos

DRTWTSN32 popups making computer impossible to use

I'm getting pop-ups while using Mozilla or Interent Explorer

annoying popup virus is blocking everything

pop ups and no control panel

Pop Up Advertising in Firefox. What the?

My Diet Patch Ad Pop Up Please Help

Frequent pop-ups

Adserving popups

Constant Popups / Unable to access Task Manager


Popups and I cant find it.

Still getting popups all the time.

pop up ads help

pop up infestation

Pop ups that never end

Pop up problem. HJT log is included.

help! pop ups from internet explore about virus protection!

Having alot of annoying pop ups

Help with pop ups

Nexplore/Shopzilla/RegCure pop ups - Please help!

Recent Increase in Popups

Pop Up Prob

Tons of IE popups

Internet Explorer letting me down - a request for help

Mozilla Firefox popups

No pop-ups

Pop Up Ads! Please Help

Getting rid of Win AV pop up

Malware.Trace and Pop-ups Suck!

Many pop-ups

IE7 Pop-up Blocker Resets to ON

follow up from x-cleaner beware

Stop My Porn Popping Up

IE popups unblocked and "right" prevention

Numerous CiD adverts popping up all the time

pop ups and changing privacy settings

Survey which popsup when I visit certain sites

Please Help! pop ups + Slow Computer

HELP! - Pop-ups here

Adultfilder and other popups in firefox and IE

F*@#$%G annoying POP-UPS!

Antispyware 2009 and popups coming back after format/reinstall

Blocking pop-up from a particular source

Pop Up

IE8 Allowing Websites to Popup Every Click

Symantic Anti-Virus Pop Up

Driver_Corrrupted_MMPool Pop-up

Popups with search engines

internet explorer popups occur while im using firefox and when im not.

Frequent random pop ups

irritating popup malware

popup problem please help

Online Security Guide & Live safety Center and IE popups

need more hd space

pop up in ie when on firefox

Constant pop ups VirtuMonde detected

help with popup

random pop up and internet problem

Random Popup Problem

pop up blocker keeps getting turned off automatically

Spystorm pop ups etc.

suspicious pop up message + more

Help. Pop-ups and Error Message. *Log Included

pop up storms with antivirxp08

internet explorer pop ups

Internet Explorer popup.

insane amounts of popups and slow running computer

Pop up windows not showing up in Internet Explorer or MSN browser

Pop up ads / Common folder at startup

Continuous pop up's from an Unkown Source

Please select your country pop-ups

popups every 10 seonds. it's driving me crazy

slow computer and pop up ads

Google toolbar pop up page

pop-ups still appear despite repeated scanning

Google Analytics Pop Up Page Multiple Computers

Help me with my popups!

adyieldmanagemente pop up. i think its a trojan

Help! Danger:Spyware. Urgent please!

Pop up ads without internet explorer even open?

pop ups invading pc

Slow pc and web browser pop ups

Slow and Pop Ups

Pop-Ups Problem-Help Please!

IE and Firefox: Popups are blocked when they shouldn't be .

Multiple pop-ups

Really slow internet and pop ups

toolbar pop-ups

win anti virus pop ups

I hate pop-ups

Ran SmitFraud self help--Still pop ups* Pop-Ups

Pop ups when i go to sites

System Error Pop Ups! Ie Antivirus! Urgent

Pop up ads make using internet almost impossible.

Virus help. pop ups wont go away. cant open dds.

Pops ups

Help with popups! PLEASE!

Pop ups that won't DIE

Please help popus

Antivirus soft popups

Best pop up banner ad blocker for opera

Lots of popup issues in IE.

My computer is running slow and things keep popping up

Pop ups and computer running slow

PC slowed down and constant pop ups (XP)

Cannot Access Certian Websites and PopUps!

IE7 Popups even when disabled

Advertising Pop-ups.really annoying!

Get rid of ALL FF popups!

Popups and really slow also remote shutdowns

Problems with Pop-ups

Pop up porblem.

Particular Pop-Up

Trojan Horse and really annoying Pop-ups

Help! Keep Getting IE Pop-Ups!

Win Antivirus pop ups

Email pop ups & At times unable to power up comp.

Help with constant pop ups



ron ads netupbanner pop-ups

Damn spyware popups when i start Internet Explorer !

Unable to remove continual CiD and other popups

HiJack This:Ad popping up more offten

popups ads1 and others

fp.pc-on-internet pop ups (among others)

IE Pop-Ups

bad products / Pop Ups went in windows system

Pop Up Plague

New Persistent pop up problem

Pop-Up Blocker acting up

Popups Trojans

Multiple Popup and Hijacks - Virtuemonde

Pop-ups out of nowhere

Trojan + pop-ups help me!

Need to allow secure pop ups

Tons of Pop-ups that will not go away!

constant popups - went through 5 steps

help! HKsRv dll pop up plus more :(

I am desperate for help with pop-ups! Please help!

