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Need help deciphering this.

Need help to remove "square symbols" from msconfig

Need help Please. Puter acting wierd

need help right away

Need Help Removing Ntrootkit-j [moved from XP]

Need help getting started

Need help to remove Troj/ZbotMem-B - 'manual cleanup required'

Need Help with Removing ICQ Toolbar addon in Firefox

Need help remove elitebar

need help with log and more

Need help with trojan PLease help

Need help on removing elitebar

Need help on Vundo virus and McAfee

Need help - and privacy protection pop ups

Need help with Media Access infestation

Need help with CiD pop ups!

Need help analyzing ComboFix log

need help don

Need help removing troj_generic.dif

Need help removing Win32.Zafi.B

Need Help With My Log! thanx

need help with "dwdsregt.exe" and "NEWDOT~1.DLL"

need help. log attached

Need Help please . cssrss . Decker attached

Need help with ISMMODULE2.exe

Need help with removing win32/Patched.DX virus (remade with proper logs)

Need Help Again

need help plz!

Need Help! Crack.45155

Need help with NETLOG~1.EXE command

Need help restoring please.

Need help! infosteeler

Need Help reading Hijack Report.

Need Help removing Vundo!.grb Trojan

Need Help on BSOD win7 x64 - ntoskrnl.exe

Need help removing

need help badly please help trojan adclicker

Need help with suspected rootkit

Need help to remove Trojan horse startpage.CQS

Need help with a Virus

Need help with pop-up

Need help with Trojan NTOSKRNL-HOOK

Need help badly (log posted)

need help w/HJT log pls

Need Help! HiJack This Log Attached

Need help with a trojan? please!

need help hijacklog ;(

Need help removing wmsncs

need help in locating C drive on vista

Need Help SurfSidekick

Need Help - ads234help.

Need help analyzing KRC HJT Results

Need Help removing trojan-backdoor-progdav plus more

Need help removing "Warning spyware detected on your computer"

Need help - My friend "computer" is sick.

Need help with crash dumb.

Need help removing AntiVirus Soft and Gamevance

Serious Help!

Need help removing Elitebar & Searchmiracle pop-ups

Need Help On Slow Computer - HJT log included

Need Help With Dell Studio 1737

need help please with virtumonde

need help. Being attacked by Torjan.popper and Elitebar

Need help with streaming video using IE 7.0

need help with hijacker / explorer zones

Need help with multiple issues

Need help on dell computer optiplex gx270 1.8ghz

Need Help browser hijacked and

Need help on lag spikes.

Need help going over my Hijackthis Log

Need Help For Analyze ComboFix Log

Need help to remove SSK.exe

Need help with Sasser-like virus

Need help cleaning up this log. please thanks merry christmas

Need help removing fujack virus.

Need Help With Trojan ! :([RESOLVED]

Need help on this hijackthis.log

Need help with removing surfsidekick

need help asap please!

Need Help geting rid of the ddcyv.exe

Need help on removing Virus.Win64.ZAccess.a (2)

need help with a trojan.desktophijack

Need help to clear Trojan Dialer 7.B

Need help with se.dll

Need help with massive spyware.

Need help here msn virus - Log

Need Help attached the HijackThis Log File PN infected with Virus

Need Help Now!

need help with device

Need help removing Malware

Need help cleaning HJT log

Need help with recurring BSODs

Need help removing "mm27nov[1].exe"

need help with removing a file

Need help reinstalling windows on netbook w/rootkit that won't go

Need Help! Programs Wont Load -computer Wont Run Correct. Hijack Log Attached

Need Help with hijackthis [Moved from IE]

Need Help for Friend's Little Sister

Need help quick! Running XP pro HijackThis log attached

Need help asap with wireless network card

Need Help with Trojan

Need help with CiD popups

need help missing files

need help! could not find "c:\windows\system32\system32.exe

need help with DPFMate

Need help with removing win32/Patched.DX virus

Need help with a nasty virus

Need help with HJT results log

need help possible keylogger?

Need Help With An Error

NEED HELP! BLue Screen DELL Studio 1555

Need help FASTSCAN

Need Help With A HJT Log Please

Need help with a program that requires .net

need help asap pls!

