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Need Help From Previous Closed Thread!


If you have something to add to a topic: reply. The silence over the past week has been deafening. Posted 44 months ago. ( permalink ) Thea Lamkin says: fangleman: Thanks for letting us know about the "People you may know" issue -- that definitely shouldn't be happening. I do not want or need to see updates on photos I have commented on or faved. this contact form

We have some work on the performance front to do for new and older systems alike, so I expect things will improve. For that reason we are focusing on making Justified view better and more performant, instead of supporting multiple different views. Posted 44 months ago. ( permalink ) It's pronounced Bisson-ay says: Not good enough, lady. Posted 44 months ago. ( permalink ) Thea Lamkin says: cdresser70: Those comments have not gone anywhere, the thread is still easily accessible from the top of this very thread.

How To Reopen Closed Tabs In Google Chrome

What hardware does 4chan run on? Pre-redesign, I was trying to curate an illustration group, was doing endless sifting of everyone's photostreams looking for pearls. Share your mind and image collections with us. Where'd it go?

Important note: A tripcode is generated only using the text entered after the hash mark. Thea Lamkin says: Pure Natural Ingredients: Please see the previous OP for both of our official responses for the feedback thread. Thanks~ Posted 44 months ago. ( permalink ) The Searcher PRO says: I do not believe Flickr ever had a criteria for photographic content to determine if a user was "worthy" How To Bring Back Closed Tabs Internet Explorer Instead, try placing a request on the /r/ board.

Without their support, we wouldn't be where we are today. Restore Closed Tab Chrome Shortcut If you have an interesting, high quality, neat, rare, etc. First, most Flickr members had already transitioned to viewing in Justified-only in the experiences we first introduced it to, namely the Group Pool, Contacts, and Explore. Related Resources solved Why am I getting Best Answer for threads several months old?

Content available under a Creative Commons license. How To Get Tabs Back In Chrome A board's trial status is denoted by its name appearing italicized on the navigation menu. See WordPress' Enable and Disable Comments guide for steps. Thanks in advance Chosen solution hello, press ctrl+shift+t in order to bring the closed tab back or go to firefox > history > recently closed tabs...

Restore Closed Tab Chrome Shortcut

Donations How do I donate? Let's start. How To Reopen Closed Tabs In Google Chrome Posted 44 months ago. ( permalink ) j zorn PRO says: Thea Lamkin: there has been no official statement that specifically addresses the thousands of complaints with the new justified photostream How To Get Back A Tab You Just Closed Mac The new has nothing but vulgarity and technical problems.

More recent ones can and do stay open if there is a truly good answer to an issue that we would see as relatively common. Brilliant! ------------------------------------- 2) New home page is 1000x better than before. Thanks for the offer though! Since most boards are limited to ten pages, content is usually available for only a few hours or days before it is removed. How To Bring Back A Closed Window

Bad enough that black background is devoid of any intuitive mechanism to invite the visitor to scroll down, but the mere fact that Flickr is now 'forcing' a visitor to scroll About When did 4chan open? 4chan opened to the public on October 1st, 2003. Claude Posted 44 months ago. ( permalink ) LordWalt Thanks for 6.1 million views PRO says: I love the edit view of my photo stream better than the main photo stream I have then closed my browser and re-opened it, checking all the potential things to recover my data, was i suppose to restart computer, re-download firefox, or did i mess up?

What will you do ? How To Bring Back A Closed Tab On Iphone What is a capcode? All I did up there was post a link to a positive timely review about the redesign.

aur S & M :: forum rules :: Community EthosResources for Women, POC, LGBT*, and allies Offline #5 2012-11-05 18:32:47 tomegun Developer From: France Registered: 2010-05-28 Posts: 661 Re: Help with

Don't you think? Have moved all photos to Ipernity, quit Pro, getting ready to delete altogether. Go back to the regular square crop, or let us set the crop area ourselves 15) Hey, how about a unique cover photo for each set! 16) One click access to Accidentally Closed Window Support Forum This thread was archived.

the List of Daemons only says that I shouldn't run that in tandem with ntpd, but I'm not running ntpd, so... What personal information is collected? Normal users do not have the ability to post using a capcode. his comment is here Is that really such a difficult thing to do?

Posted 44 months ago. ( permalink ) richardr PRO says: I would have to agree that those really do not count as responses. This one will take a while, and in the meantime I'd suggest you open the photo page of as a separate tab if you don't want to lose your spot. They are not meant to be enabled using systemctl." means there is no .service file available to enable.To be a bit more precise, it means the service is there but it's For the same reason, you should never do Catch(InterruptedException ie){ //ignore } Because if you do, you are stopping the message there.

She's busy laughing all the way to the bank Posted 44 months ago. ( permalink ) Wayne Weatherred says: Thea Lamkin: We will be looking into customization for the Home Page, What is your Tor/proxy policy? Does 4chan sponsor third-party projects? To start a new thread, you must upload an image. 4chan is primarily an imageboard after all!

amirgtrSep 24, 2010, 12:03 PM It's an exposure issue then. I just need to rename .bak to .js and the other .js i leave alone? No user registration process is available. As a good faith gesture, I even promise to no longer post links to my "protest" grou.

We do ban, but it still revives the thread. by saying "X works badly because it makes Y crash; couldn't we replace X with something akin to Z?". Upon posting users are redirected to their post instead of the board index. Is Thread does not refer to the current thread?

If you are NOT the owner of the thread (e.g. Why do I still see spam on the boards? Specifically, it is truncated at the top of the set page, the alt text does not always show the full description, and is fully viewable for longer descriptions only when clicking Threads can only be stuck by moderators, and cannot be saged or otherwise unstuck by users.

Sometimes, Chrome simply loses the previous session and tabs and the reopen-tab function just won’t work. The strip at the top of the page makes it look like the page hasn't loaded properly. Update: The point of this thread is to have feedback on the current design that's more than just "change it back." We do hear everyone who has commented here and in


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