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no streaming video

Microsoft updates not working

USP Ports are NOT working

Onboard sound disappeared

sprint website links not working in Chrome v. 38

Samsung RV510 Touchpad problem

Strange Micophone Problem. plz help!

internet working but browsers not

OP crashes Screen goes crazy after HP Home to XP PRO Upgrade

Help. No browsers working

Ctrl and Alt keys not working

msn issues

[help] on board lan card & external ethernet adpater not working!

Wacom Bamboo CTH-670 inexplicably stopped working

USB connection problems with Vista

Usb Not Working

No keyboard on booting

Audio not working anywhere

Webcam not working on Windows 7

Links don't work

keyboard doesn't boot until Windows does

Youtube Loading Issues

Window dragging/scrolling lag

Weather bug is not loading[MOVED FROM WINDOWS]

usb 2 problems

Windows xp welcome to setup keyboard wont work! !

IE 8 vs IE 7 white space

External Speakers INOP

Videos on BBC News website not working

IE 7 http traffic stops after a few minutes

USB Port Not Working Properly

Microsoft RT2300 Keyboard few keys not working

sound is not working

can not see Keyboard function in Vista on Laptop

internet browsers don't work (registry issue?)

weatherbug problem

Keyboard Disables at Welcome Screen

Wireless Keyboard only works before OS is fully loaded

Mouse won't work


Broadcom Bluetooth freezes Windows7

No Browsers work

IE9 submit buttons aren't working

keyboard & mouse not working at login screen

input doesnt work on headset =(

Acer Aspire 5742Z Number Keypad stopped working doesn't work for me

Webcam problem

Re: Microphone trouble!

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 700 not working !

Help please - USB problem

Problem with RDP

Hp Pavilion usb problems

link won't open in Mozilla or Explorer

HDMI Cable Not Being Recognized

Wired internet jack not working but wireless works just fine

Some Shortcuts and some keys are not working

USB Device Not Working

Black dialog windows and unresponsive directory/desktop

problem with microphone

Built in mic not working.

Dell latitude D420 touchpad issues.

control+z combo not working in any applications

Megaupload not working with firefox

USB HP Mouse suddenly stops working?

Home & Delete Keys Not Working

My speakers don't work?

Start button and Desktop do not work.

google link not working

Windows vista USB drive problem

Ajax and IE6

Copy and Paste Shortcuts not working.

Wi-Fi internet connection not working

Internet Browser Not Loading Pages

Webcam/mic problem

Del key stopped working!

Windows Not responding problem with left mouse button

USB controller problem

IE 6.0.2900 submit buttons don't work!

Shortcut desktop internet icons suddenly do not work?

Search Engine Results Hanging/Not Working

Search function doesn't work

New Computer - No Ethernet or Wifi?

Etherport stoped working

Microsoft wireless mouse / keyboard combo causes very slow boot.

Mouse and Keyboard stop working after windows loads!

USB 2 help

USB 2.0 problems!help please.

Possible USB issue

XP failed - right after keyboard and mouse

Browser not loading

Internet not working properly

Problems with desktop shortcuts does not work!

Windows XP scroll problem

my mic is not working

Some USB Ports Not Recognized

USB 4 Port Hub Not Working

Issues loading facebook

screen savers not working

Browsers won't connect to active internet connection

IE7 Shortcuts not working

Flyout Menu and Links Menu Not Working

Windows XP + Mouse issues

Internet not working right? Help!

Jumpy mouse and overall slow system with fresh xp install.

some programs not working after system restore

Tap to click works intermittently

Auto Play feature not working

No Browser Connects to the Internet

No sound from Dell Vostro

Start Menu Shortcuts Problem!

Browser's not working

Internet doesnt work

Scanner Stopped Working

Outlook links broken

USB Microphone Not Working

USB not working since deleting Registry Filters

please help! mouse clicks not responsive

Microphone doesn't work whatever I try

Can't get my Dell to recognize any mouse.

YouTube suddenly not working

Wi-Fi works but Computer internet doesn't?

Microphones dont work?

