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High Cpu Troubleshooting

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Fresh Install windows 7 pro sp1 pc at 100% cpu usage even w/ no programs running?

Explorer.exe still using 99-100% of CPU

svchost.exe Slowing down computer

very slow pc - hardware interrupts high cpu

hvchost.exe;I need help

SVCHOST.EXE Keeps the CPU useage at 100% for awhile.

SVChost.exe eating up CPU on 1 core - NOT update process

explorer.exe taking up 98% of processor

High CPU Usage for wmplayer.exe iexplore.exe

Isass.exe shut me down once

Explorer.exe Suddenly Running At High Cpu

CPU usage leak?

CPU goes to 100% when using iexplorer window.

[RESOLVED] svchost 99% cpu usage

High CPU usage with no processes + loud fan

SVCHOST Causes High CPU Usage :( - Need Expert

svchost.exe 50% CPU plz help ><

Internet explorer and high cpu usage problem

SvcHost taking up 99% of memory!

svchost.exe problems (and more)

svchost.exe using up 99%CPU

Svchost issues !

explorer using 99% cpu

vista ultimate 64 sp2 using excessive memory

SVCHOST.exe using 98% CPU and 101 MB Memory

svchost.exe chewing half my cpu power

Explorer.exe using large amount of CPU

svchst.exe taking 100% of CPU

Explorer.exe at high CPU usage

csrss.exe uses more and more memory

Svchost.exe issues

svchost.exe HIGH CPU usage!

svchost-wscntfy.exe consuming CPU

Explorer.exe running at 99% CPU.

svchost.exe is using most my cpu

comine.exe and 100% CPU

Hike in cpu usage !

Svhost.exe taking up 50% CPU

Google Chrome crashed. CPU at 75%+

High CPU Usage (svchost.exe)

explorer.exe uses 100% of CPU

High Cpu Usage when moving Mouse and spurratic mouse movements.

CPU Maxed out from the System process

High CPU rate & no Plug and Play

scvhost taking up 80-90% of CPU power

Dell Computer 4700C Svchost Running at 25-40 Percent of CPU all the time!

Trying to safeguard wife's cpu now

svchost.exe CPU eater

Svchost -k Netsvc Is Overloading Cpu!

Ended 5 svchost!

svchost.exe NETWORK SERVICE consuming 98% CPU

explorer.exe CPU problems

svchost.exe problems [moved from Security]


Vista Slow and using 100% CPU alot

Explorer.exe hogging CPU

Computer sluggish - explorer.exe running 50% CPU

Problem with svchost.exe using up CPU

Svchost.exe Help!

Slow IE & CPU @ 100% *Can you help?

csrss.exe and nvsvc32.exe high cpu usage

Vista - High CPU usage.

svchost.exe cpu usage 96%

IE hogging cpu

explorer.exe uses 100% cpu

svchost.exe is hoging my CPU on login

lsass.exe and snfq.exe problem Vista 64bit

svchost.exe hogging CPU

system.exe process taking 99 percent of CPU usage

Ie 100% Cpu

CPU usage and SFC error

wuauclt.exe runs high on startup please help

explorer.exe using 100% CPU

svchost.exe problem?

High CPU problems[moved from vista]

DHCP service using 50% processor

System Process 100% cpu usage

System process causing CPU spikes

XP - 100% CPU - svchost - followed by abrupt shutdown

High CPU usage after resuming from SLEEP

lsass.exe Virus

Scvhost.exe help

High Cpu useage on WINLOGON.EXE

Svchost.exe using 100% Cpu.

Internet explorer uses 90% + of cpu

SVCHOST.EXE appears to be consuming all of my memory causing 100% CPU Usage

Svchost.exe causes High Comp Usage when installing or uninstalling programs

Services.exe Running at high CPU

System uses 99% of CPU

svchost takes up 100% cpu?

svchost.exe locking 100% cpu usage

DWM.exe causing 100% cpu usage hangs

svchost.exe causing 100% cpu

Norton stealing my CPU (50%) power! >:(

Computer slow/svchost utilizing 100% CPU

svchost.exe causing 100% CPU spikes

System eating CPU

svchost.exe hogs cpu

100% Explorer.exe wow

explorer.exe takes 100% cpu

SVChost? Xp Dosent show Characters sometimes frezes .dll?

svchost hogging cpu

High CPU Usage - SysProtect pop-up.

