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Ryan Preston Not dangerous, Windows update program. If ya wanna switch it off, or prevent it from rebooting your computer (after you have installed some Windows updates), go to Settings -- Control Panel -- Automatic Updates. System 32 and I386 or something. Terminate it and work in peace until you want to restart.

It goes away after update is completed after a timeout period based on many factors. There could be either 2 files wuauclt1 and wuauclt or jus wuauclt. Informacja o pliku wuauclt.exe Wuauclt.exe-Details und Beschreibung Quelle est la fonction de wuauclt.exe File wuauclt.exe definizione Preciso de remover wuauclt.exe ? The .exe extension on a filename indicates an executable file.

A day later the file magically appears again out of nowhere and runs its self to nag again. User preference I guess. WHY Microsoft?

How to get rid? The valid windows file is C:\Windows\System32\wuauclt.exe (this is the Windows Updates Executable). This process is NOT a virus or a trojan or spyware. I use it ALL THE TIME at work in the form "wuauclt.exe /detectnow" It's used to pull updates from out WSUS server...

MasterOfTheXP wuauclt.exe I did try to paste into this space and the pasting went somewhere. We ha… Patrick BerryOwnerJP Machine & Tool Co. When I delete wuauclt.exe, the file appears within a minute. elvispelvis When this file is running on my system, I can`t get in any ftp.

I also have several clients with XP machines and although none have had this issue, I've got your page bookmarked now. As there are a pile of large patches available from Microsoft (depending on your specific OS and peripherals), the AutoUpdate program often does tend to monopolize the Internet connection and processor. nothing to be worried about Rich after remove with HijackThis start this file after reboot again. Could possibly be malicious but you have to use best judgement to decide.

Did the page load quickly? Xabora this is an authentic windows update file that acts crazy. That will stop all the issues with wuauclt.exe. I think windows is searching for a better driver.

Brady Tucker ITSS TweetPin It Filed Under: ITSS Blog Leave a Reply Cancel reply ITSS Blog IE9 & IE10 Vulnerability Exposing Website Login CredentialsAn as-of-yet un-patched IE vulnerability is being exploited We need cure. It could be windows's legit checker or it could be a trojan, im gonna run a test and delete the file if i find it. But not nessisary at some points.

It should only show on task manager if you have auto update turned on. WUAUCLT.exe /detectnow is used to find a wsus server. As part of Microsoft's revamped methodology for retrieving "critical security updates" from their website, this file is automatically installed onto your system. Then, go to services and disable it.

Just check if you have Autoupdate turned on. You’ll be auto redirected in 1 second. now it does not show up in taskman...

I found it by reviewing my firewall logs.

Description: The original wuauclt.exe from Microsoft is an important part of Windows, but often causes problems. My PC is infected by this file and symptom is it will restart my system when I attemp to open registry, msconfig and even when I try to see the path This process continuously checks for the latest updates by going online. This is with windows XP professional SP2 brent I had this dam thing in processes 15 at a time frum 0 to 14k must be a trojan fd me up did

What led me to do all this research and ultimatly to this website was my self-reboot problems I was experiencing while connecting to servers through on-line computer games i.e. exe bogging down start-up XP? As far as it screwing with your games, Windows just has a tendency to do that. This means it is comunicating over the net.

I use a firewall to block it. I'm stopping this manually thru System Manager. See also: Link amg WUAUCLT could be a trojan i am working to see what it can be on my 2 pcs in the say it is one and if Run Security Task Manager to check your wuauclt process 2.

When I end process or tree, it pops back up. It is a trustworthy file from Microsoft. My firewall (Blackice )shows it running when I use application control. It's not suppose to be in Windows XP, I did exactly what Robo (another user from this thread) did.

It uses svchost to connect to the internet, so, it seems that svchost.exe is sending information, but it's wuauclt.exe who's sending it. Read more: See also: Link Matt All those who have a switch offable 100k version need make no comment. Did the page load quickly? Took me some time to find the file because of that.

Vi ställer frågor om den här filen är skadlig, vilka filnamn som används av viruset och liknande frågor. Nyheter Virus Mjukvara Filer Fråga Tweet Skicka in en artikel Vad är wuauclt.exe? AKCurt even if this file is stopped MS still downloads files to your system reagardless if you have automatic updates turned on or not - they can start it up when


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