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My Pc will not read my external drive

Cd - rom not showing

DVD writer not recognized

pc desktop dvd not working

CD Drive not working?

CD Drive not communicating with computer at all

windows 7 not detecting USB (the memory device)

External f/w DVDRW not recognised

CD-ROM not detected

Optical drive is 'removed' under another user account

Cannot see USB Memory Stick / Pen Drive when installed

DVD-ROM stopped working.


Windows has stopped showing my Cd drive on "My Computer"

cd/dvd rom dont work

CD ROM Drive and DVD Drive are not functioning

dvd drive not detected

Problems Accessing Hard Disk From USB Pendrive

Missing Cd-rom

Win7 no longer seems to recognize USB drives as external

My CD/DVD icon has dissapeared

Optical Drives not working.

Windows XP Disc Not recognized

Disc Drive help

writing to cd drive not right

CD/DVD Drive Not Recognized

Cannot get XP to detect my USB hardware properly - help please !

usb drive not found

Disappeared internal CD/DVD burner

PC won't recognize USB devices

cdrom not reognised

optical device not found

my cd drive disappeared

Hard Disk Drive dosent open correctly

Cannot detect usb flashdrive

Suddenly Back-up CD is not recognized by XP

CD/CVD Drive not being recognised

Computer doesn't recognize Mass Storage Device (G Drive)

Quirky Problem - Recognizing Multiple External Disks

CD Drive not reading disks

XP Detects CD Rom That Isn't There

DVD reading problm in XP

problem with hard disks in disk management console

Problems with C and DVD drives.please help!

Cd rom missing

no letter drive and USB problem

CD/DVD drive not being recognized

Please Help! Windows 8 - Not recognizing Drives

No usb in win7? but linux fine?

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic: Calling ID has stopped working

removable disk f disappeared from my computer

Vista & usb devices

can't get dvd/cd rewriter to work

Cd/dvd Rom Drive Gone After 1 Use

Optical Drive suddenly not seen

dvd recognition

help cd writer quit working

cd/dvd devise issuses

new hard drive won't read cds

cant turn on jump drive 1

CD drive problems

Missing Driver for my Dvd plaver (Vista Trouble)

DVD not working

dvd/cd-rom problem

flash not seen in my computer

Computer Doesnt Recognise Usb

Computer won't recognize USB-devices properly anymore!

Usb there than gone.not recognized

Sumodisk USB hard drive not recognised Windows 7

error for CD driver

Not seeing CD/DVD rom drives

XP not recognizing CD/DVD

CD drive not showing up in my computer

my CD drive


Disc Station Disapeared

dvd/cd drive not recognized

disk drive not being recognized

CD/DVD-Rom Drive missing and System Recovery files missing

DVD stopped working

CD Drive not recognised

windows vista cd player


Drive not ready- system halted

dvd drive & flash drives not recognised


Burner Not Reconised

thumb drive not recognized in windows

XP Not Recognizing Memory Stick

cd drive missing from MY COMPUTER. Lower upper filters missing?

Can't see my DVD-ROM drive!

CD Rom Drive Problem.

CD-ROM not found message

CD ROM drive not detected

Vista 64bit stopped recognizing and connecting to external drives.

CD/DVD Registry Error

Why does it say CD/DVD-ROM drive not found?

CD/DVD rom problems

Disc Drive not working.

disk problems Dell running Windows XP

not seeing DVDRRW/ CD-rw

2nd drive not seen in my computer

usb flash drive not appearing

DVD Drive Not Detected! Please Help

My Computer display doesn't show drive contents

Disc Drive not reading discs

my CD writer stopped working

Dvd Problem

DVD-RW Drive not finding disks?

my cd rom trouble

USB Keys not bein seen by my computer.

dvd drive not working properly

kingston pendrive not working

Cd-ROM and DVDs no longer recognised

windows xp cd - drive problem

Dvd rw drive not reading discs

problem with DVD rom drivers

Dvd drives do not show in windows explorer

dvd rom drive not there


USB Pen Drive not appearing

Windows XP File Explorer won't recognize CD-ROM or DVD discs w/o Win Media Player

Disc drive not reading cd's

New DVD drive will not detect!

USB flash drive not detected (sorry if in wrong forum)

unable to access my memory stick from windows usb port

External Drive Not showing up

Problem with DVD/CD Rom drivers

computer wont read dvds.

cd drive is missing

HD in USB enclosure won't moutn/no drive letter

dvd drive not writing

Sony Optiarc drive not playing blu rays!

Corrupt driver for cd/dvd drive

Dvd writer Error. in Xp

CD rom issue in vista!

