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HELP With The Private Folder Feature! NOT Just A Normal Password Question!


A.7.15 One or more function keys don't do what I expected in a server-side application. Either turn on FileVault or use an encrypted image for your Documents. If someone tries to view a shared link with a password, they see this page: Once they enter the password, they’ll see the normal shared link page. Through DoubleSec, you can enjoy the advantages of 2-factor authentication on your mobile devices without having to enter an additional security code each time you log in. look at this web-site

If you're sharing a link to an individual file, click the Share button beside the file name. If you’re ever expecting an email address from a Masked Email and don't see it, more often than not the issue is that the email was flagged incorrectly as spam. Put your voucher code into the field "Voucher (optional)". For each of the subsections, you can choose: With access options:Here you can set what access options are available for the content types selected above.By default, Open is selected, meaning that


You can check the Registry section for more detailed information. Open or Close SecureSafe's business model is based on a Freemium service (we offer both a free and a premium service). No log in required.Note: Users can still set a password or expiration date for these links. In most cases this is because the file is simply not an AxCrypt encrypted file.

Please sign in to see your available support options. Masked Emails are disposable email addresses that you can create whenever a website asks for your email. Choose “Delete Team Space”. Open quicklink Do I have to create a new recovery code after resetting my account?

Open quicklink What does SecureSafe offer? You were sent a direct URL and not a shared link: If the link sender copies and pastes the URL from directly from the address bar, you may not be able Neither hackers nor SecureSafe staff members can ever access user data or information that is stored with SecureSafe. Are Masked Phone numbers supported internationally?

Can I browse securely? You can always restrict shared link access to contents of a specific folder, allowing for the protection of particularly sensitive data while freeing up collaboration options in the rest of your It also includes the option of opening as many Team Spaces for sharing files as you need (marked as 2). Open quicklink How can I activate 2-factor authentication?


It is designed behaviour that PuTTY should have the ability to adjust the window title on instructions from the server. Signing up on sites is super fast with MaskMe’s handy dropdowns that autofill your Masked Email. Dropbox Once you do, your online synced data will have all your account information. Lastpass How do I access my MaskMe accounts from a different device or browser where I have MaskMe installed?

Select "Import passwords..." from the drop down menu. This almost always happens because the startup scripts in your account on the server machine are generating output. Can I keep using MaskMe for masking my information, but disable the password management? Open quicklink What is the recovery code? Chrome

The problem I'm going to have is that the .dmg folder opens onto my desktop but the SSD drive on my Mac is getting full and the .dmg folder will soon will be lost. Once you’ve synced MaskMe, if you find yourself needing quick access to your accounts on another computer, simply go to and log in with your MaskMe account info to see The data in the file consists of many header sections containing information about the file size, file name and file modification times as well as version information, integrity checksum etc.

They are named AxCrypt-HideAxxExtension.reg and AxCrypt-ShowAxxExtension.reg respectively, and are located in the AxCrypt 'etc' directory which usually is "C:\Program Files\Axantum\AxCrypt\etc". If you’ve waited a couple minutes and still don’t have the email in your main inbox, be sure to check your email client's Spam or Junk folder. Under Settings (one of the navigation bar choices inside MaskMe), scroll down and you'll see many preferences.

Open or Close SecureSafe encrypts all data stored on an iPhone, iPod or iPad using a strong AES-256 key and only decrypts passwords on demand.

  1. Open quicklink How can I redeem a voucher for a private safe?
  2. If you have neither your password nor your recovery code, your data will regrettably be irretrievably lost.
  3. The point is that it makes no sense to restrict access to AxCrypt - it's access to the computer that needs to be restricted!
  4. So if the point is to protect it not only from other users accessing it but also deleting it then this doesn't work.
  5. You can also do this in PuTTY, to find out what sequence the function key is producing in that.
  6. You should never use startup files (.bashrc, .cshrc and so on) which generate output in non-interactive sessions.

That's the kind of situation where a brute force attack may be successful.) My encrypted file is corrupt, what can I do? If anyone told you we had an Android port, or an iOS port, or any other port of PuTTY, they were mistaken. Those annoying host key prompts are the whole point of SSH. Check the box next to Restrict shared links to collaborators only and choose what item types you’d like to restrict access for – both files and folders, files only or folders

Open or Close You will find instructions on how to clear your browser cachehere. You can then click "Go to payment" to create your SecureSafe. Walakobay has started 239 articles (including this one) and has also made 6,741 article edits. 11,185,000 people have read Walakobay's article contributions. If you think you know your passphrase, but not quite, or if it's less than 5 characters long - then I can write and adapt a special program that will try

A.3.3 What's the point of the Unix port? Remove: This option removes and deletes the shared link assigned to that file or folder so it can no longer be accessed, even if someone has the old link The link Anyone finding a file with his or her name on it will be sorely tempted to sneak a peek... Open or Close We need your email address and mobile number to be able to contact you in case the built-in Data Inheritance is activated in your SecureSafe.

That's more than we're willing to give. Open or Close DoubleSec is available to all paying SecureSafe customers. How do I prevent other people using my computer from viewing my stuff? Then, anything you type into that window is sent straight to the Unix machine, and everything the Unix machine sends back is displayed in the window.

It depends on whether you trust that PC. Ever notice how every website these days requires you to register? It's now up to you to use whatever tools you have available to repair the file as much as possible. You should only trust this computer if you trust everyone who uses it.

With MaskMe, you can protect your real information by giving out Masked – and protected – information. Be aware that we can only help you delete your account if you provide us with your username and the email address you used when you created the account. Does anybody have experienced this problem? A.7.4 Plink on Windows 95 says it can't find WS2_32.DLL.

What is night mode? You can 'Lock' MaskMe so that no one can view its contents without your password. Wait for a while to see if this is the case. I'm prompted, and I enter a password to use during the creation process.

A.3.8 Will there be a port to the iPhone? Larger donations will be spent on something that actually helps development, if we can find anything (perhaps new hardware, or a copy of Windows XP), but if we can't find anything If the upload still fails, we recommend that you try uploading the file on a different computer. The passwords will be sorted along the corresponding column.


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