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bananas 1036 days ago They really don't. I've seen Linux advertised as "it runs on everything" plenty of times, and for well over a decade. I believe there are utilities to find the embedded ACPI MDSM key if you need to.

In other words, you're probably going to get a much better registration and purchase rate for reasonably priced, high quality shareware under Linux than anyone ever did for MS-DOS or MacOS Problem install Fedora Core 2 Keyboard Lockup On Install Fedora core 3 installation problem install forgets it's booting from a DVD drive About the partition for FD3? The BCD rebuild instructions seem predicated on being able to get into Win81 at least via command line. The idea has been subverted by crackers for performing "FTP bounce" attacks.

If you really insist on having your own, post to a social network. That being said, drivers in linux are mostly painful, for instance I've spent several days and nights fighting with this ridiculous bluetooth stack and I'm still nowhere to go. It will be in the same folder as the installer and have a name like EndlessInstaller[date].log. (You may be able to configure your system to boot Endless OS manually from the You might try the 'fdisk -l' command from there.

This works from a DOS prompt because MS-DOS is more of a "program loader" than an "operating system." (Windows '9x might be considered to be a "re-hosted OS" which is (transparently) The Mac guide is not as complete as the sections for other Operating Systems but i think it is being worked on. On using the ether= parameter on our kernel command line (or on the insmod command line for your ether drivers) read your bootparam man page and/or the Linux BootPrompt-HOWTO ( There's I see the advantage of shipping it as a VT-100, but I don't see any advantage in blocking power users from unlocking its full potential.Nobody wants to work on hobby projects

Test 1- Bootcamp volume shows in Finder.>>>Yes2. The kernel will have a default location to search for a root filesystem (and any Linux boot loader, like LILO, LOADLIN.EXE, or SYSLINUX will let you pass kernel parameters to over-ride If it looks something like: SIOCSIFADDR: No such device eth0: unknown interface: No such device ... If it's socketed instead of soldered into the motherboard, then you can pull the chip, wait ... (you guessed it!) ...

I believe it is listed in the boot order screen as 1) APTI CDROM I will go into the BIOS and peek at the boot order screen if you'd like. The users are. This is an exercise best done very slowly. Most of my real work happens in my VM's so I don't mind it.

how to remove additional languages from anaconda installer? Is this actual BOOT.INI file that you have? This last step continues until a shutdown command sends init a command to shut down and either reboot or halt. My MB is Gigabyte X58 UD3R v2.0.

But it does not even allow me to enter. You can also build your own DVD player. I'm going to close this thread. If a company doesn't want to push what is often only a few hundred lines of C to make their devices work under Linux, thats their right.

The card, or the slot that it's in, is defective. Is it so bad, then, that PCs exist for running sandboxed code-signed applications? diydsp 1037 days ago What do you have a kitchen for? There is an option " Bootable " check it and power off and remove usb and reboot and you have a working OS. click for more info It's got absolutely nothing to do with your situation. CSDude 1037 days ago It is a story about all of them, I did not say Secure Boot caused this problem,

If I tap the down arrow before that happens it seems to freeze the bootloader properly and I can select WIN2K. I turned off the PnP liek teh linksys website said, and I turned the motherboard setting from PnP on that IRW to the ISA setting. If you wish to repair an installation, ALWAYS go to the second instance of repair.

I tried to install Windows 8 Pro from MSDNAA, and it said it cannot because of the internal license on my pc.

You seem to have the reverse problem as mentioned in the Fusion Drive article.You may have to use OS X Mavericks: Reset your computer's PRAM.Take a look at OS X: Keyboard Sep 26, 2014 6:06 PM Helpful (1) Reply options Link to this post by Banango, Banango Sep 27, 2014 7:11 PM in response to Loner T Level 1 (0 points) Sep First thing to try: (SunOS 4.x.x) Get to the boot monitor prompt by holding down the stop and A. This is your WinStor.This configuration is very fragile (and I consider it the worst Engineering invention to come out of Apple).

That's really strange because the log you attached shows that your system has a BIOS (ie not EFI) and the Endless OS bootloader (GRUB) was written to the MBR. Sometimes a microwave is the best tool for a job. (For defrosting red meat, for example.) But chefs don't insist on forcing their microwave to somehow do all their kitchen-related tasks; The FSF link seems more technically accurate as far as I can tell as a non-linux, non-uefi user, but most of their problems are hypothetical and not so much practical problems Once a root fs is mounted, then the Linux kernel will search for a /dev/console device and a /sbin/init program, opening the one and executing the other.

But knowledge is power, and educated users are difficult to control and deceive, so the "developers", the ones who want to remain in control, don't want that happening.> We put barriers If you use a boot floppy, use SYSLINUX (a floppy boot loader that works on MS-DOS formatted floppies but boots Linux kernels). Any command attempted / repair attempted whether from thumbdrive or HDD loopsback to the same message. I wasn't aware of that at all.

decide they don't like me and give me the boot even if my product is perfectly fine? Any letters may refer to empty "slots" (cable connectors). Fundamentally a Linux kernel doesn't "care" how it got loaded. For them the release of this software is actually more risk than reward (they'll get flooded with tech support and enhancement requests, etc).

A quick search on the terms "Linux XFree Savage Mesa" returns links to about 100 mirrors of Linux Gazette issue 34 where someone else asked basically the same question (with no The benefits, however are massive. It's actually possible to use all three authentication methods for every single PPP connection (the user has to supply a username, a password, and their PPP daemon as to supply PAP Set vars in %post from boot prompt FYI: Second Install - Do it yourself is better.

Can you double-check your BIOS settings? Arnav Bhattacharya. Your other option is to shove GRUB (or similar) on a FAT32 drive and boot from that when you want to boot Windows.FWIW, my key/activation is stored in firmware on my Kick off the install and cross your fingers.

Do you have separate backups of the Windows side? then you're asking the right question. It combines the things I want from Windows and Linux, so I have no need to change OS. This wasn't there before I did the "repointing" you showed me how to do.I tried using the Win81 Startup Repair via USB and it doesn't work at all.

In BIOS settings, navigate thru the screens/menus and look for BOOT ORDER or BOOT SEQUENCE. The fact that my (Genuine -- it's what I used to install 2000)) bootable WIN2K disk and the bootable microsoft floppy set won't boot either is puzzling. Hide Question All replies Helpful answers Page 1 of 5 Next last by Loner T,★Helpful Loner T Sep 26, 2014 6:06 PM in response to Banango Level 7 (27,819 points) Safari Even completely above-reproach independent bodies can still be co-opted by subpoenas and the like.

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Dual Boot Setup Snafu.please Help!

Chuck What error to you get? Noob friendly Linux distributions like Ubuntu provide excellent support of all the points you mention.


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