Pop Up Won't stop Grrr

AntiVirGear constant pop up

Help please! IE pop up while using FF

xads xlime pop up problems

internet explorer with pop ups !1

Web pop-ups

Please help.annoying pop ups

start up pop ups scary!

how to block CiD pop-ups?

How do you stop these from popping up

internet explorer pop ups when not open

help with my insane amount of annoying popups

continual pop ups - vundo? and misleadapp?

Pop Ups When not using internet

Pop-Ups In Firefox & General URL Relocation Problems

nonstop popups

Could someone help me clear these popups?

I'm getting bombarded with popups.

Bombarded by WinWebSecurity Popups!

Pop-ups persist

Ad.Oinadserver Popups

Pop up problems (and then some)

Constant Pop ups

Constant pop-up Vista AV Program

pop-ups when using firefox

pop up blocker

Can't update Windows + Pop-Ups in Firefox

disabled windows update and firefox popups

Nothing Will Pop Up.

Spyware/Adware and annoying popups - please help! D:

Pop Up Malware

Random pop-ups

Pages on web do not close

Popups sometimes sneak by popup blocker

IE8 security settings

pop up system error returned

Random Pop Up

IE POP UPS still

Pop-ups keep coming !

Can't stop the pop-ups

Running very slow and getting popups

Slow with lots of pop-ups

Pop up nightmare!

ie6: something's changing my security settings

Viruses and Pop Ups

Popup and possible Trojan problem

Still getting annoying pop-ups even with many anti-virus programmes

System very slow.getting popups

log help Plz (popups-casino)

Pop ups even when I'm not browsing

How to remove or stop the popup

Popups in mozilla windows?

Pop up only on I.E.

How can make this popup stop appearing?

Frequent pop ups from DriveCleaner

Issues opening popups

PopUps problems

Getting too many pop-ups

Popups when IE opened

Hijackthis help? News articles popping up.

internet explorer pop-ups when mozilla is on

Pop ups and music

Popups That Won't Go Away

lots of pop ups

agressive ie pop ups

Popups in Firefox

lots and lots of pop up ad windows open at once

Help with POP ups and then some!

Need help with popups

diskcleaner popup

possible trojan or browser pop-up hacker? x64 Vista

IE Popups and Such

Continous Pop ups and other problems.

Different Constant Popups

pop up and picture problems with mozilla firefox

Many popups

Mega problems with continuous popups

I'm having popups :/

Slow PC with too many pop-ups :(

I have a pop-up problem

Fighting Spy Strike and spyware popup

Pop up and also other problems

PC Security Lab Pop Ups

pop-ups & icons on desktop won't STOP (Clkoptimizer?)

Pop ups and the lot

iebtm.exe pops up all the time

Pop Ups Galore Help!

VIPfares and search42 popups.

RIGHTONADZ pop-ups! Please Help!

Infected Comp. Automatic IE pop ups. Please Help!

savetheinformation pop-ups

Massive amounts of Pop Ups!

Weird Pop-up when I start the computer

Major pop-ups and browser problems

Popunders and can't update Windows XP

bullseye pop ups HELP!

Constant popups with CiD: in title bar

Vibrant Popups in IE 6

Random Pop ups/odd messages

can someone help me hijack? i have so many popups

Parents computer infested with pop up ads

Please help - multiple Pop up windows - I.E. pop up blocker won't enable

Cleaning my machine -> pop ups

Pop Up in IE

I've been trying to get rid of these annoying pop ups for months

Oinadserve/ Popups

dl2 media annoying popups!

Computer Gone Wrong - BSOD. Very Urgent

Problem with ad pop ups

Bring back pop up

home search & lots of popups problem

New Problem? Ive been getting Lots of pop ups

Browser Slow/Popups!

Extra "marketing" windows popping up

popups and reduced system speed

pop up i can hear but cant see.need help

Popups and computer running extremely slow

Removal of Ads in win xp

i hate popups can u help me !

IE 8 popups

Constant pop ups - Win32/Oneraw!generic and trojan.Caiijing and Backdoor:Win32/Sivuxa

Problem with pop-up windows

When Booting this pops up

Internet Explorer pop ups when not using IE.

Pop-Ups Infecting My Computer - Please Help

Pop-ups and Sluggish Performance

pop up of Autorun.inf

Please help with pop ups I cannot stop

excessive pop ups

Pop up Malware-spyware problem. Please help

Need help with Popups and websites hanging.

pop-ups all the time

Pop up in mozilla Firefox

Popups and Spyware that wont go away

Trojan.Patchep infection and popups

Pop up balloons disapeared

Norton pop-up window appears as soon as i log on

Slow internet / pop ups

continous popups and freezing up

awww viruses and pop ups!

tedious popups . followed instructions . and here it is :)

malware and random pop ups.

Spyware pop up problem

Keep Getting Pop Ups

Stupid Command service pop ups

Annoying POP-UPs (plz help)

AOL security - annoying popup

Comp. slow with popups

pop up problem -

pop up screens behind firefox

Random restarts pop ups total kaos HELP!

view not complete on pop up

pop ups over running me and I think other problems

Pop-ups coinciding with new browser windows

problems with popups

WALN_cfg Access Violation Pop Up (ANNOYING!) Please Help

Request help with VirusWebProtect and constant popups

i need help fast Filost&Oldgames pop ups driving me mad please help?

