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Cpu Usage Troubleshooting

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CPU Usage always 100%

Frequent CPU 100% usage jump while idle

100% Computer Usage

Something is using CPU

Problems with CPU usage in vista

High cpu usuage during use and slow startup

CPU use 100%

CPU usage 100% because of some .exe files

Vista 64-Bit CPU Usage 100% w/Videos

explorer.exe taking up 100% CPU usage all the time

CPU Usage

High CPU usage/slow running.possible vundo/MS JUAN.Please help

CPU Usage jumps to 100% for no reason

CPU usage always around 50% when idle

CPU Easily goes to 100% :(

laptop slow and having idle issues

100% CPU Usage In need of help

High CPU usage hangs

Cant run Ad-aware 2007 & 100% CPU usage

CPU usage at 100% all the time.

100% CPU usage

CPU running at 99%

svchost way too high and no sound

high cpu uage and slow pc!

CPU running at 100% (Moved from Security Forum)

Zaney CPU Usage.

50% CPU usage.?

ANY Video takes up 100% of CPU

unexplained cpu usage HELP PLEASE

Wacky CPU Usage/ slower performance

Heavy CPU use-age - possibly svchost.exe related?

Chrome processor usage

CPU running at 100% for no known reason!? HELP

DatamanagerUI.exe seems to be using up all of my CPU

cpu at 100% when playing internet video

CPU usage cycles up-and-down after OS reinstall

not responding message and cpu running at 100%

Windows Vista machine running painfully slow and has high CPU usage

CPU usage slows the computer

CPU Usage jumping sporadically

cpu is 100%

CPU usage Win7

99% system cpu usage pls help me

CPU usage > 98% all the time

High CPU usage

Extremely Slow Computer with 100% CPU

Firefox and IE running slow (100% cpu usage)

CPU at 100%?

CPU Keeps reaching 100%

taskmgr.exe is using 99% of my cpu.

Slow computer.always 100% cpu usage?!

Laptop is extremely slow yet under half memory usage.

CPU Usage: 100% problem

Diagnose tool for 100% CPU usage

CPU usage 50%+ when playing warcraft 3

My CPU keeps jumping from 23-75%

CPU Usage 100%

64bit Vista 100% CPU Usage On New HP "Entertainment" Laptop

My CPU Usage please help! PLEASE READ THIS SUMONE!

Cpu at 100% when I connect the USB

CPU usage does not add up correctly!

CPU usage 50% and higher

Applications Randomly Eating 100% CPU

Cpu Usage Randomly Hits 100%

Need your help please cpu 100%

HELP -puppyboyz + other hijackers have my [email protected]% usage!

freedom anti virus at 100% cpu usage

cpu usage is high after disk defragmentation

Slow performance and High CPU use

Laptop CPU spikes to 99%?

Unstable CPU: Likely Virus Infection

Excess CPU usage at startup and while running.

cpu usage always high

Cpu usage spiking 25-35% steady.

XP running at 100%

Please Help-CPU runs constantly

100% CPU in XP with no logical reason. help!

90% CPU usage after using password recovery

100% CPU Usage and crashing issues

100% CPU usage with premiere pro

Firefox and high CPU usage

CPU usage pegged 100 %

Windows 7 100% CPU no processes running!?

CPU usage 51%

Slow PC and 100% PC usage.

SVCHOST.EXE making cpu usage at 100% and slowing computer to a crawl

CPU slowdown; All Personal Files Erased.

Sudden spikes in RAM and CPU percentage

System too slow - CPU 100% usage

CPU Usage Overload

Chrome CPU usage

Problem with CPU monitor

CPU showing 100% Usage Constantly?

Cpu usage -> 100% Out of nowhere No evidence of what program.

Cpu usage constantly high

High CPU Usage all of a sudden!

Random popups and cpu running 50%

CPU cycles high

CPU Usage ALWAYS at 100%!

100% processor usage

100% CPU Usage - Slow Computer

CPU @ 100% All The Time on new xp Install

explorer takes up increasing cpu usage and memory

System suddenly very sluggish and unresponsive with no CPU hogging.