Keyboard and Mouse not working at lock screen

Can't use external USB speakers/headphones with Vista

USB Failure.

copy-paste inop

Inactive Start Button and Tray

Open With Isn't Working

Can't click on URL link inside hotmail email

any usb/flash drives not able to open except with autoplay

Media And Sound Doesn't Work

Having problem with my laptop(moved to win\vista)

desktop shortcuts dont work

Screen Shot Option not working

Appearance customizing problem

address box dropdown history issue - IE8

my laptop shuts down whenever i use left/right click button

IE6 problem with AJAX

Autorun not working(RESOLVED)

Copy & Paste stops working

Font not working.

Image Verification and Captcha Problems

Videos/some links not working?

Keyboard not being recognized.but then.

UBS ports dead?!

keyboard wont work at startup

Internet Explorer 7 - Resize Workaround?

Software Reason for a Wi-Fi Adapter to Not Work?

Internet connection working fine

vga not working

Keyboard erratic behavior dell 1525

won't detect keyboard in start-up mode

No Browsing When Connected

Speakers Problem

Dell Inspiron m5040 f1 fuse location

mouse on laptop stops working randomly

Computer reformat - Mouse and Keyboard won't work

no sound when playing radio on internet [using wmp]

laptop keyboard not working

Desktop shortcuts for URL's not working!

Microphone wont work

3.0 USB Port Won't Work

All MSN not working

Search Function Not Working etc

STRANGE Mic Problem. ):

Windows keyboard shortcut keys not functioning properly?

Help! my mic doesnt work.Im feelin stoopid

XP keyboard malfunctions

Mouse and Touchpad Not Working

Unable to press ctrl+F11 at startup

java update not working


problem with spacebar

Infuriating sound problem. No right channel?

Reinstalled but USB doesn't work

Windows Services and Fn keys don't work

Ethernet and wireless not working

Youtube doesn't work.everything else does

Links don't work! Help! Frustrated!

Autoplay function not working

Speaker and microphone jacks not working

F8 Command NOT Responding XP Pro Install

Set up Microphone

Keyboard stops working when booting of a CD

Corrupt usb ports on dell

Webcam not working on Vista x64

most strange situation: no sound

Problem with & javascript in FireFox.

My keyboard and mouse are not working

IE AJAX Refresh Problem

windows 7 usb problems please help

USB it doesnt work

Keyboard strokes causing sound in winXP- why?

Icon not working

computer wont boot with recovery disc

Firefox not letting me log-in to email

Problem with start button and task manager

Windows Audio Has Stopped Working :(

IE7 & Mozilla Thunderbird no longer working

no wireless signal

Mic not picking up well in Win7

Latest update disabled ethernet connection.

Mouse installation Issue

Having issues loading Facebook

USB 2.0 Problem

Strange pop-up window when inserting a device

Clicks not registering (not mouse related)

iTunes + Startup Sound Problem

Mouse Stops functioning in Vista 64-bit

Loss of keyboard after logging into XP

Media Player 11 won't play radio station

Autoplay options for blank media missing

Mouse pad scroll not working

Problem when writing and mouse "click"?

Mouse & Keyboard not working

Spacebar Problem?

No Audio from CNN

USB driver problems

Browser Not Working!

IE and MSN not working.

No Keyboards Will Work. Very Strange Issue.

Two Problems -- USB Ports not Working

Surround Sound Not Working On PC

won't display .gif animations

Cannot get any mouse to work - PLEASE HELP

Win 8 Lock Screen Keybard Issues

problems with wireless mouse and keyboard

microsoft 365 exchange not working with 2010 outlook

problem with laptop.or modem

Ethernet problem help!

not working!

XP Does Not Log a USB Device

TouchPad Help

USB drivers problem.

Can't get YouTube to work

Youtube not working on any of the browsers on Windows 8.1 Pro

Mouse and keyboard DISABLED!

All web browsers not functioning.

USB headphones not working.

shortcuts not working

Browswers not working

Frustrating issue

MultiScreen problem

Help with USB problems


My games are not working with windows vista

Hyperlink Problem in Microsoft Excel

Shortcuts don't cut it anymore.