Need help removing disk antivirus proffesional

need help with Windows media center constantly freezing when entering video sect

Need Help with HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GSA-H60L SCSI CdRom Device

Need help with "DirectPlayerCore.exe" Validation Error

Need help ASAP. BSOD

need help please.bluescreen

Need HELP with AntiVirus System Pro problems

Need help with Trojan and ABI Network

Need help with BSOD Vista 32 bit SP2

NEED HELP: wwwcoolsearch on win98

Need help with keyloggers

Need help~~~ pc really dying =(

need help with xlime.offeroptimizer

need help with mltiboot.asp

Need help getting rid of the Vimax Ads

Need help to find my problem .

Need help with ZLOB DNS Changer

Need Help To Remove Backdoor.Bot Malware! Please Help!

Need Help in removing Searchmiracle.Elitebar

Need Help here pls

Need help my computer is hostage to adware. HijackThis log included

Need Help Removing whataboutadog

Need Help Quick

Need help with Downloader-ZQ and New Malware.j trojan

Need help With HJ Log

Need help with spysheriff.thx

need help for a price

Need help with this.

Plz i really need help

need help incldg hijackthis & startup list results

Need help with hijck log file.

Need help getting rid of TROJAN.VUNDO

need help with vundo.jd

Need help with spyware - hijack log attached

Need Help Removing myway.mywebsearch

Need Help With My Computer.HiJackThis Log

Need help fast plz

need help with the logs!

need help with hjt log file please

need help analyze my hjt

Need Help Removing Mirar from XP

need help installing latest build

Need help quickly.

need help been hijacked system32/appcert

Need help with IE malware

Need help with virus: unu.exe

Need Help With Malwarecrush Plz!

Need help removing

need help eliminating xadso/xlime

Need help - Adware hotbar & viruses

NEED HELP !Virus: Virtumonde/XP Antivirus 2008

Need help removing Generic RootKit

Need help getting rid of possible trojans (prun.exe

Need Help With Error Message

Need Help removing Vundo virus

Need help. Serious. =[

Need help with Ebay ATM confirmation popup box

Need help with MSACMX.dll and other junk. plz

Need help removing Vundo

need help for ethernet driver and install on dell 4550

Need help with trojan.gen

Need help with trojan.desktophijack.C & W32desktophijack

Need Help with Processes?

need help dual booting.

Need Help with ZapChast.reg trojan

Need Help with Trojan horse.Delf.HNS.please

Need Help With Wierd Virus!

Need Help to remove Adware.Zangosearch

Need Help Removing rundlg32.dll

Need help fast

Need help with multiple BSOD Xp SP3

Need Help with Hijack This.and reading it.

Need help with System Doctor popups

Need help restoring XP MCE - restart loop

Need help in removing trojan-relayer-himpax

Need help with virus and spyware removal [moved from Security]

NEED HELP! I can only access gmail in SAFE MODE?

Need help badly. Have a look at my HJT log please

Need Help Viewing Movie Clip & Burning DVD

Need Help With Downloader Trojan (seven.exe)

need help with 2nd time BSOD

Need help on Hijack file.

Need help with something i don't know whats called. :P

Need help with Trojan Windows\System32\gaopdxeppuxmhb.dll

Need help with popups : TK58.exe

Need help removing Ejibr.exe

Need Help With My Hjt Log. Please!

Need help with Hijacklog

Need Help! - Thinkpad T42 - XP 2002 SP 2

Need help removing Downloader.Agent.2.V

Need Help Plz Read!(hijackthis/smitfraud Fix Log)

Need help with my HJT Log (Hit a dead end)

Need help with the |Trojan.Agent| and |Worm.Palevo|

Need help! Backup woes.

Need Help Soon!

Need help with booting

Need help to remove ad/yieldmanager popus.

Need help getting in-laws cpu connected to internet

Need help removing malware (DDS/GMER won't work)

Need Help With Capture Cards/ Video Capture for Vista Home Premium.

Need Help computer has major problems Please Advise

Need Help With Login

Need help with virus

Need help to cure popup for "SystemErrorFixer" ad Virus

Need Help please. Can't get rid of twaintec.dll

need help with NETLOG~1.EXE (logs)

Need help removing Adware.Websearch

Need Help Clearing Security Toolbar 7.1

Need help getting internet?