CPU usage jumping around

CPU Usage Bouncing All Over the Place

High CPU usage % (60-100%)

PC slowing down terribly and svchost.exe at 99% CPU usage. Please Help.

o/t cpu usage 100%

CPU usage regularly hits 100%

CPU usage at 100%

Big CPU Lag - Possibly Malware

CPU usage 100% suddenly

How do I lower my CPU usage? My usage is at 100%

Windows Messenger uses 100% cpu

PC very slow - CPU 100%

Very High Cpu Usage + Slow Internet Speeds

100% CPU usage.Need some help really bad. please

CPU Usage way too high

CPU Usage Stuck on 100%

CPU Uses 100%

100% CPU

idel computer shows cpu usage 100%

CPU Usage 100% when running programmes

Desktop doesn't show; services.exe using 99% CPU

cpu usage increased.

vista word 2007 cpu usage

Excess CPU usage

High CPU usage since a few days.

cpu usage 100% - running super slow

100% use of CPU by Task Manager after every 30sec

Slow computer with CPU usage at 100%

FireFox Hogs CPU

Google links hijacked and CPU usage maxing out

Computer sometimes hangs under 100% CPU load

What is eating my CPU?


internet problems and cpu at 100%

100 % CPU problem with several programs /games

PC sits on 100% CPU. Could i have been highjacked

constant 100% CPU usage

Windows using 100% CPU usage all the time.

Slow Startup and Program Launch - CPU Usage HIGH

svchost and tftp cause xp to freeze help me

100% CPU used after I start my computer.

IE 90% CPU Usage

Having %100 CPU Problems

Computer bogs down/CPU 99%

process running at 100% usage

Pc runs at high CPU usage issue

cpu stuck on 100 percent

Laptop starting to run slow&constantly running at high CPU Usage

high cpu usage problem please help if can

CPU Usage Too High And Computer Too Slow

100 per cent cpu

CPU usage spikes! Hijack this and Dss logs.

Need Help CPU Usage 100%

High CPU Usage and firewall hits

CPU Usage 100% on startup. Can't do anything.

Cpu - 100%

Cpu runs at 100% in standby

services.exe cpu usage unstable

Idle CPU use

CPU 100% For every Action Done

CPU usage is 100%

Running Vista Home (Log Attached) Help

Task Manager CPU Utilization at 100%

Processoe usage very high

Trojan Horse Generic15.AVLU svchost.exe Infecting my XP System - HELP!? Revised

cpu usage over 70% on idle .

CPU goes to 100% when using internet

CPU USAGE is unstable

CPU is going way too high

superweird 100% cpu problem

High CPU Usage after start

JPG Files Maxing out CPU usage

Skype hogging my CPU

Major processor lag at points. virus suspected

Explorer.exe uses a lot of CPU usage and memory

Mozilla - 0% CPU usage

I think this is a virus. Drops CPU Usage to 0% and Freezes with internet disconnect

Another cpu% running high.Please help.

IE Taking 99% CPU [Moved to HJT forum]

Why is my CPU Usage always so high?

Huge CPU and slow internet

Laptop CPU Usage is out of control! Lagging!

HUGE cpu surge- for no reason?

CPU Usage off the Scale

High CPU use all the time

High CPU Usage for 'Nothing'

CPU usage 100%; computer unusable; GMER not functioning properly x64 Windows7

CPU is showing multiple usage percentages?

Unusal CPU activity

100% pc usage ans slow plz help

Problem: CPU Usage becomes 100%

laptop is slow - CPU is going high

Hovering at 50% CPU Usage

help cpu usage 100%

100% CPU usage problem

Shut Down Hangs and Maxed out CPU

My Laptop's CPU is spiking in usage and hitting 100% during games/videos

Very Strange CPU Usage Problem

High CPU & General Slow Running

My CPU usage shows 100% Usage

Every program uses High CPU Usage

CPU at 100% - PLEASE HELP!

CPU Usage fluctuating

Problem with cpu usage

Vista CPU Usage jumping

Is there any way to lower CPU usage.? ++

Slow performance (CPU usage 50%)

Chrome causing high CPU usage while watching videos.

Windows Vista CPU usage problems

CPU at 100% When i Use IE or Mozilla

CPU usage maxing out

pop-ups and cpu slowness

Extremely slow internet connection and 100% CPU usage often

firefox high CPU usage and etc

Few Second Freeze w/ CPU Core(s) at 100%

95% cpu

Explorer.exe rises to 50% cpu when browsing network drivers

High cpu levels could be virus

CPU Running at 80 to 100%

Processor running at constant 50%+

cpu usage high

High CPU time with no running apps

Unusual High CPU Usage

HELP! My CPU Usage is at 100% constantly!