Dvd's not running

dvd/cd drive not found

CD Drive Missing.

no burning drive found

DVD player not there

lost removable disk f

Windows Vista external USB drives not working

CD stopped seeing files

Computer does not recognize external hard drive

External hard drive not showing as a drive in windows 7

256MB Flash Drive NOT recognized

vista not recognizing my internal & external cd/dvd rom drives

Pc will not recognise my back-up CD any more

Missing CD-ROM Drivers

Browsing DVD-ROM no longer works

System not detecting CD-ROM drive

No flash stick recognized anymore

DVD-RW and CD-RW not showing up at all

Computer doesn't recognize dvd/cd drive

USB Ports Don't Recognize Flash Drives or External Hard Drives

computer cant find CD ROM

Flash drive Usb and HDD problem after Infected

O drive taken by Network drive and flash drive can't be used

Problem with CD/DVD-ROM Drivers

Drive not reading Discs

USB Thumb Drive -- Returns "Unknown Device" error

DVD Driver Problems


Cd Rom Drive Problems

Where did my CD rom go?

CD-ROM icon not shown in My Computer

Not recognizing CD player

Not recognizing disk drives

My CD/DVD-RW Rom Broken?

CD Burner missing

Win 7 recognize's my HDD as a USB device

External USB drive shows up in Devices & P

USB Drives not properly mounted

Vista Home Premium DVD-RW problems

How come I cant open up my drives now?

USB Flash drive being detected but not installing drivers

[resolved]CD-ROM Problem

Driver not recognized in vista reinstall

Computer doesn't recognize my optical drive as a dvd-rw drive!

DVD RW Drive (F:) not finding ANYTHING?

Recognizing optical drives

dvd-rom troubles- is it XP related?

missing or corrupted cd rom?

Error on setting up XP using 6 disk set from Microsoft CD drive not reading anything

Problem w/ Ext USB Drive

CD-RW/DVD ROM Drive problem

CD-RW/DVD-ROM corrupted or missing.

HELP! Cant use CDROM drives under winXP?!

dvd drive not avaliable

Flashdrive name missing

Windows Vista CD/DVD player issue

crazy removable device problem

cd/dvd problem

XP Not Recognizing CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Drives

CD DVD drive does not work

Pc does not recognize USB

XP Pro doesn't recognize external SG 250gb drive

dvd drive not visible

USB Disk not found .

CD not showing in drives

CD/DVD drive is neither working nor displayed in my computer

External USB drive not rec

CD Rom drivers gone

USB Flash drive not Showing.

Computer will not recognize DVD or Dvd-rom

usb sata drive not recognized by xp

dvd/cd/usb not showing on my computer

Dell 1100 and ATAPI DVD/RW drive issues!

Drive D not recognized

pen drive not showing up in my computer!

Can't browse usb hard drive on windows 8.

Corrupt cd rom drive

CD-rom and DVD drives not working

Win 7 doesnt recognise USB thumb drive or CD's!

flash drive not showing up

Disk Drive Drivers

C: Drive Not Viewable

problems with cd drive under win9x/winXP

DVD Drive Not Recognized by my computer

DVD Burner Not Showing as Recordable Device

Windows XP Disc Reading Help

can't plug in USB devices

Disc not recognised by pc.

CD Drives sort of not recognized :S

CD Drive Problem

My computer won't read any of my USB !

XP SP3 and writing problem in DVD RW

What happened to my CD and DVD drives?

DVD Rom not recognised

DVD Ram Drive not reading

Odd DVD-ROM problem

Problem To Find Flash Driver

Help(again!) Removable drives have disappeared?


Cannot open hard disk drives from "My Computer"

Laptop USB flash drives/ sd cards not working - recognized but need to format

Cd/dvd drive woes.

cd's not running properly

XP Not reading Software CD's

CD Rom not working

External drive not recognized by Win7 (64bit)

cd driver not in service

CD-RW stopped working

Does not show the CD/DVD drive.

USB memory stick undetected by hardrive

Can't find dvd rom drive in my computer

DVD/CD ROM drive problems.

CD-ROM Issue intalling XP

CD/DVD rom problem

Drives won't show up under 'Computer'

windows does not recognize external hard drive

Recognising inserted flash drives

Problem in cd drive

Win 7 does not recognize external hard disk

4GB Toshiba USB drive not working in XP

No optical drives working with VISTA need help

dvd drive not working

Problems with CD/DVD Drive

DVD drive not showing

Messed with the Add/Remove and now My Laptop Can't Play DvDs(RESOLVED)

cd-r drive not working

Can't reinstall windows - laptop doesn't recognize disks.

cd rom not recognized

Pioneer DVD RW DVR-K17 ATA won't run

Can't Install New DVD- ROM drive

cd/dvd rom missing

CD-ROM drive not detected by Windows Xp Pro

Disk Drive not detecting Cd/Dvds

dvd-burner drive not reading driver cd

CD Drive not seeing anything

windows cd gone

My Pc Cant Read Any Discs

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