Numerous Popups Non Stop

Pop Ups and Computer Running extremely slow

Problem called pop up on my computer

Random popups and Tesllar A

popups in Firefox (plz help me solve this)

Constant Pop ups- Trojan horses

how do i stop the pop up windows?

advanced advisor pop up

Computer is slow with pop ups comming out of no where

various Trojons popping up

need help with pop-ups -rb

Pc is Nuked: Blocked Updates and pop-ups

Pop Up windows e.g MY Documents

Problem with constant pop-ups

pop up blockers

Winner popup window IE6

pop ups like crazy

Computer is extremely slow and flooded by popups with the use of IE!

Popups occuring in browsers

Popups with a Vengeance

Computer running slow and pop-ups all the time

Constant pop ups ? 1.reg virus

IE Popups

Continued Pop Ups in IE

Antivirus software Pop Ups

Slow Computer and Popups

Slow computer and many pop-ups

need help to get rid of pop up

your computer is infected pop up in xp

Unable to close unsolicited pop up

Adserver Popups

Pop-up on IE had to switch to mozilla to avoid it

IE problems with ip popups( in a small box)

popups help!

browser popups

Unwanted IE pop ups

please help with these horid popups

Random pop up ads

I've been having pop up window problems

more problems with pop ups

Dozens of Pop-ups and slow computer Popups

internet popups are awful!

Intrusive Pop-ups

~Crazygirls popups and Winantivirus popups! HELP!

Still needing help with pop ups

Popups/can't connect to various sites.

IE browser pops up

Firefox popups

Popup Nightmare

annoying pop=up problems

Constant pop-ups (IE) celldorado

Trouble with pop-ups

Popups will not cease -- Cannot catch virus

Slow computer/Pop-up

HUGE problem with IE popups

When Booting up this Pops up pop ups browser pop up

Tons of pop ups and many other things

Severe Pop-Ups - HJT Analyzer Log

Pop-ups in Firefox

PC Lab Security Pop up

Help.! Pop ups and viruses.

Help! I am suddenly innundated with popups!

pop up task manager wont work properly. & pop ups!

Pop-ups [Log Included]

Firefox and Pop-ups

Still receiving pop ups after various scans. Please help.

Unwanted Pop Ups

internet problems pop ups everywhere!

Laptop running slow and pop ups

Many Many Pop-ups Please help!


Pop-Up Help - IE7

Mozilla - popup windows disabled - can't figure out why

I've done everything I can think of but the popups are still mocking me.

Pop up ads- ugh!

Slow down and pop ups.

Need help super slow and pop ups

Pop Up help please =[

Incessant Pop-ups HELP!

Programs I didn't install and pop ups

Page is not getting refreshed while changing the pop-up blocker status.

Pop up window spyware.

Some pop ups with Firefox

I have a Dowloader virus with lots of popups - please help

Constant IE popups

Pop Up Trojan

App of the Day Pop Up After Java Installation

website not closing

Stop the pop-ups

extremely slow with many pop ups


messate pop up

gmail and pop up blockers

Recurring Pop-ups: Virtumonde

Navigating Pop Up Windows

So many problems with POP ups

Allowing pop-ups

Install a pop up

Receiving Pop Ups

Kapersky online scanner - pop ups

pop ups when Ie is loaded

Constant pop ups - computer slowed

Help ! Random pop ups/ ranom sites /= spware plzz helpp !

2ND HJT log for ME all screw up

Weird pop ups. need help.

Browser closes when I view movies on a webpage.? (HJT Log)

Popups - PC Antispyware

Need Help - Getting too many pop-ups and lock downs. HJT included

Neverending Popups! Cookie's always on Accept All! Please Help!

POP UP GALORE please help with log

antimalware on the computer with popups.please help

help with pop up

I see amaena pop ups

help needed .i get popups all over.

Help with spyware and pop ups

Need Help With Qwickfind Popup

Another lots of pop ups one

Wanted pop up window help

Worm.Win32.NetBooster and popups

BAD annoying pop-up HELP┬┐

Spyware Removal Pop-ups

download popups

Trojan Infection (pop-ups)

too many popups and spyware!

Pop-ups when internet explorer is started

Ultimate Cleaner pop ups

pop ups slow start and kazaa remains

Constant pop up with tesllar a /trojan

Pop-up Attack - Please help! :(

Pop up and Pop unders everywhere!

popups causing grief: HJT log inside--please help

Message pop up

Pop up error messages and "Free antivirus removal tool popup" how do I remove ?

Cant stop pop ups- deskwizz?

Ad Pop ups and certain sites unreachable - Please help!

Security Pop-up IE

annyoying popups


HijackLog (banners.searchingbooth popups)

HJT -- Too many pop-ups

help i have a annoying pop up

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