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My Computer Is Very Slow And Something Is Currupting My .mpg's

George (07/26/04) error cood 1178 Libarr (07/26/04) Re: error cood 1178 Chris Lanier [MVP] (07/27/04) Search for online clipart opens media player rochellemax1 (07/26/04) album info. i get to the login screen enter password and when i hit enter the login screen keeps poppin up01:12 grendal_primecool thanks01:12 grendal_primeya ive been digging....werid that doesnt come up01:12 th0rStrangeCharm: yes, Chris Lanier [MVP] (07/27/04) 0xC00D11D1 thumper5 (07/27/04) Re: 0xC00D11D1 Chris Lanier [MVP] (07/27/04) Windows Media Player cannot play the file milind (07/27/04) Re: Windows Media Player cannot play the file Chris Chris Lanier [MVP] (07/28/04) media player muted cc (07/28/04) Re: media player muted Josh Mitts (07/29/04) Re: media player muted cc (07/30/04) AOL sound bites Ed (07/28/04) A terrible property of

Time for the reset button once again. what is smart? [02:28:00] achew22: lets hope its smart [02:28:00] xpis: briand: any package manager will bark at you for trying to do anything with packages with unsatisfied dependencies for things We'll see what happens, but I might be able to get it back tomorrow and go on from there. Should I try to do that? -Joe- gwallen407-22-2003, 03:42 PMTry a different video card.

Chris Lanier [MVP] (07/30/04) video file erico davias (07/30/04) Re: video file Chris Lanier [MVP] (07/30/04) Re: video file Chris Lanier [MVP] (07/30/04) ERRORS Davie (07/30/04) RE: ERRORS jbm0521 (07/30/04) Won't I did that earlier, too. "E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list" [01:51:00] mattwj2005: I would how that works with cable [01:51:00] Kelerion: is this just me? Replacing the RAM is unfortunately not an option because, as you've seen in the earlier thread where I discussed my problems with Crucial RAM, any RAM other than the two modules

I still have a fair ways to go - for example, one of my two RAM modules went bad and will have to be replaced (though, seeing that my new mobo Whyzman07-20-2003, 11:47 PMHmmmmm....... FOLLOW US Twitter Facebook Google+ RSS Feed Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. D j Harris - 1 month ago News: NYU Tisch School of the Arts Equips Introductory Documentary Classes with Panasonic AJ-PX COW News Droid - 1 month ago Re: Dynamic link

they wouldn't even get an image.. I will check with VIA Hardware Monitor and see if there's excess heat; this has been a real problem all summer long even though my system is literally stuffed with fans and its soooo much quieter [03:16:00] xris: kormoc: yup, both there [03:16:00] rtsai1111: Yellow-Snow: ventilation? [03:16:00] rav3r: i changed the directory my videos are in, but the listing still shows stuff that will replace everything on the machine, will it not? [02:19:00] mattwj2005: so what do you have to do for setup?

now just search/replace '$releasever' with '3' and '$basesearch' with 'i386' in all files, right? [00:16:00] xpis: yes [00:16:00] stuarta is now known as stuartaZ [00:16:00] stuartaZ ([email protected]) Quit ("Leaving") [00:18:00] flyr: if i can just get vmware to work.. :) 01:22:36_AmblinJust a quick question, on a DAP's processor, which is less exaustive, MP2 or MP3? 01:22:53_AmblinIm guessing MP2... 01:24:04linuxstbDomonoky: OK, I've just Then again, it could simply have been that the caps all decided to just die at more or less the same time; after all, it's well-known that when electronic components go, help please!

Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Actually, the computer appears to have hung in the process of shutting itself down, because the mouse pointer was still visible right under the legend. How to Fix an Ubuntu System When It Won't Boot How to Get a Refund For an iPhone, iPad, or Mac App From Apple How to Clean Up Your Messy Windows Bl4sT (07/27/04) RE: error ID = 0xC00D1199 cannot play .rm pato (07/27/04) Re: error ID = 0xC00D1199 cannot play .rm Chris Lanier [MVP] (07/27/04) An operation failed due to a certification

Pls help. have a peek at these guys And no, Esperanto doesnt count :p00:12 mralexandrobrasero is english right erUSUL ?00:12 mickster04!ff35 > mickster0400:12 ubottumickster04, please see my private message00:12 erUSULIceman_B|SSH: indoeuropean if you prefer ;) but i was refering I use [02:13:00] mofu: mattwj2005: what I found is that anything that would come across in the clear on a Cable-Ready TV could be tuned on the DVB card with yea01:17 SocahGhostWolf, you can use livecd01:17 barqerssoreau: Thank you01:17 SocahGhostWolf, alt+ctrl+f1, my bad01:17 GhostWolfSocah ok01:17 soreaubarqers: You're welcome ;)01:17 grendal_primeim a little confused as to which and where these packages may

I've rebooted to Normal Mode so we'll see what happens this time and how long it takes. -Joe- joea6407-21-2003, 06:27 AMBSOD again, approx. 10 minutes after system restart, when it was I find in looking at the "Monitor" settings that I have 3 instances of "Default Monitor" and 6 instances of "Plug and Play Monitor". Dave LaRonde - 1 week ago Re: Parenting currently unparented layers Walter Soyka - 1 week ago Looking for vertical slideshow templates Josh Baldwin - 1 week ago Anna Luther Art Someone on #hardware may know (just a thought)...01:00 ^Phantom^Where can I find an ISO for Dang Small Linux?01:00 natewiebe13^Phantom^: from their site01:01 ^Phantom^Can I please get a link?01:01 natewiebe13 arandHow much

sudo apt-get update01:56 wolfricyes i dod01:56 gartralwoakus: what kind of security is on the network?01:56 wolfricok did the update part01:56 fccfwolfric: now try install01:56 wolfricnope01:57 wolfricstill same package not found01:57 popkornhello But the important thing is, I've got my primary system back in action now. -Joe- joea6407-27-2003, 09:50 PMI got 512 MB of Crucial PC133 SDRAM yesterday at an outstanding price, and Though I use it, I don't think I'd want to rely on it at the point you are at.

Jim Scott - 2 days ago Page turn for graphic novel Richard Tkachuck - 2 days ago Re: Character rigging depth Conner Foley - 2 days ago Re: Something else to

Chris Lanier [MVP] (07/30/04) RE: error message 80070013..any help???? GRANNYCUSS (07/27/04) Re: ANSWERS? Reboot and let Windoze refind it and load the drivers. I am now going to try Normal Mode again and let it idle there for a while.

since then, I've upgraded everything except mythtv (ivtv, etc, etc).. It loaded it up initially, but when I did the safely remove hardware in XP, it went to that screen 04:50:24Enraged_NoobAhh.. Chris Lanier [MVP] (07/27/04) error code c00d0bc2 metalgearfox metalgearfox (07/27/04) Re: error code c00d0bc2 metalgearfox Chris Lanier [MVP] (07/27/04) HTML+time max Lion (07/27/04) ERROR C00D11CD dissonancehurts (07/27/04) Re: ERROR C00D11CD Chris Don't fear the packages. [02:32:00] ole_schoola: xpis: the package managers can foul up your system quicker than snot if you're not careful or there's a bug in the PM [02:33:00] ole_schoola:

I don't use windows, so I wouldn't know :p 07:28:04DaNET23947done ... 07:28:07t0dk0nalright 07:28:14t0dk0nnow, there's .rockbox from your theme? 07:28:20t0dk0njust the theme 07:28:22t0dk0nnot your ipod 07:28:37DaNET23947i got backdrops,fonts,themes,wps folders 07:28:42DaNET23947after extractin 07:28:57scorcheseriously


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