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is my com safe from it liao? That old log won't tell me what has happened over the last few days. « Previous 1 2 Next » Please Login or Signup to reply. e stinger program scan halfway then will say some unexpected error message... The trojan modifies the system registry to ensure it runs each time Windows starts.

Both types of firewalls may prevent malicious code from downloading updates or additional files. n 2dae, another thumbdrive with ramone got into my usb port.... eh...

Gallery: Nine more Firefox add-ons to try Gallery: Nine more Firefox add-ons to try · More Photo Galleries Oracle critical patch · FoxNews scareware Microsoft: Exchange 2010 beta today · ramone is ravmone variant if I'm not wrong. they took up 7 gb of my 20gb hd leh... Virus definitions for LiveUpdate will be available June 28, 2006.

sianz.... n e guy still ask mi wat was dat ramone thing in his thumbdrive... There has been no fix yet. here are e results...

so I just cut in. Application-based firewalls are often found on client systems and can be configured to allow certain services and processes to access the Internet or local network. The information in this document is intended for end users of Cisco products Cisco Threat Outbreak Alerts address spam and phishing campaigns that attempt to collect sensitive information or spread malicious This poses a security risk for the infected machine's user, as the attacker can steal personal information, and use the computer as an access point into an internal network.

Moderator ndmmxiaomayi 54,017 posts since Aug '05 12 Oct `06, 10:26PM Very bad news for you. And those who bought iPod Video after 12 September 2006, please go and reformat the iPod. It started from RP, apparently. Close Products Network XG Firewall The next thing in next-gen.

Home → IT Support and Tech Corner → RavMonE.exe, Backdoor.Rajump virus. Bad news for spam. Public Cloud Stronger, simpler cloud security. No.

virus scan throw up nothing... It has been shipped with the RavMone.exe virus. The right pane is whereby you see the Name, Type and Data. By viewing our content, you are accepting the use of cookies.

Personal firewalls may display a notification message when Backdoor.Rajump opens ports and attempts to connect to the Internet and post IP addresses. Continue Learn More Some cookies on this site are essential, and the site won't work as expected without them. Conservatively configure mail perimeter servers, routers, firewalls, and personal computers.

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For more information about antivirus programs you can read here:Antivirus programs More information about Backdoor.Rajump hfvklkgjhbp;o ;h bohb buhuh hohb gbogh b;kjb uhyg9yt045 t48typ0iwoir gerwogh rgoiu[rwgpojhflskhf dlk jh vlkugpt8up goigupurgr oiuhiou e stinger program scan halfway then will say some unexpected error message... Professional Services Our experience. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

The name of the malware process on the infected iPods is RavMone.exe. Host intrusion detection/prevention system software may display a notification when the trojan attempts to execute or make modifications to the system.Technical InformationBackdoor.Rajump adds the value RavAV = "\%Windows%\RavMon.exe" to the following eTrust is utterly useless. It can be transmitted by opening infected email attachments and downloading infected files from the Internet.

Once a thumbdrive has been infected by ravmone and it is plugged into a PC, your PC will kena. Moderator ndmmxiaomayi 54,017 posts since Aug '05 20 Oct `06, 11:29PM Originally posted by asdfzhao: really? Security best practices dictate that administrators should restrict file formats commonly associated with malicious code from entering the corporate network. Try this and see if it removes ravmone.

Instant messaging worms are on the rise. Those whose thumbdrives are affected can cry liao. TS: Have you considered formatting your PC? It can also be spread through removable media, such as CD-ROMs, flash memory, digital cameras and multimedia players.

I understand I will receive a complimentary subscription to TechRepublic's News and Special Offers newsletter, and the Daily Digest newsletter (you can opt out at any time). Zip it... norton said it was moderate difficulty 2 remove... RP has detected this virus.

Symantec has a good description here, calling it W32.Rajump. these can be quarantined by Symantec and deleted later. FAQ . Contents 1 Description 2 Action 3 Aliases 4 See also 5 References 6 External links Description[edit] RavMonE is a worm written in the Python scripting language and was converted into a

Copy and paste this results in your next reply. RavMonE was made famous in September 2006 when a number of iPod videos were shipped with the virus already installed.[1] Because the virus only infects Windows computers, it can be inferred Write removal instructions for Backdoor.Rajump Anti virus links Anti-virus programs Virus history Top-100 malware Svenska Antivirus programs Sitemap Anti virus and malware Anti virus ٶҳ ¼ ע ̳ ҳ Secure Wi-Fi Super secure, super wi-fi.

n 2dae, another thumbdrive with ramone got into my usb port.... do check your e mail…. Also search for this ravmone.exe Then visit here: Copy and paste the location of this file and upload it for them to scan.


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