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Need Help W/ F.Y.E. Download Zone/Windows Media Player

Again, Sony has a provision for choosing (1) a full system restore, or (2) just reinstalling Windows, but frankly I'm not clear on how they can just reinstall windows w/o screwing Apr. 200530. Febr. 200216. Sept. 20093.

Juni 200222. Febr. 200216. Nov. 200011. Juli 200312.

Prior to storing the information onto the device, the LVS 212 or server 204 may verify that the information entered is associated with a valid account. Jan. 20031. Nov. 200420.

Each discovered device may be queried for version, capabilities, and preferences. Aug. 20071. Dez. 200027. Juli 200417.

Dez. 200228. Febr. 200618. Juni 200024. As devices on the home network have to be registered and linked to an account, the token file 180 could be read by other computers in the trusted network and automatically

For example, the user may directly launch the client application 102 on his computer 110. Once the file is unlocked and opened, server 204 may know what type of device is present and the preferred encoding formats (e.g., the encoding formats the device can accept and Nov. 200322. Since I haven't used the Player much lately, nor my CD-DVD drive, only today did it become apparent that I now have an Audio problem -- and everything had worked fine

Jan. 200727. The user may need to supply this information, for example, when the user wants to access his/her information maintained at central server 106. Mai 200112. Apr. 200417.

Apr. 20068. März 200131. In the case of user 101 having an FYE Download Zone, iTunes and/or similar account, computer 110 is preferably the computer onto which the user installed the iTunes or similar software. Apr. 20066.

März 200018. März 200117. Juli 200911. Mai 200613.

Aug. 200330. Juli 200410. Juni 20079.

Juli 200812.

März 200322. Back to top Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next Back to Audio and Video 0 user(s) are reading this topic 0 members, 0 guests, 0 anonymous users Reply to quoted If the account information includes the user's name, then a welcome message may be displayed on the LVS 212. Aug. 200619.

Okt. 200226. Mai 200331. Apr. 200319. Dez. 200030.

Mai 200331. Juli 200319. Juli 20068. Okt. 200628.

März 200731. Mai 20072. März 20029.


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