CPU Usage 60-100%

cpu working while idle

High CPU usage WIN7

Little Spikes in CPU: Log Help Please

Computer cpu Used up randomly

CPU usage at 100% always

help please update cpu maxing out

Explorer.exe Taking 95% Cpu Usage

CPU pegs at 100%; can't open certain webpage

Ridiculous CPU Usage after Clean Install

100 % CPU Usage. Please HELP!

CPU Usage 100% when online

100% CPU usage almost constantly. HELP!

cpu runs high

high cpu usage - slowing computer!

LSASS.exe spiking CPU usage to 80% and up

CPU usage meter always in red.

CPU Usage meter running high

Services.exe and iexplorer causing erratic CPU usage

Slow Boot CPU 100%

cpu usage 90-100%. need help

CPU Usage increase to 100% when open some certain website

CPU Usage prob

CPU usage frequently reaches 100%

Acer Aspire 5517 acting crazy!

CPU usage indicator stuck at 100%

CPU usage frequently at 100%

Cpu Usage 100% - Hijack This Log

100% PCU usage! HELP!

100% cpu usage while watching online videos or surfing

Task manager shows 100% use of CPU

CPU is often at 100%. Don't know why.

CPU at 100%-HELP!

Please Help - CPU Usage Contantly at 100%

System is hogging my cpu usage

services.exe uses almost 100% CPU while connecting to internet

CPU usage has constant peaks

CPU always working at 13/16%.

Problem: Taskmgr running at 50% with a grand total of 100% process being used

Logging CPU usage program?

CPU consuming 100 percent

Problem with cpu at 100%

CPU usage at 100% most of time

High CPU Usage after installing a new DVD-RW

100% CPU Utilization

CPU Usage Way too High! Help!

Processes going to 100%

100% CPU usage but no processes

CPU Usage Problem

CPU Usage % Spiking/Low performance

cpu usage 100% solved

99% High CPU Usage

CPU 100% after trojan horse_cx

Laptop uses 100% cpu on bootup

Windows XP 100% CPU Usage

high explorer.exe cpu usage

CPU usage issue & framerate issue

New computer- Usage 100%

Unusual High CPU Usage Issue

Problems loading some sites and big CPU usage when idle

Mozilla crashing the os due to its excessive cpu usage.

CPU Running 100% After Computer on for 20 minutes

Vista using 100% of CPU

High CPU Usage because of my browser

100% CPU Usage New install Please help.

Very High CPU Consuption

CPU usage at 100% for no apparent reason!

Processor 100% when running specific Excel spreadsheet

Cpu utilization 100% in my pc

CPU and Memory near 100%

Help with choppy video playback (non-web) high CPU usage.

CPU keeps on running

Help! My Cpu Usage is constantly spiking to 100%

CPU usage question

Abnormal CPU usage

Some programs use 100% CPU

CPU constantly at 100% as laptop slows to a halt

CPU usage 100% with no programs running

CPU reaches 100% while playing video

XP running slow - cpu shows 100%

Computer getting unsual CPU Usage high at around 100%

Adobe Acrobat X high CPU usage after closing

CPU maxed out

unexplained CPU usage high

something is using 50% of my pc and it's not me

CPU Usage is en fuego.

Internet Explorer freezes - 100% CPU usage

cpu 100% and then turns off. any ideas what's causing this?

0% CPU usage / Very Slow

IE CPU Usage 100%

Sound breaks up on startup & cpu nearly 100% most of the time

HijackThis Log: problem with speed and CPU usage

Unusually high CPU usage

99% CPU Usage

CPU peaking 100% freeze

Computer Slow Freezes and High Cpu

Possible Malware - Machine Constantly running at 100%

Constant CPU Usage flucuation

My CPU usage is sky high all the time

please help:a virus on my laptop uses 99% of cpu

CPU at unusually high loads

100% CPU usage problem - Help!

CPU running @ 100%

CPU 100% usage all the time using XP

CPU usage out of control/slower comp too

Explorer.exe creeping up to 100% CPU usage

Help! CPU usage varying

100%CPU on Acer Aspire5515 os is VHE

CPU usage spikes to 40% every 10 seconds.

Abnormal CPU usage percent

CPU goes crazy when I open programs.

cpu usage often at 100% - help!

