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My Computer Troubleshooting

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My computer has vundo-please help

Getting Strange random audio

My computer has gone slow

my computer is extremely slow

My computer doesn't let me log in.*Sob*

can't open C: through "my computer"

Viruses taking control over Computer.

my computer is in a time warp!

help! my computer keeps shutting down!

Something Bad on My Computer .

My Computer and WMP both crash when accessing MPEG files

What is wrong with Computer

My computer seems to be hijacked

my computer has been taken!

Someone got control of my computer

My computer is very slow and something is currupting my .mpg's

Computer always freezes

My computer shuts itself off whenever I play a game.

Music/sounds coming from my laptop 4 no reason.

Something has taken over my desktop

Help with a hijacked laptop?

PLEASE HELP ME! My computer became possessed.

Help Computer Being Hijacked !

Computer playing random sound and system acting crazy

My Computer is sick

My computer is way slower now.

My computer is my job guys please help

Drive C won't open

PLEASE HELP! My computer has been hijacked

My Computer is running slow.

hacked computer

Friends HJT (dont trust myself enough not to screw up his PC)

my computer is completely mess up

Help loading my computer

Slower Computer: Spyware and Hackers

My computer running slow

laptop talking?

My computer has viruses and won't budge.

My computer suddenly plays random sounds

someone hijacked my computer

Hard Drive stays on - something has hijacked it?

Can't open my drive (C:) in My Computer

my computers running slow and i cant find any bugs this is my hijack somebody help

My Computer Is Ridiculousy Slow. Help!

Dell computer randomly plays music

My computer maybe compromised.

antivirus action hijacked my computer

System Security has taken over my system

Slow computer turned itself off

my computer wont download any exe. folders

My Computer Shortcut calls Windows Installer

I have 4 Icon in my Computer?

PC has been comprimised

My computer has been Hijacked

Cannot access My Computer

My computer all the sudden starts playing the audio of a tv show randomly

my computer makes it to the login page after that takes me back to login page

My Laptop is being hacked.

My computer Is alittle slow.

Need help re-gaining control of my laptop.

Computer totally taken over

My computer is running unbelievably slow

Computer freezes. I have a "workaround

My computer.

Problem using playing online songs on XP

can somebody please help me figure out what is wrong with my computer?

My computer seems to spread death to whatever it touches. I'm afraid I'm next!

What is wrong with my computer?

Possible Trojan or Hacker? Please Help!

Computer is slow.hangs for a long time when opening my computer icon

my computer keep shuting down

My computer is very sluggish does not respond well.

Slow opening of folders in WIN XP2

I would appreciate some help I recently found 72 Trojans on my computer

HELP! - My Computer Has Been Takenover!

Heres My Hijack Log.get back to me when you can

Can you please check my computer's logs?

My computer is getting out of control.

my computer keep asking for solutioncenter to intall.

My computer constantly needs updating

My computer is a mess. Need Help

Computer is under Attack - Need Help FAST

My computer has gotten slow. Please check my hijack this

My computer is Hijacked

Laptop Hacked by Virus - Please help !

something makes my computer run slower

Need help my computer seems like its a mess

my computer is very laggy

Suspect computer is compromised!

Thought I got rid of AV System Pro.

help! my computer is being held hostage by spyware strike!

Need Help My Computer is stuck

My computer has been hijacked by Belasearch whatever that is!

My Computer Icon takes 2-3 mins to open

Is there anything wrong with my computer?

Why has my computer slowed down?

Someone has hacked into my PC and need to know what to do next

Something Is Severely Wrong WIth My Computer

Not sure if my computer is at risk or not.

Uploading alot by itself >:(

Help! My Windows 7 is compromised by malware

Malware calling itself XP PERSONAL DELUXE

My computer Icon

Computers taken over

What's wrong with my computer

My computer has an identity crisis

I've been Hijacked - Am I Clean now?

Possible driver issues causing system to hang

[Any Help Greatly Appreciated]Computer Acting Very Stange

hmmmm My Computer is acting very strange as of lately.

My computer and I need your help.

PC hijacked by various things

Computer problem .Please help me!

Hijacked computer please help

Computer compromised. Many problems. Log attached.

My son's computer has been hijacked. Please help.

My Computer is Possesd?

Not sure what is wrong with computer

My computer's just getting slower and slower :(

Can't Get This Hacker or w/e Out of My PC

help needed with hacked computer

hello anybody can help me in my computer error?

My PC is "Skipping"

Help my coworker's computer is hijacked!

ok my computer is mess up really bad on the internet

My computer has recently gone incredibely slow

My Computer looks.