Need help with PHP nuke . Alot of errors .

NEED HELP - Bad Image Error/Outlook & Common Files.dll

Need help for BSOD-BCCode a

Need help removing TOTAL XP SECURITY ALERT

Need help removing trojan. Logs Attached.

Need help removing Trojan:DOS/Alureon.A

Need Help Removing Smitfraud

Need Help removing Elite Toolbar

Need help with hijacker - posted Deckard's System Scanner & HijackThis Logs

Need Help ASAP! DLL Verify

Need help with MSblast.exe

Need help removing theguardsevices and all its friends

Need help with some accounts

Need help with Dialer-269 and related files

need help to resolve hijackthis log file

Need Help Please.Thank You

Need help removing gebca.dll and ddcdbba.dll

Need Help With Trojan Horse Delf.CLR

Need help with removing a virus including TROJ DOWNLOADER.J

Need help with random BSODs.

need help with dreaded virtumonde

Need help with I.E. 7

Need help on this annoying problem.

Need help with trojan (HJT log included)

Need Help With Comp Acting Wierd

Need Help ASAP! Thx

Need help urgentLy work pc infected

Need help for handmedown PC

Need help removing WIN7/64 keylogger/virus that hacked into my WoW account

Need help with a connection PLEASE

Need help with undetectable IE malware

need help ASAP please keyboard and mouse

Need help with possible Virus

Need help diagnosing urgent boot problem :(

Need help removing Alcra virus

need help RootKit.TnCore/Trace

Need help to remove offeroptimzer

Need help with a reinstall!

Need help with log file. Cant find/remove Bloodhound.MBR

Need help with weird problem.phpbb

need HELP please (sure right forum)

Need Help in Removing the js/ Malware

Need help with issues converting PDF to Word (.docx

Need Help w/ Vundo Removal. See my HiJackThis Log

need help with nullsoft

need help finding a driver

Need help on this log on my cousin's PC.

Need Help Deleting Surf Side Kick 2

Need Help with IE redirection- Below is output from Deckards Scan

Need Help No Desktop

Need help getting rid of ddrawe.dll

Need Help Urgently Internet not working Normal mode

Need help finding a manual. NET

Need help ! System hangs once internet wire is connected

Need help adding game to registry.

Need help getting rid of VX2 Malware

need help for a freind cpu

Need help. Machine slow (Repost)


Need help with startup - w/hijack this log

need help for epic fail

Need help with logfile

need help with somthing

Need Help Navigating

Need help with Prob.

need help getting rid of tr/vundo.gen

Need Help removing smitfraud c generic

Need help removing kjkjkj.dll

Need help to get started with malware removal-DDS.scr not working

Need help with bsod in vista 64

Need help with SYSTEM.DRV

Need help with CnsMin removal!

Need help with gomyhit & avsystemcare spyware

Need help with viruses please - logs attached

Need Help With My Toshiba Portege R205!

need help agobot

Need Help Re-routing To Knight17

need help removing

need help with Relhip.A and Pushbot.gen!C worms

Need help with hosts/ieautosearch (logs inside)

Need help with trojan horse PSW Generic9 ASRC

Need help with Nowfind hijacker and websiteviewer - HJT log included

Need help removing ZapChast.reg trojan

need help- func.exe

Need Help Removing awvtu.dll from Computer

Need HelP with Gold Antivirus! HijackThis log provided

Need help getting rid of RIghtonAdz!

need help bad ntoskrnl.exe!

New & need help

need help please im a noob

Need Help With The Seach Redirect Virus; Can't Run Gmer or DDS!

Need help removing Sinowal.Trojan

Need help pppllllss.anyone

need help monitor

Need help removing cwet16.dll

Need help on getting rid of offeroptimizer

need help with my hijack this log please


Need help with Log begin2search ?

need help with AIM

Need Help w/ F.Y.E. Download Zone/Windows Media Player

Need help with USB Controller drivers on recently formatted Dell Dimension 4550

Need help Urgently kthx

need help with

need help with Ghosting image and hardware

Need help removing pvnsmfor toolbar

need help spyware on college comp

NEED HELP removing "Dealio" registry keys!

need help please spyware

Need Help Deciphering a Log.

