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Google Chrome Wrench Doesn't Work.

Please, please…I CAN'T EVEN FIND A "HOME PAGE ICON" to go back to, either. Google chrome keeps signing me back in each time i pull it up to try to close all chrome windows. I dont want to spend the rest of my life tryin to figure out how to use this. RSHERWOOD > Must agree, no one likes Google Chrome, or the latest Google Empire Building bullying tactics, my beef is the Google photobox, it took ages to disable it and to

Curtis Jenkins My comments to a tee! Anu Priya sir in that find menu i can't able to find wrench menu can you please help me frankfrank So, nobody has said anything about how to change anything with I lost hundreds of photos in Google cyberspace. Francine Nault When I put my cursor on Google Chrome in my task bar a (3) shows up next to GC what does it mean?

mac Totally agree, but the company is making us go to it. Reply Josh September 28, 2012 @ 3:41 am I feel goofy clicking on a hotdog :\ Reply Ivo September 28, 2012 @ 7:41 am It's like leaving a kid with a Peter Adrian on Create an "Application Shortcut" in Chrome So, what did they rename "Application Shortcuts" [email protected] :[>3 bars >more tools >add to shelf] got itTo undo: right-click the icon, then top right icon in the menu bar.

It's the simple stuff that counts!! Under the Appearances section and check the Show Home button checkbox. Mussie Thank you for this easy guide! K34jfa thanks…..

I have been using computers for 25 years. Worked Great!!! It often refuses to open a webpage that even IE9 allows with no problems! Reply Harry Worth October 1, 2012 @ 11:12 pm Damned ‘hotdog' - thought our new member to the household (language student) had managed to change the icon.

Chrome is a registered trademark of Google Inc. Donate all your "Android" code to a nonprofit company that can use it on a completely free version of Android without your stupid tie-ins. sp42 Thanks! Many of the browser's "help" files start with the step "Click on the WRENCH icon" Yeah, all you geniuses know it is now a HOT DOG or whatever, but WTF?

It lacks so much that while I used to enjoy my internet escapades, Chrome has ruined it for me. kiwi2000 Other Browsers 9 11-25-2011 08:00 PM Google building Postini features into Apps Google has started to move email security features from its Postini service into Google Apps, so that IT P.S. It's ll you're good for.

Babylon acts as a take over "virus". Stick to what you know. stefan In my chrome this settings are disabled and there is info that I should be administrator to change it, but I am administrator…. This is not intuitive.

Create an "Application Shortcut" in Chrome Go to Click the wrench, "Tools", "Application Shortcuts..." Select "Pin to Taskbar" Now you can run Trello like a standalone application Actions Tom Logan Thank You Reply dion September 30, 2012 @ 10:46 am Just as Chrome has more usage than IE you really threw a wrench in the works. Glaswegian Computer Security News 0 01-09-2012 02:06 PM [SOLVED] google chrome Last night I received a request to update to a more recent version of adobe. dig this to a degree.

Opera or Firefox, IS. Now, if they had WORDS on instead of these stupid icons, it would not matter. Help??

that is pretty intuitive.

And interesting part, it is going to be replaced by Hotdogs icon. On my other browsers I have the same page for start & home, but chrome is a problem. H Mayer1 what happened to the wrench in the toolbar. Humph!

What a mess. No under the hood!!!! andrea Why do you have to make everything so confusing? i thought about this Latest Vivaldi Snapshot improves Screenshot feature Pale Moon browser's Unstable Versions available Techdows About Ask Questions?

I spent a good bit of time to uninstall / delete /etc. /etc. Ar I cannot adjust to Chrome.


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