Svchost.exe runs cpu to 100%

Windows takes 100% resources

Help me DEBUG explorer.exe high CPU usage.

svchost memory hog & browser redirects

High CPU Usage while Downloading

Media Programs Spike CPU After Closing

cpu usage at 100% from "system"

Explorer.exe using 100% of CPU

svchost %100 CPU

High CPU Usage and none is running. svhost.exe?

Internet Explorer using 99% CPU

svchost.exe going insane

lsass slows system

IE 100% CPU Utilization when Norton AV on

Explorer taking 100% CPU

Explorer.exe Slows system down! CPU - 90% Please help!

CPU @ 100% yet processes @ 0%

iexplore.exe using nearly 100% of cpu on wifes laptop

Windows 2000 services.exe CPU 100% Usage problem

System process is using large amounts of CPU.

End process svchost.exe audio problem

Explorer.exe = cpu hog

SVCHOST.EXE eats up to 75% of Cpu!

explorer using up cpu

WmiprvSE causes huge CPU usage spikes

Cutwail trojan/svchost 100% help please


browser redirects and svchost.exe uses 100% cpu

Svchost.exe memory hog?

svchost CPU Usage and Memory Leak Problem

iexplore.exe starting too much

SVCHost.exe eating up system resources

Intermittent and Unexplainable CPU spikes

High CPU usage when I scroll up and down using Internet Browsers.

MSN Explorer using up 100% CPU

Svchost.exe using large amounts of CPU

svchost.exe and other issues.

Vista services hogging half my CPU

cpu usage spiking because of mouse cursor

Vista CPU runs high

Vista 32 bit (exe clients loading problem)

IExplorer uses all my CPU

svchost.exe and hard drive errors?

Firefox high cpu after virus

svchost.exe is using 100% CPU

svchost takes 90% cpu usage

Explorer.exe runs at 98%+ CPU

explorer.exe consume 100% cpu

High CPU usage when deleting file

Svchost CPU problems.

SVChost high

scvhost.exe reappears in processes and registry

System process high CPU usage

svchost utilizing 99% of my CPU

Explorer.exe running a little to much cpu (15-45) windows 7

High CPU usage: Win32/TrojanDownloader.Small.EQN and Win32/TrojanDownloader.Small.NRS

Google Chrome uses 100% CPU

explorer.exe using 60% CPU

exeplorer exe at 100 %

problem with svchost on vista

RunDLL32 starts using 100% CPU and consumes all memory

Explorer.exe using 100 percent CPU

CPU at 96% use & IE wont run

High CPU usage from explorer.exe

CPU stuck at 25% at idle

glitches and issues on vista x86 if (4GB memory) hits 76% used.

Explorer.exe consuming too much cpu resource

ie explorer.exe process running at 98% cpu supect something wrong here

100% CPU after SP2 Install

system running at 99% CPU

CPU at 100% - explorer.exe 90%+ all the time

3770k idle never under 5% usage in WIn 7

Explorer.exe using 99% CPU

Intermittent System.exe spikes + Network adaptor disable

svchost 99% cpu usage problem on windows xp help needed

svchost grabbing 25% CPU

System process at 100% CPU usage.

svchost.exe using 50% CPU at startup and disables internet connection.

cmd.exe - high cpu usage

Extremely suspicious high CPU usage

exporer.exe 100% cpu usage.

PC stuck in idle/in Task Mngr.

lsass.exe problems

100% CPU usage by moving the mouse?

Intermittent System.exe spikes + Network adapter disabled

svchost.exe process problem

High CPU After Reformat

svchost netsvc is overloading my cpu.can you help?