Need help with PestTrap / Spy Sheriff infection

Need help removing muzupera.dll and possibly others

need help with ad-aware

Need Help ASAP New Job Depends on it! BSOF

Need help with glitching/skipping issue

Need HELP with a dialer (I think)

Need help to review log (Yieldmanager popup)

Need help - Vundo.gen malware - logs posted

need help reading ComboFix log

Need Help with SmartSecurity

Need Help Nitol-C Virus

need help. Windows 7 blue screen 20 times a day!

Need help with OfferOptimizer/zserv.dll removal!

Need help with TROJ_JUAN.AL and TROJ_RISK.CH

Need help with DDS log and attach and ark

Need Help - Bing.Zugo Spyware/Virus?

need help removing smitfraud + confused

Need help with hijackthis log among other things

Need Help With Ad Blocking Problem:

Need help with Vundo!

Need help removing Surfsidekick 3

Need Help Fast-Please help!

need help with this one

Need Help Smitfraud?

need help multiple problems.

Need HELP! Annoying problem.

Need help w/ Win/32Clspring 389120 trojan

Need Help Bad. My System is Jacked.

Need Help getting rid of Internet Security 2010 Trojans

Need help desperately with Dr Watson Debugger Please!

Need Help - Computer Being A Bugger.

Need help with some nasty viruses!

Need help w/ HJT Log - very slow internet connection

Need Help with log please

Need help on hijack log

Need Help. Trojan Vundo and Memcheck.exe error

Need Help Removing "Total Security" Malware. DDS

Need help with elitebar

need some help if possible

Need Help with new TROJ_ADCLICKER.P Trojan

Need help with a scan log

Need help with Rustock.!gen (or something like that) virus

Need Help against Personal Guard 2009

Need Help Could Not run hjt analyzer

Need help with driver installation for canoscan fb320p

need help removing trojan Zaccess.EE

need help BAAD!

Need Help Removing "Personal Antivirus" (Rogue)

Need help with removing content.Yieldmanger.

Need Help With A Transponder

need help xp home

NEED HELP! Can't get rid of this!

need help with bankerfoxa removal

Need help ASAP with windows installer and other things

need help in Puppyboyz. tnx

Need help with Trojan:Win32/AgentBypass.gen!K infection

Need help removing zapchest.reg

Need help with my HJT Log.

Need help - Windows 7 - McAfee problem & Jscript problem

Need Help Removing rk.exe from my files

Need help please - sinking fast!

Need help fast! *HJT log posted*

need help with new comp

Need help with w32/blaster.worm

Need Help With Keylogger

Need help is this hjt log clean ?

Need help removing

Need help - Infected with viruses and trojans (e.g. ntos.exe)

Need Help Please: Cannot Access Pictures Folder + More

Need help newbie here

Need help on Trojan.Packed.NSAnti

Need help with audio Settings

Need Help to Reinstall system32\hal.dll on Dead PC

Need Help my computer is infected with Backdoor Trojan Here is Log

need help with popuppers

Need Help! No idea what's wrong

Need help with strange boot problem

Need help in removing 11

need help with hijackthis unknow files

Need help please not too computer smart

Need help to remove MAL_OTORUN 1 virus

Need help getting service pack 3 on an AMD

Need Help W32/nuwar.n!sys Pleaseee

need help to remove .dll

Need Help Removing SearchWeb2

Need help with this error message

Need help with the 5 step process! Please help!

Need help xfrering files.

Need help removing at least one Trojan

Need help with possible rootkit.agent?

Need help to remove from my PC

need help winxp/compaq900series sound

Need help on identifying these

Need help badly with .txt converting to .log files.

Need Help With Pop-Ups

In Needed of Help

need help what to upgrade!

Need help with multiplying trojans and spyware

Need help getting rid of SpySheriff

Need help - Error Msg "Bad Image".perfc000.dat [Transferred from XP by chauffeur2]

Need help with trojan horse 18.BEVH

Need help with HJT

need help with strange boot issue

Need help on 0x000000f4

Need help please with foto virus ~

Need Help Eradicating Trojans Vundo & FakeAlert

Need help deleting SearchMiracle PLEASE!

Need Help - Keylogger!?

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