Keyboard at Boot not working for me

microphone wont work anymore

speakers and any other sound not working on my laptop

Chat rooms stopped working

Wireless internet won't work

Autoplay Feature in XP is not Working Properly

Wireless Just stopped working :S

Yahoo Messenger/Logitech Webcam Problem (was told could be a Vista problem)

Problem with cordless keyboard

Copy & Paste / Clipboard not working

internal mic not working

[Help] Microphone Problem.

Hotkey Problem

USB help + mouse (RESOLVED)

Animated GIF's no longer appearing animated

RDP issue

pc mic won't work!

Problem gaming with Vista

browser won't connect to Internet

usb hub not working

Strange PC speaker/sound problem. please help

New Install - Keyboard & mouse don't work at logon

Mouse Buttons/USB Issues.

Netscape BROKE Flash connection to IE browser your help is desperately needed

Browser not working though network is avialable

All USB ports not working.

Troubles with youtube

PageUp PageDown Home End keys don't work in Firefox

My mic isn't working correctly

msconfig made my keyboard stop working

Compaq SR1120NX-USB malfunction

Mouse doesn't work

javascript is not working!

Computer Speaker Issues

Broadband works wireless-ly NOT wired?

IE running slow and unable to use search engines

No Keyboard or Mouse Input

Paradoxical Damaged USB Problem

Shortcuts/ web links not functioning

my mouce dont work

Having problems connecting PC to TV

Internet Browsers Failing to Open

problem with usb drive

xp gets as far as the login point and wireless mouse does not respond

My dell laptop is not functioning properly

Tooltips causing me hell

my internet browsers dont work

My wireless stopped working - help!

HELP! Mouse and Keyboard don't work

Sound suddenly not working

External Speakers Not Working on Hitachi Visiondesk 2630

No sound or mic from front jacks

ICS gateway fails to access LAN clients

Sound Input Stopped working

google and other seach engines not working

why is the at button not working on my computer?

Facebook issue

Vista USB Problem

Browser not displaying webpages although the connection is fine

Enter key not working correctly

Keyboard not being recognized in old DOS programs (but works in command prompt)

Need urgent help! Can't do anything on my laptop

Vista-USB ports failure to communicate

Windows not coming on?

None of Internet Browser showing Internet connection

hdmi problem

keyboard wont work for laptop

Bookmark problem

My A button on my keyboard is not working

Problem with microphone not working

No system speaker sound

CTRL-C is not working

So why won't the mouse work anymore? Out of ideas.

Can't log on! Keyboard not working at start screen!

No internal or external speaker sound

Wireless not working

Headphones Not Working

Mouse/Keyboard not responding

Laptop functions not working right anymore.

Headset Mic not working? Just installed 64 bit Ultimate

Restore Disks not working

Mouse/Keyboard not functioning

Help! Wifi not working!

Microphone Input Troubleshooting

No sound from speakers-sound from headphones

Buttons on websites won't load/do nothing when I click on them?

Internet not loading.

keyboard volume buttons dont work when in the browser.

Keyboard & Mouse Not Working.

Headset not working

Google Web Search Problem

sound problem with thinkpad x201 windows7 system

Front USB ports no longer work

Built in camera and microphone is not working

Wifi suddenly stopped working.

Win XP Clipboard malfunction

desktop shortcuts don't work

Shortcuts No Longer Work.Programs not working

Bizarre CMD.EXE problem

USB port not working

Need help with my speakers! Plz

Sudden iPlayer Radio failure

HELP! My mouse has stopped working

Camera not working since upgrade!

Someone help please web cam connection

USB Device drivers suddenly all not working

usb trouble Windows 7

Keyboard Stops Responding When XP64 Starts

email links for website not working

WiFi not working

usb keyboard/mouse problems

Asus w5fe touchpad not working

Click on Google Search Box & IE7 shuts down

Internet connected but no browsers work

USB mouse problems

F8 key not working

Connected!. but not really!

