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My Computer Is Getting Progressively Worse

At my FT job where I sit for 7 hours a day I get to stare at a 24" LCD monitor and have not had any dizziness. PC performance getting worse after a few seconds of gaming solved Nvidia DSR: Framerate progressively getting worse? I find the default white colour of Windows and Internet Explorer etc much too bright but by changing them to use a grey background, it's much easier on the eyes. [See Science I'm an IT specialist it was quite scary.

However, these do not remove the primary cause of the symptoms which is presumably the flickering of the back light on the monitor. A number of severe well being issues may well occur if the strep throat infection is disregarded along with the child doesn't take any therapy. Just did it. I'm 26, and this started when I was 23.

IntelligibleTech, Nov 12, 2010 #1 Sponsor AngelOfPassion Joined: Feb 19, 2010 Messages: 79 Have you tried updating your graphics drivers? What is the solution? When I open a folder with many icons, like My Documents, for example, and scroll it down the computer freezes for a second or so, then it takes a while for I have told my primary care doctor several times about my issues.

But nothing has worked & it is getting worse. The total size of all the files and folders in My Documents could be over 100 GB. My glasses of choice now are night vision driving glasses (yellow tint). These helped to reduce the headaches I got from bright lights (they did not cure the nausea and dizziness though.

Make sure you get some compressed air and spray out the dust. It's the LIGHTING they use. SUPERAntiSpyware is good as well, .I guess you cleaned that dust away, but if not, or if you need other cleaning tips, CNET has a nice video here; hope all I'm also doing the "No salt Diet" since last week, I'm also taking in Ginko Biloba supplements and B vitamins.

I'm so very glad to have found this forum. I have programmed for countless hours over the years. I fall often. PSN: Chowder183.

It was Sunday morning and when the thought of working that sick entered my mind or I spoke it, alarms went off. Then the whole system freezes up for a couple of seconds and then slows down significantly.3. What we say to ourselves is, "how important are our files, and can we afford to lose them?" Afford as in emotionally as well as cost. i stopped using computer for two months then i feel better.

read_more ... Stay positive. The incandescent bulb is similar to the sun, but they have banned it around the globe because it is not as efficient. Don't worry, it isn't a virus.

Eg For the ‘Window’ item, I set this to be grey How to change Internet browser colours: 2. It is set up in the Icons view so no big thumbnails there. Video Card: Upgraded to Nvidia GeForce GT 240 6 months ago. And I hope it helps me as well I will see in about a few months or when symptoms are completely gone and give the report.

All submitted content is subject to our Terms of Use. I was trying to check how many files were in My Documents folder, I clicked Edit -> Select All and then right-clicked selected items. This collection is full of stories by grandmothers about being a grandmother, and grandchildren about their grandmothers.

A skilled assassin that will kill a single father while he's buying groceries for his young son.Proud member of PAHAAA: People for the Admitting of how Awesome Argonians Are.Steam: Chowder138.

The symptoms have included a dehabilitating pain around the top corner of my left eye to temple, a blurry spot just left of center in my left eye (such that if Thief/Archer. I lost my vision, didn't know what month it was. tambonia1972 here agian to check in.

Maybe a combination of those? In essence, I was cured. The only differences are that I may not have BIOS currently set up (which I do not know how to install) and my computer has frozen twice. EDIT: RAM speed is doubled.

It, for me, was a real... I have blurred and double vision. I play all games in hi def with surround sound. I used to be able to play Skyrim on high with several dozen mods installed, but of course with some of the unnecessary draw distances turned back.

It has anti-spyware options which I cannot find how to disable.


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