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Need Help Analyzing KRC HJT Results


And in most cases you need to do that OUTSIDE of the testing tool. Audience: • Many people would prepare their food at home if they were looking to eat healthy instead of going to a fast food restaurant. • One person said that he Respondents said they would be more likely to go to KFC if they knew about the grilled chicken sandwiches. When we asked respondents why this was, many of them said that they liked the ingredients in Chik-Fil-A’s chicken better and that it was healthier for you. this website

Although KFC states on their website that they have no specific target, we have found through MRI research that African Americans are 30% more likely to visit KFC than other fast Were they catchy? Windows XP's search feature is a little different. After conducting these two focus groups we submitted a summary of what the particpants had to say, with regards to how they percieve KFC as compared to the rest of the

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Custom resolution help needed WD external hard Drive interfering... [SOLVED] problem with two inboxes in Outlook [SOLVED] Reliability Monitor Reimage [SOLVED] Make Voter Registration Automatic PC Cycles through Cold Boot (but... Do you understand what the graphics are trying to say to you quickly and accurately? • Everyone agreed that they quickly understood what the food represented and why it was included Steel Union Carbide UNITED STATES STEEL University of Michigan welded Westinghouse wire Worthington write young engineerBibliographic informationTitleThe Michigan Technic, 73. Why and on what sense? - Consistency: Is it consistent (Graphics/background/situation) with KFC? - Target: Does it reflect the target lifestyles?

Summary of Contribution To The Agency Team ………….....(46) 7. He has extensive experience across verticals: in the past he’s run a SaaS company in Europe, an SEO agency in Panama, real estate portal in Dubai and worked for an international Most people when asked in the surveys said they thought McDonald’s had the best value because of options like the dollar menu. You'd need to pull that data into an Excel / Google spreadsheet or something where you auto-calculate that.

Headline 38. 38 Do you think that if you saw these headlines between 1 and 5 times that you would be able to remember what they said and what advertisements they Make sure the needed sample size and significance + power levels are there. Why or why not? • Most participants said that the body copy was good because it fits well with the theme and benefits of the ad, although they did mention that Agency Team members WILL participate in the FGs. • Once the full Discussion Guide is developed, send it to our team leader so that we can review and modify, if necessary.

There's no difference, but you like B better than A We're human beings, and we have personal preferences. I had to read this 10 times to wrap my head around it. From these suggestions and after receiving the work order for our first set of focus groups we were able to conduct two sessions with college students within their target demographic to Lakshmivarahan, Sudarshan DhallCambridge University Press, 3.

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As a result of this, lunch and dinner occasions are becoming shorter and the thing that has the greatest impact on their choice of food and drink purposes is convenience. 8. Kfc Wiki o Do you like the headline? Mcdonalds Your test hypothesis might have been right, but the implementation sucked Let's say your qualitative research says that concern about security is an issue.

Have you ever eaten at KFC? 12. 12 ( ) Yes ( ) No If no, skip to question 21 7. Before teaming up with Dr. If you disabled System Restore, make sure to enable it now. Delicious/ Disgusting: • How do you compare KFC’s food quality to other fast-food restaurants? Google Scholar

Do NOT conduct the FGs without our approval on the Discussion Guide and do NOT conduct the FGs without our presence. Add the code there: And now you need to add a line of event tracking code at the end of each variation (including Original). Research Reporting • We are hoping to gather information from the surveys to better understand why people think KFC is an unhealthy fast food option. great post to read Research III a.

For the Swirl ad everyone agreed the best place for it would be in a magazine. Otherwise your bounce rate for experiment pages would be 0%. How many times do you eat chicken per week? ( ) 1-2 times a week ( ) 3-4 times a week ( ) 4-5 times a week ( ) 6+ times

Our team was then able to provide feedback to the agency team to help them improve the effectiveness of their ads.

On the other hand they did mention that the salad ad would be good for KFC’s other target customers. Does it make sense? We would also like to explore advertising options that may appeal to this demographic. This would help them to widen their customer base. 18. 18 19. 19 Research II: Concept Testing a)Research Work Order b)Research Plan c) Moderator’s Guide d)Concept Test Results 20. 20 Research

What comes to mind when you see these headlines? • The people who understood the history behind the ad with Stalin on it said that it made them feel like he Is it quick and easy to read and understand? köideJohn M. my company Introductory Questions • How often do you eat fast food? • How important is the health aspect of fast food when choosing where to eat?

Generated Mon, 16 Jan 2017 22:02:17 GMT by s_hp107 (squid/3.5.23) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection On what area do you believe KFC should focus its image? ( ) Convenience ( ) Family ( ) Health ( ) Other:_____________________ 17. What type of item do you look for on the menu when you’re eating at a fast food restaurant? ( ) Combo Meal ( ) Value Menu ( ) Other:_______________ 3. Thank you for participating in this focus group with us.

o Do you like this body copy? Please answer as honestly as possible. Some said that the Stalin ad would make a great billboard, although they thought that it may not change their target’s perception of KFC. The people who said yes claimed 43. 43 the only problem with going to KFC after seeing the ads was that their location was too far away.

Potential Problems: (15min) o Do you see any potential problems with this ad? All you need to do is add one line to the test Global Javascript (executed for all variations), plus a line of event tracking code as the last line for each test variation. and Wendy’s. • Chicken Competitors: Popeyes, Chik-fil-A, and Church’s Chicken. • Major Competitors: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Subway, and Burger King. Do you think that because our target is so narrowly defined that these ads may possibly alienate KFC’s mainstream customers and core target customers? • They said the ads did a

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