100% cpu usage in 1 account

high cpu usage after fresh install

popups/pc almost forzen (cpu usage)

CPU usage 100% when visiting simple web pages

PCTAVsvc.exe takes 100% of cpu usage and windows slows down alot

help with lowering processes

MSIE Slow/Freezes- CPU 100%

Very High CPU

100% CPU Usage probably ccsvchst

2 amd c 60apu processors running on my brand new ASUS computer

CPU Usage is consistently over 90%

Explorer.exe taking up 50% of CPU usage

frequent cpu 100% explorer not responding

Please Help! CPU 100% and running slow

cpu usage high at idle

XP freezing /locking up.CPU running at 100%

Hijack This Help! (100% cpu usage on idle).a challenging one.

Computer Problems - High CPU Usage - Computer Lag

CPU usage 100% Unable to Run GMER

CPU usage always around 50%

Computer is slow - CPU is 100%

System too slow CPU 100%

My CPU sits on 100%

CPU usage too high at the opening.

CPU Usage - services.exe and TM Internet 2007[Moved from Windows]

High CPU usage after starting the PC

PC got slow. 100% CPU usage always. need help!

weird cpu usage spikes

CPU Usage showing 60 - 70% constantly & system getting slowly process

Possible Virus - CPU Usage and Fan High

CPU hitting 80% and slow PC. Help?.

100% CPU Use

Process using up huge amount of CPU power

High Percentage of CPU Usage

100% CPUsage

cpu usage unusually too much

firefox and IE running very slow (100% CPU usage)

CPU Usage up to 100%

System going crazy with CPU usage

Another 100% cpu usage post

Windows or CPU problem

XP SP2 hp laptop. 100% CPU usage when idle.

CPU Usage 75-100%

Iexplorer and Firefox send CPU to 100%

vista: cpu always above 50% without any reason!

CPU Usage always at 50% b/c of explorer.exe

[resolved] 100% CPU Usage XP

Vista Basic CPU usage at 100%

CPU Maxes out while charging

Cpu usage 100% (Not typical problem)

100% cpu usage help.

CPU usage too high

high cpu usage cant find the problem

CPU usage 100% all the time

Help! 100% cpu usage while using IE

Task Manager shows 100% CPU Usage

CPU usage 100% - Video card problem?

Logs posted for CPU 100% usuage slow down problem

High CPU usage slowing down computer

CPU 100% problem

CPU always 100%

PC Pauses 1% CPU Usage

CPU Usage problems

I am having problems with my computer running at 100% usage

High CPU usage causing frequent crashes?

Cpu Loads At 100% When I Play My Game

Some please help me 100% CPU Usage fresh install HJL included

IE Jumping to 100% CPU usage The Freezing

explorer.exe cpu usage 99% usage

CPU 100% - how to solve?

My CPU usage 100%

100% CPU Load

Performance problems - pc not using all resources

CPU Randomly shoots up to 100% when Idle

computer running high cpu usage and shuts off cuz of this

CPU usage @50% and computer will not shut down

unusual cpu usage

CPU usage consistently high

Computer at 50% usage at idle

Notebook fine for a while then hit with 100% CPU usage

High CPU usage at rest

CPU 100% Usage

CPU pegged at 100%

CPU Usage Meter Running High & PC Running Slow!

100% cpu usage on start up

cpu load issue

Super high CPU usage

Almost constant 100% cpu usage

Task Manager shows 50-70 Processes. Too Much!? Help

IE error for other users on CPU

Cpu usage rise frequently(up to 100%)

CPU usage is higher than normal

regsvr32.exe & svchost.exe Using Up All CPU

Firefox takes 27% CPU Usage

cpu-gone and usage maxes out on apps

CPU is [email protected] 100% and my computer is very slow

[RESOLVED] Choppy response with low CPU usage

restrict programs resources

Please Help! CPU Usage is at 100%

100% cpu usage in nero and adobe premiere

PC Running Slow/Freezing/CPU100%

Random and frequent CPU flashing at 100%

My computer is running really slow & keeps saying i'm using 100% CPU usage

CPU 100% with no particular reason.

Please help - CPU Usage by alarm.exe is 99%

cpu goes to 100% for some reason

100% cpu usage in XP

explorer.exe taking up all my CPU usage all the time

Another 100% CPU usage!

CPU usage 100% problem - please help

explorer.exe - 100% CPU usage

Process that makes computer slow (99%) !

100% processor load with nothing open?

High cpu usage with high internet activity


Too much CPU being used up

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