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Help With Recurring 01's

c) Type in 5 and hit your Enter key. a) Open that folder on your Desktop and double click on the runme.bat file. The focus tells you which part of the dialog box receives keyboard input. Only Windows uses backslashes (\).

What keystrokes to you use? However, floppy disks are actually more fragile than hard disks. Each directory can contain any number of files and other directories called subdirectories. For example, to launch the notepad program and edit a particular file, simply specify the file name.

The three moments of hand-holding in 3.0 each correspond to one of the moments in the earlier movies. Exercise 6 Switch to the notepad. Exercise 19 Copy all files with extension .txt from the c:\yourname\tutorial directory into the c:\yourname directory. By default, Windows will not look inside that directory.

  1. Urname...) Exercise 13 Create a subdirectory called tutorial inside the c:\yourname directory. (Substitute the actual directory that you created.) List all steps, starting with launching the Explorer program. (Close it first
  2. The asterisk (*) in the entry *.txt stands for any sequence of characters of any length. (Note how the file extension is given separately.) The other wildcard that is available is
  3. Files in the upper portion have been verified to "exist" as where Files in the bottom section have some form of problem being accessed.
  4. Instead, use - or _ to separate words: or letter_to_fifi.txt.
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  7. A case could even be made that Kaworu's music for Shinji and Shinji's cooking for Rei are a similar plot device. (With the difference that Kaworu's music is all about sharing,
  8. She reaches out to him by offering a truce; she will stop using her derisive nickname "daddy's boy" and instead will use the more benign "baka Shinji", while he gets to
  9. The command shell window appears: The command shell has a rather primitive user interface.
  10. The drives that hold the disks are named by a letter followed by a colon (:).

This arrangement is known as a hierarchical or treelike directory structure. Select File -> New -> Folder (Alt+F W F). To visualize the hierarchy of directories, it is best to look at the tree view to the left of the Explorer window.  Note that each drive has a small box next Make sure that Search system folders, Search hidden files and folders, and Search subfolders are checked.

This command places a folder icon inside the directory and gives it the temporary name New Folder. Typing Esc dismisses the dialog, just as if you had clicked the Cancel button. The command move sample.txt sample.bak renames the file sample.txt to sample.bak. It is best to avoid file names with exotic symbols such as [email protected]#$.

Its output is displayed in the shell window. Navigating in Dialogs It is handy to know how to move quickly through the fields of a dialog box without using the mouse. Obviously, you can't use symbols such as : and \ in file names, or they would be confused with drive and directory separators. Shinji hadn't listened to Kaworu's request (Do things with me, rather than do things for me) and foreshadowed Shinji's falling from the sync to make the biggest mistake of his life.Shinji

While in safe mode navigate to the system32 folder and look for 2 new DLL's. Change can be fun, give it a chance, that's what Kaworu wants to convey, that the new world can be fun and exciting. On your own computer, the most convenient backup method (as of 2003) is a CD burner. Reboot into Safe Mode (hit F8 key until menu shows up).

When you give the name of a command, then Windows tries to find an program file with that name. Choose the View -> List menu option.) Exercise 12 Find a file whose full path names contains at least four directories. Many Windows users have eagerly double-clicked on icons labeled something like prettygirl.gif, only to launch a virus program whose real name was prettygirl.gif.exe. For example, mkdir \yourname\homework1cd \yourname\homework1mkdir backup Exercise 34 Execute these commands.

You will get a dialog. To move a file, use the move command. Get everything ready and post the necessary log files here. __________________ Please do NOT PM me. Exercise 14 Create another subdirectory called TUTORIAL inside the c:\yourname directory. (Substitute the actual directory that you created.) What error message does Windows give you?

They stop being enemies, but they do not become friends. NOTE: Filename completion only works with Windows XP. Programmers need to compile and launch programs and automate recurring tasks.

Formal experimentation, genre-straddling, self-reflexivity, unpredictable plot twists, a gourmet palate for stylishness, proverbially controversial endings, and a singularly iconoclastic worldview are some of the hallmarks.

Exercise 23 What does the prompt string look like now? You can also use keys such as Home and End to extend the selection to the beginning and the end of a line. What happens when you double-click on the file name? One character has been driven to give up all hope, and only wishes nothingness.

More useful is the Alt+Space shortcut. The Edit menu has commands for the Cut, Copy, and Paste operations. You will see that a portion of text is selected. Her later conversation with Misato clearly indicates that she actually wanted to bond with other people, but fate decided otherwise...This scene is odd to the extent that there is a mutual

You will often write a program in one window while consulting documentation in another window. While Kaworu gave him a world of peace, companionship and bright days; he also show him the harsh truth outside the piano room. Because these operations are so common, there are special keyboard shortcuts for them. That is, you must first remove all files and directories that it contains.

Exercise 20 Back up the file c:\yourname\tutorial\sample.txt, either onto an online service or onto a floppy.  Describe the steps that you took. Thus, a perfectly reasonable keyboard shortcut for copying text would be Alt+E C. Give us a new log after the fixes. __________________ Please do NOT PM me. Hitting Tab again cycles through all matching completions.

Start the calc program (Ctrl+Esc R calc Enter). For example, c:\windows\system is the full path name of the system directory inside the windows directory inside the c: drive. For example, move sample.txt a:\ moves the file sample.txt to the directory a:\, removing the original. I will take a look at it. 12-08-2004, 10:22 AM #15 benjaminbritten Registered Member Join Date: Dec 2004 Posts: 19 OS: Win2k am i clean?

Explain. Exercise 1 Which keystrokes are required to launch the Notepad program without touching the mouse? You may find it helpful to visualize the X as crossing out text, and the V as an insert mark for adding text: Also note that the letters X, C, V Windows XP's search feature is a little different.

The Command Shell You have now learned how to navigate the Windows desktop effectively. File Commands The del command deletes a file.


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