Nothing is saving on the laptop

I don't have control of my computer

My Computer is Possessed [copy from HJT thread]

I've Been HiJacked! Can't open files

My computer restarts when im playing a 2D game

Can you retrieve attempted hacking alerts?

laptop hijack?

?My Computer? icon on my desktop screen does not open

My computer has a mind of its' own

HELP- My kids computer was attacked. yikes

wat is on my computer?

My computer is crazy slow

My computer has trojans randomly for no reason

New Computer Hijacked already

Computer Hijacked and running very slow

HELP! my computer has alot of problems!Please Help!

My computer been wierd lately

i cant reformat my computer it wont let me?SOMEONE PLEASE HELPPPPPPP?

Sneaky processes bogging down pc

Slow computer; browser hijack attempts; Tracking cookie; possible trojan. Log here.

Irregularities persisting after cleaning hijacked computer.

My computer is running very slow could you have a look at my hijack log. thanks.

Please Help Virus I think

Something is crippling my system

My computer will download the file but it wont allow it to install.

my computer has slowed down a lot~

My Computer is Running EXTREMELY SLOW! Hijacked Log

Ive been Hijacked and really need help.

My computer keeps downloading nonstop

Is my PC secure

How do i chang the shortcuts on my computer?

something wrong with my pc

Completely hijacked

Symantec online virus scan says that I'm infected.

My Computer is slow and I've been attacked before.

Whats wrong with my computer

PC crashes; Have to manually power off

Something is almost like controlling my computer

My computer shuts down instantaneously

My computer has been taken over please HELP

Help PC keeps freezing.

my pictures opening slowly xp

Computer Plays Random Music And Random people talking

Please Help! I think My computer has been hacked

plz help laptop has been completely hijacked

Vista Admin Hijacked By Unknown Hacker

What's going on with my computer.?

Computer Freezing a lot

please help me with my computer problem

My Computer is running very slow please check my logs

My computer is very messed up.

Something is trying to invade my pc

Problems logging into my computer without being logged out.

My computer is possessed!

Laptop Hijacked --- need help

My computer is messed up.hjt log inside

Something is wrong with the computer

Malware trying to install programs

Please Assist with this HiJack Log-Computer so slow lately

Spontaneous sound plays when computer not in use

my computer got alert wallaper [moved from xp]

Need help with a series of issues with my computer!

PC Hacked :(

My computer reboots when I download?

my computer is out of control?

Computer compromised

My computer is way slow

hijacked my pc

My Computer is painfully slow

Comp Freezing a lot

CPU running very loud

Help! Computer has been effectively taken over.

my computer has been hijacked completely!

I have been hijacked and need help

Help me something's wrong with my computer

My computer is going crazy. Please help

My Computer is all messed up here is the Hijackthis Log Please help!

My Computer Is On It's Death Bed.

computer is being hacked remotely

My Computer Keeps Shutting Down

Computer taken over by Hijackers

My Computer Running Slow Please Help

pc hijacked please help

My computer is leaking. then crashes?

My Computer Icon sends me to Search Results page

Is my computer hijacked?

My computer runs slowly

My Computer freezes up

Please help me. My computer is messed up with virus that igves errors!

Computer playing random music

Two computer icons/folders on my desktop

Is my computer good? am I protected?

Can't Keep an Internet Connection

My computer got hacked now my windows xp is gone. Any advice?

Computer hijacked- please help

*Windows XP My computer icon*

My computer has split its personality.

My computer is infected with SpySheriff (and maybe more?)

My computer acting weird and i'm not able anymore to have a conexant to capture Vhs

Computer acting up frequently

My computer is running slow HELP ME

pc unable to log in bcoz of virus

Pc Was Playing audio with nothing open.

My computer is constantly downloading something.

internet connection is fine

My Computer Isn't Functioning Well!

Installed Win 7 - Case become loud

I am being Hijacked. HELP!

Vista Updates Crash Computer

Have I been hijacked?

What's wrong with my computer? Please help!

My computer has been crashing for quite awhile.

help my computer keeps turning itsself off.

My computer has slowed down

Computer being held hostage

my computer always freezes.

My computer is locked !

Command Line to Explore My Compyter

My computer got hacked

My computer is getting progressively worse

My computer has been running slowly lately

My Computer has been hooked by a klif.sys module in Kaspersky Anti-virus-need help!

Home computer won't allow me to login!

Is there anything wrong with my PC ?

my computer has some viruses that keep comeing back plz help me out if theres a prob.

My computer seems like it's almost done.

Major Help Needed - Infected PC at risk! Hijack Log included

Need help! Virus or hacker.

Please help with my virus

My Computer Is Extremely Slow Please Help Me!

my computer is running slow.startup very slow too.

LAN takes a long time to load in windows xp sp2

Help! PC Admin Hijacked!