CPU overload with Norton Antivirus

Secret CPU hog. Can't play PC games ;_;

explorer.exe cpu spikes-100% sure NOT Malware/Virus

System process using 100% CPU

wmiprvse.exe spiking cpu usage to 100%

svchost.exe using 30% cpu all the time

svchost using 99-100% CPU

CPU Usage at 100% with svchost.exe using Most

problem with svchosts comp running at 100%

java using all the cpu

wuaueng.dll (480) error

CPU being drained

svchost.exe eating way too much memory. virus?

scheduler.exe using up CPU

Need help. the svchos.exe on my laptop eats 100% CPU

Explorer.exe causes high


svchost.exe 99 CPU

System process freezing CPU

iexplore.exe 100% cpu

High CPU running IE6

XP runs 5% of normal speed w/ processor going flat out

Windows 7 svchost.exe high CPU usage

High CPU usage-Choppy!

Outlook uses 100% cpu

svchost.exe error - Slow computer

Multiple SVCHOST.exe using 100% CPU?

Help! Explorer.exe Running At 100% Cpu All The Time

Task Manager running high

Help needed with Win Explorer eating CPU

IE7 Issue involving high CPU usage on mouse movement.

Internet explorer using 90-100% CPU taking over my PC!

CPU Usage never goes below 24% nothing running

cc Svc Hst. exe - application error

Svchost uses 100% of my cpu!

Explorer using 60% CPU and lots of HD activity

High CPU readings in TM when at rest

CPU Utilization Issue

A Svchost disables Norton on startup

explorer.exe High CPU Usage

abnormally high explorer.exe and svchost.exe memory usage.

IE 9 beta uses high cpu

CPU @ 100% ; Exploere 99% ALWAYS! - View My Log File

svchost 100% CPU usage

winlogon.exe takes high cpu usage

very high cpu usage issue in vista.

explorer.exe 99%

svchost high cpu

explorer.exe using 99% of cpu

svchost driving me and my computer insane

explorer.exe is using nearly 100% of the cpu power

IE6 cpu hogging

High CPU usage on brand new PC

iexploler.exe - effecting dial up.

windows 7 explorer.exe using 50% of cpu

svchost mass mailer and commad

No svchost running at all

Explorer using 99% of my CPU

System Process shiwing 100% CPU usage

Explorer.exe is taking 60-80% of CPU time

explorer.exe takes 90% cpu

Magiclink/SVCHost <-Not good

explorer.exe high cpu

High CPU Usage in Win7

HELP PLEASE . Windows Update svchost.exe at 100%

Internet Explorer CPU VERY high usage

explorer.exe taking up 50% of cpu

system process 100 cpu all the time

services.exe and svchost.exe eating CPU

SVCHOST.EXE using 50% cpu!

16 svchost.exes in my windows process?

lots of IEXPLORE.EXE without any IE window open and cmd.exe eats up lots of memory

Explorer.exe using on average 50% CPU

cpu 100% internet explorer

rundll32 using 80-90% CPU on 64bit Win 7 [moved from Vista/7]

winlogon.exe using high cpu

Vista svchost.exe problem

Vista cpu

Svchost running at 100

svchost using high CPU & no sound

System causing spikes

removing inetinfo.exe from startup

Help! svchost.exe eating CPU and more!

High CPU and Memory Usage [UNUSUAL]

Help! 100% virus!

Interrupts - HIGH CPU usage

IE using all CPU

Windows 7 high cpu load/memory usage on mixed network (with OS X)

Second firefox.exe and high CPU activity

CSSRS.exe using up memory

Win7 high CPU usage

High CPU usage unknown

High CPU Usage spikes (0 to 30%) for an svchost process

I hate LSASS

Mouse movement increases CPU usage.

svchost.exe maxing 100% CPU - HELP! (RESOLVED)

explorer.exe 99% cpu slowing computer

Excessive amount of Svchost's ?

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