5:1 Speaker Issue

crackly/distorted sound on alienware

Scroll down isnt working

Internet not working (Ethernet)

Stuff doesnt show up in search

keyboard problem (moved from Other Operating Systems)

Windows problem or DVI port not working?

CMD and others not working. Help

Windows 7 Professional Desktop Icons & Rightclick not Working

Browser Quits Functioning

problem going to new screen

Suddenly bluetooth not working in Vista x64.

Touchpad not working

usb ports not working again

icons don't work

Keyboard and Touchpads doesn't respond

Mic/Speaker Issues

Mouse and keyboard not working in windows XP

Problems with sound/speakers

Webcam and mic problems!

driver device wont work

some of keyboards not working

98SE start button unresponsive

F keys not responding

wireless switch not working

Desktop IE shortcuts not working in 2k

keyboard problem in win7

[resolved] USB problems

No audio on Vista

vista no sound dell inspiron

Internet connected but browser not working

Touch pad Problems

IE google search function problem

I can't use the mouse or keyboard to login at the login screen

Verizon DSL connectioin problems

unable to click on hyperlink

Internet/Browser connection question

repost: cannot access microsoft

Weird problem with microphone

Problems with new computer [moved from Vista/7]

USB Controller Issues

Autoplay is not working.

Can't use trackpad

Certain Keys are not worKing properly.

Acer won't read CDROM.

WiFi is connected but cant browse or download mail in outlook

Sound not working at all!

USB Opening Problem

Keyboard letter keys not working in flash

Greyed out Clipbook Viewer

Keyboards are not working

Head Phones Problem

Connected but internet not working

Usb wont open

Areas won't theme

CSS problem

Bookmarks in Firefox don't work

USB 2.0 problem with XP

Mouse Problems with Vista

keyboard and mouse stuck at startup

Google not working- Please help!

My microphone is not working on my desktop

Microphone still not working!

U Tube issue

USB is not working properly?

trouble running windows xp bluetooth wizard

No sound and no moving eg avatars

Voice refuses to work.

pc to tv works sometimes

Links Open But NO CONTENT

Mouse Problem with Dell System Restore

Microphone totaly not working on vista!

Please help! Ethernet problem

Browsers not connecting

No Sound Problem. Reply ASAP.

usb-ports malfunktion

My destop shortcuts have stopped working

Laptop keyboard not working correctly


Adobe not working

HDMI TV not detected

MSN Messenger Webcam issue

Trackpad doesn't work

IE7 with script generated form inside iframe and submit not working

search engines not working on IE or Firefox

User PW not working.

Google Chrome/microsoft security service not working

CMD 'batch file' no longer performs in Win7 Ultimate (32bit)

Shortcut not working

Copy and paste feature in xp not working?

my i key isn't working

Can't open hyperlinks

usb devices not play

Usb ports don't work!

web browsers don't work

Speakers suddenly stopped working

Google won't work

Help with slow pc and Acer orbicam not working

I have a problem with my Fn key

Microphone recording problem

Very strange no sound problem

USB devices not functioning.

Google search redirects/ Windows updates don't happen

IE7 - copy/paste shortcut and Del keys don't work?

Keyboard and mouse stop working at log-in screen.

Networking with ME not working

cant install windows xp in dos due to keyboard problem

icons not working

Mic Troubles

Wallpaper not functioning properly

keyboard not working in XP; fine in Linux

Awful Problem.well worth asking about (problem with webcam)

disk cheaking not working

Mouse jerks Compaq 2710p XP Tablet

short cuts wont work

windows icon suddenly stopped working

Tabs randomly not working

Problem with email that have link to web

usb problems.please someone help me

USB Stops Working After OS Boot

Randomly not working

dell optical usb mouse not working

Keyboard Problems with Online game

Printer connected via ethernet causing network problems

Most browsers don't work

Antivirus Vista 2010 (and my internet won't connect)

A key acting as the enter key?

No Sound Through Internal or External Speakers

Ethernet not working properly.

YouTube issues

Hard drive and cd drive stopped working after file transfer

Unable to receive Live radio streaming

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