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Format C:drive with WIN 98 and re-install

I think I got a virus and I'm not sure how to know if I have one.

Check and see if everything is allright

Stupid Roommate - A Little Worried

How to change keyboard

Have been infected with websearch

How to safely remove 2nd OS and reset Boot.ini

Virus/Malware Problems

Favicon Help

Media corrupts on USB drive

wireless modem connected

remove bluetooth from email destination

Multiple Operating System Problem

New sata HD. How to setup hidden partition?

configure my laptop audio for tv

Help I keep getting pop ups -tried several products to remove them

how to remaove .exe spyware

New e-mail n fb account

problem uninstalling favorit trojan

Seeking XP Printing Related Advice

Adware and Malware Annoying pop-ups

The system is SLOW after Auto Update -- Help -- (Confirmed not a Virus)

proxy sites to bypass firewall?

How to use your computer properly?

500 addresses added and spammed

Suspected virus or trojan

Multiple virus adware problems please help

how to play a game from an old install/slave drive

Copmuter clean up

erased cd/r drive

Restricting unwanted usage of Internet

Spyware need help removing

Help. I delete a program and now my computer is messed up.

coputer is slow and suspicious

Need help to remove a virus

how to prevent virus from blocking programs?

Tryin to get rid of a few viruses and such

burning music. windows xp

How do you force a browser to automatically open in a MAXIMIZED state?

Popup and strange web usage.

Font Folder

Win XP wierd display problems

Response to Bruce for Tool Bar Virus Removal

Blocked senders useless

Is there any trace of keylogger in my Hijack log file

Computer is sending out constant junk emails. Please help me stop it!

Cannot get GIF or jpeg pictures to show

Folder Encryption

Harddrive backup/restore

How do I Install a driver BIOS

how to restrict folder access in vista

How can I get my software to full screen size again?

How to Reboot my "new" phone

Please Help! Malware causing MAJOR internet Slowdown

start-up: apps load at start-up only once

trouble opening file extensions

Virus scan makes Windows stop

copying from pc to cd.

Fraps on Windows XP

Possible Virus issues - Need some help!

Error after installing Win XP on partition

About blank hi-jacker - can't get rid!

how to make a partition disc C and D as only one

HJT Log . Funny little problem

Making an Xp partition

cant" BOOT when direct copy

Descreased performance/random popups

Slow speeds when playing games (unsure wether it is vista causing it)

needing to reboot to recognize inserted cd's/ usb devices

Remove and Replace MS Account Login

Just Checking My Other Computer and Found Virus

No XP Disk

How to remove password of external harddisk

Unrestrict Folder Access

Deleting the OS using Bios

How to get rid of pop ups in Chrome?

Possible Keylogger in my system!

Trojan in Chrome on OSx

SFX and ZIP/Rar files corrupt after D/L.

Virus/malware after recovery

Want to delete Vista Boot Partition (XP SP3)

Help! Not Sure If I Cleaned Threats!

boosting your ISP?!

your systen is infected background

External DVD Burning Problem

lost password for a folder pls help

Have alot of trouble with popups!

Scan Infected Drive with Clean Computer?

Need help restoring my broken computer

Remove adds

every activity are automatically saved in jpeg

Program Not Responding Virus or Trojan

Cmd prompt format a USB issue

Uninstalled IE 7 but it's still there?

I think I got a keylogger

how to wipe everything?

How to disable Social Media Buttons and Pop Ups.

Please help me get rid of viruses and malware!

Virus Problem or Windows Issue?

Some kind of Malware on PC?

Shared Printer problem

How to send word file that contain hyperlinks of local files attached

My friend's pc is running very slow

Vista Partition

Computer Clean up help

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