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Media Player 11 Missing "Find Media That Others Are Sharing" Option

As mentioned, I couldn't get Whitebear to appear anywhere so I changed its UPnP port to 2869 from 31416. Open the database file in Microsoft Access and check that the value in the DatabaseVersion field is #.## (whatever the new versions' number is. Make sure you've followed every step of the instructions in the Player Manual: Digital Recall Player Settings/ Setup your Players FTP or LAN settings. Summary: from anything, to anything...

There is an additional Step required when you first install. AndrewFG2010-07-26, 04:22Any chance of seeing this on a non windows platform like linux or macosx? YES - From Release version and higher you can use Portrait Orientation as well as Landscape when you purchase the Zones/ Split Screen feature. Correct. (Is that a problem?) 2.

I haven't got it completely working yet but it shows great promise. Follow the instructions in the User Manual carefully. On the Player PC, check the Task Manager/ Processes/ DigitalRecallPlayer.exe to see what the memory usage was at the time of freezing. Any chance of a config option or command line switch to set the interface binding?

Aha! VERY IMPORTANT - Check that you have BOTH read AND write privileges to your ftp. If not, see Manager Manual/ New Advert 2a. IF you need Flash installed on your Player PC , you may need to roll back to V9.

Catacylsm2010-03-10, 21:58I wil give this a shot tommorow since im interested, but it should work? Phil AndrewFG2010-09-03, 02:35I use Comodo Firewall/Defence+. In SBS, I can see "Unknown SBC Music Library (served by Whitebear)", but don't see any content. I can't actually play anything! (I'm browsing via a WD HD TV Live box, but will eventually use a UPnP control point on an iPad to push media to the renderers).

Ensure your ISP is local for the FTP as too many hops across routers could cause lost packets etc. I don't see how that could even be possible. any idea? Maybe it's just my combination of things that doesn't work!

  • Could you send me one of the failing Flac files?
  • So far it is a mystery to me.
  • adonishong2010-08-24, 08:32Sorry, but I did not really understand what you are saying here.
  • Anyways, consider this a feature request!
  • In particular I don't know if it implements DMC/CP functionality.
  • Media player is missing the "Find media that others are sharing" checkbox but the "Share my media" checkbox is there.

STEP 2 – IS YOUR "TEST CONNECTION" SUCCESSFUL? So -- to be blunt -- I am not even thinking about recoding it. Why? Hope that helped.

FTP not connectingSTEP 1 – DID YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE FAQ ABOVE TITLED "BEFORE YOU START THE INSTALLATION – IMPORTANT ITEMS"? These are the free choice ports that Whitebear uses for 3) above. But when I try to view any of the content > (e.g. Now -- depending on the client you are using -- it is possible that the client says to itself "LPCM is uncompressed audio, so it must be good" and it therefore

best way to see the option is leave media play running and goto "network" on pc. it would be awesome to be able to control SBS/squeezeboxes with winamp using whitebear and your plugin. And the respective device replies back via a a UDP uni-cast message to whatever was the origin port of the M-SEARCH request (often also port 1900). 3) In it's NOTIFY and Your cache administrator is webmaster.

Check the boxes next to the "Find media that others are sharing" and "Share my media to" options. In particular I don't know if it implements DMC/CP functionality. LOCATION SETUP: Ensure that you have setup the Location according to the Manager Manual/ Locations/ Create New Location?

This link contains the latest codecs.

Make sure you are using the latest version of our software. I assume "Unknown SBC Music Library" suggests a problem with the CLI connection. depu2010-06-08, 21:34For setting up media sharing on windows vista You cant yet share FROM N900 TO PC since the N900 does not work as a UPNP Media Server. If you want to stream through a wireless external device, go to "Start," open the "Control Panel" and add your device your computer's wireless network in the "Network and Sharing" section.

The Synology server appears and I can browse the tree but I cannot queue any items. Also any chance on extending this to serve DAAP clients as well? filezilla, to check that content has been uploaded to FTP server correctly, NEVER to transfer content. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Whatever it is, it is clearly broken, and it needs some serious debugging, so please disable it for the time being ;-) MrSinatra2010-09-05, 14:05Andrew, thanks for your excellent explanation to me Use 12 hr. It worked for me :) vBulletin v3.8.8, Copyright ©2000-2017, vBulletin Solutions, Inc. Installer defaults to C:\Program Files\ path; can't select an alternative folder.

Don't drive to them! DR Player uses the Internet Explorer to play a webpage. Anyways, consider this a feature request! Press it and upload.

With what? One area where I admit to encountering a problem is the Squeeze setting "Treat multi disk sets as one"; the problem is that when you do this, the tracks of the Can I use a Proxy or Authenticated Proxy with the RSS Feed?No - Digital Recall does not support proxies or authenticated proxies.Can I set up my own FTP if I do Multi-zone control.

Flash CS4 may be the Cause - 4.


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