Why has my computer gone so SLOW?

My Computer is mad! This is my HiJack Log.

PC Seemingly Hijacked

Help me get my computer back!

Music plays randomly-viruscan log

Am i hijacked?! Help!

Only One computer Having Network Trouble

Please Help Me Get Rid OF This Crap On My Computer!

My computer has gone crazy. can anyone help?

My computer spikes when im doing something.

my computer opens.nothing

I got hacked yesterday and might have a keylogger on here.

About mycomputer wimdow

Anything wrong with my computer?

PC wont log on to windows

Windows XP Click on My Computer Very Slow

My Computer Is Going Haywire Xp Help Plz

My computer is very sick.

help me throw this computer out the window / did WOW mess up my computer?

My computer is super slow

our other comp. got hijacked

Hijack this log help--there is sth wrong with my computer.

My computer has gone to crap.

ahtn has taken control of my laptop

Annoying message played everytime I start my computer

im preety sure ive been hacked earlier today

My computer is slowed down

New here. Done with First steps. Multiple Trojans need some URGENT HELP!

laptop HACKED need help locked out

Random sounds through computer

Unable to login in to FB from my Laptop OS win7

I've been highjacked!

Helping Cleaning Up a Friend's Computer

Too many programs on my computer. What can I do?

My computer is infected with Vundo

Computer seems a little slow.

Virus? Speakers sreaming audio from internet

My computer is extra slow at loading up

cant open C: & E: drive

my computer was controlled.

My computer won't stop freezing

Why is my computer shutting down?

Computer compromised with keylogger.Please help!

My computer is stuck with a wallpaper

my computer turns itself off

Computer hijacked by app

I know I'm hijacked. Your kind help needed.

System Being Hijacked

My Computer Is SLOW!

My computer is dying. T_T

My Computer is an Insomniac

Virus in my Computer- Caused email hacking

I really need some help.kaspersky AV ruined my system!

Ransomware has taken over my pc?

Helping to clean a friends computer.

HELP! i dont know whats wrong with my computer

My Computer is very sluggish and keeps

Computer hijacked need help

Believe my computer hacked.

My computer is crashing

my computer keeps turning off

My Computer is Being Held Hostage (I think)

Whats a good list of programs/apps to make my computer faster/organized/less errored

Printer causing My Computer a long time to show contents

My computer keeps freezing. what can i do?

My computer is coughing and gaggin any help would be appreciated

My computer is on the fritz!

Hijacked PC Recovery

Work computer was taken over by Spyware!

Help Something's Wrong With My Computer

Been Hijacked.Need Help

My computer is under constant attack

HELP- I think something has taken over my computer!

My computer is overlapping lots of things

Need help. wierd things with my computer =[

Someone has hacked my computer

Is Smart HDD stopping my desktop from seeing the net

Help with computer Login. Hoping this is the right place to post.

slow response from 'My Computer'

Computer is held hostage

something's wrong with my computer

Computer suddenly started lagging!

My Network Connections box always comes up after booting my home XP PC

mom called: "if try to download anything has hijacked the desktop

Help me and my computer please!

My Computer is Completely Inoperable

Does my computer need anything fixed?

How Do I Know Whats Wrong With My Computer?

help my computer is.


My computer no longer works at all in the slightest

My Computer is running slow while online

something is rong whith my computer

Computer keeps downloading something

I tried downloading something and now all my programs do the same thing!

My computer is lagging randomly and running slow!

I was Informed to post my computer problems here

My computer is rebelling

My computer used to run games just fine.

Random crashing and computer not shutting down

Computer can't POST on a daily basis.

Computer being reset mysteriously

Computer erratic

I need help! My computer seems to be running slow?

Please help I think someone hacked my computer

Dell PC randomly plays music

something has a hold of my PC!?

My computer isn't well

april 26th virus Hit my computer help

My Computer is Haunted

I've Screwed Over My Computer/Internet and mainly the Services

Someone has taken over my computer

Can someone Hijack this for me?

My computer freezes alot

my computer has a virus thats slowing my laptop way down

Ex had access to my computer

My computer is a SPAM BOT

My Computer is laggish and slower than usual.

Spyware slowing my computer help!

Please help me to repair my computer !

my computer is going slow

Virus \ Hacker in my computer? please help!

The Letter "Q" Is Killing My Computer

my computer slows down (help)

my computer says im missing files and wont load

My system is totally hijacked

my computer too is operating slow. please read log

my computer shutting down i

having a problem dirgmentin my computer. please help me

Creating MY computer icon

My Computer's running slow

My laptop is slow and acting weird!

My computer is always freezing

My computer can't boot after i used Norton Partition Magic

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