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Need Help With Sasser-like Virus

If you are running Windows Me or XP, then disable System Restore. Now, i cannot find anything on the net that can help me rid myself of this pest!! Please help!! MS is finally seeing the light, security is becoming a bigger issue with them. a fantastic read

Throughout, the emphasis is on providing students with a clear sense of the numerous career opportunities available in this rapidly expanding field -- including real-world insight on how to get a I'd be very tempted to go to their support site on the web and see if they have anything on this. By the time I needed to use yahoo messenger so I installed it first and the problem showed up when I was connected, now I have reformatted again and even after Spent every minute until closing trying to get it off of all the affected computers.

You're in the same boat as Chris - you'll need to boot from floppy or CD-ROM to repair your system. I have a pc with xp professional and a search shows that I have lsass.exe in the following two places locations: [1] c:\windows\system32\lsass.exe - (size 12K type: application) [2] c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386\lsass.exe - If you can use messenger applications and were able to download the patch, then you *are* accessing the internet ... here's hoping MS puts their money where their mouth is and really does start to make security an important issue when developing new apps. - by opinionated opinionated… (1:14pm EST Tue

I am sure this is a bad thing. Windows was for games and the web. - by makes sense to me

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More in News 01.16.2017 :: If I go to and download my email, all goes well. Also, a separate question.

Make sure windows is up to date, and if you're running Windows XP, enable the firewall when on the road. I know that's not an option for everyone. If the Sophos web site has information on that specific virus, then I'd certainly suggest downloading and using their virus scanner. read this article I am completely updated but i originally installed nortan 2002.

If that is a shock to a security administrator, then an examination of the firewall, ACL, or host filtering rules is in order. Leo June 20, 2004 9:55 AM You can't delete LSASS.EXE. I meant that for dude in ugly hat! The o/s Windows 2000 had not been updated as up to registering with Bt the machine had not been connected to the Net so no updates via MS or any other

Dismissing virus infections as a side effect of simply having network users also prevents many people from making the most of an outbreak. E-banking services and the bank's automated teller machines worked normally. I cannot run registry ither. Very interesting… What ever MS has integrated into its os, you can hide it from yourself and pretend it isn't there.

If MyDoom had spread across your network, it is likely that the mail relays were not dropping attachments of EXE, COM, BAT, CMD, PIF, SCR, or ZIP files. Run a regular scan of the system with the proper exclusions: >"C:\Documents and Settings\user1\Desktop\FxSasser.exe" /NOFILESCAN /LOG=c:\FxSasser.txt Notes: The greater than symbol (>) is not part of the path. Meanwhile, Delta Air Lines spokeswoman Peggy Estes refused to say Monday whether weekend computer troubles that grounded flights to and from Atlanta for about 6.5 hours were related to Sasser Deja Recommendations here: Misty July 14, 2004 12:53 PM I am attempting to download the patch and use the removal tool, however shutdown -a does not stop the shutdown process on

Kibuv.B uses 7 different mechanisms to spread:1. Like no other event, virus outbreaks, and the subsequent virus hysteria within an organization are capable of granting the security administrator an immediate audience with upper management. Regardless, using SOME kind of anti-virus software is the right thing to do. Leo May 18, 2004 9:38 AM Eoghan: I don't have a good answer for you, I'm afraid.

Please help me: what can i do, because i can't event start the windos completely, i can't acces the menu, i can't start the safe modde either. BUT..... Unpatched systems are likely infected with other worms and do as such not provide a significant new threat.

Microsoft - What You Should Know About the Sasser Worm and Its Variants Microsoft - Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-011 detailing the LSASS and related vulnerabilities.

I have run symantecs "W32.Sasser.Worm Fix Tool" and it has not found them. If you're using software that's widespread and popular, malicious jerks are going to target you sooner or later. I would apprecciate any help. Run the removal tool again to ensure that the system is clean.

Maybe it isn't present in W2K. Restart the computer. Similarly, a determined user or attacker will have little problem evading poorly configured or under engineered solutions. Bonuses I think when I d/l the last 5 it was 2mb if that. - by ChuckyCheese cheese has a point (12:41pm EST Tue May 04 2004)dropping IE as your default browser

Meanwhile, Finnish bancassurer Sampo said it had temporarily closed all its 130 branch offices as a precaution against Sasser. Alex G. You should do all this either not connected to the interner, or *after* having installed a firewall to protect you from vulnerabilities while you are scanning/reinstalling. So download your updates and scan to clean up the virus right away.

If I did a lot of graphic design work, I'd have one too, but I can't justify the cost. I am also having problems sending files with attachments. Thanks Leo June 10, 2004 9:45 PM It certainly sounds like you're infected with one of the related viruses. And don't think I work for Ms or am an Ms zeolot either.

What will i do? Kevin July 20, 2004 5:57 PM I have had this problem for a while now. I've tried everything I can think of. Leslie September 18, 2004 3:42 AM I had troubles with Sasser in June, cleaned my computer and now it's OK.

dan September 27, 2004 3:44 AM look at Ben September 29, 2004 7:25 PM I have a runaway task: lsass.exe and I can't get it to stop. the cpu usage is 100%. A patch for the vulnerability Sasser exploits was first released on 13 April and then updated on 28 April.


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