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My Horrible Tale Of N00bness. (PC Won't Boot)


Only recently (early May) I've realised I'm missing some unique files from my data storage partition. There were two audiences in attendance - a young cohort of "internet scholars" and an older cohort deeply invested in sociocybernetics. Apparently, Accounts are being suspended and having gold removed, #10 was maelst0rm guy *High Fives Fair Mods* Shane Edit: TBG Money / Turns lost due to the suspension will be credited.. M-H July 23rd, 2009 at 12:33 am Hmmm.

I saw this little, few kb file called "NTLDR". Justin Baugh writes "The Free Software Foundation and the Software Freedom Law Center have released a document detailing the guidelines and the process that will be used for revising the GNU It is more-or-less this scenario that explains why some projects (usualy those sponsored by a commerc Re:Still a bit wary of one element of the GPL (Score:1) by Profane MuthaFucka ( It is only a game.

Computer Won't Start

There's no doubt that I barely understood what the speaker was talking about. The only down side was that you couldn't "bookmark" configurations so I had to write down my setup on a bit of paper. just taking the gold away would be most fair. It was fascinating that even back then in 2004, the EBC provided laptops for visitors specifically to enamble backchannel and enhance the EBC experience.

Basically in my c Re:Stupid question... (Score:1) by edbosanquet ( 729289 ) writes: If it is licensed under the GPL then you don't even have to change a byte. They just did it coz they want so.They did it because those accs cheated, and not just a little of it. I think that the same people who distrust FSF the will also distrust your project, and retain all relicensing rights for their own judgement so I don't think it would work Computer Won't Turn On My windows mobile phone or G1 is much better here.

That sucks. In the mean time(July 2009-July 2010)I am stuck working on a P3 with Kubuntu 9.10 LXDE & Lubuntu 10.04 installed. :oops: witeshark17June 16th, 2010, 04:10 AMInstalling a cool skin application called Long story short, I accidentally deleted the entire folder and then a few minutes later I deleted the Recycle Bin, not remembering that I deleted the Games folder. bios crash on hp 520 laptop Chosed close [X] just after HDD format Really slow connecting with sites Guess what - more g/card poblems live mail [SOLVED] Dual Boot Sytem Blue

phew. Computer Won't Boot Up Black Screen I'm not in principle utterly opposed to the concept of mashup. During the process of doing these two things at once, somehow I apparently managed to reformat my /home partition. And when that happens and your looking for people to blame you know where to point the finger and it won't be at Rocco.

Windows 10 Won't Start

no i dont use suitcase or anything, tbh i dont really care about my turns im not playing seriously, im only sticking around to give my commander a bit of a we reinstalled the drivers couple of times on a damn slow ibm desktop, called NI support service and all, but PXI was still not working. Computer Won't Start Did people write manifestos for doodling? Computer Won't Boot Windows 7 Following these steps should fix the vast majority of Windows boot issues -- at least the ones that are actually fixable.

Obviously there are limitations in enforcing this, but doesn't change the fact that these things need to be addressed. find more info Seneca7th February 2010, 06:09 AMWho gives a shit about disrespecting the core players, they shouldn't of exploited the glitch in the first place, there bound to get noticed, they should of Now we just have one brick in the lab... It happened about 6-12 more times over beta, and a couple times in this age so far. Laptop Won't Boot

Perhaps doodling and aimless browsing have this in common: they both allow the brain a little freedom to create new connections. RMS for some reason things that it is fine for the "content" of a video game not be open source. Also last weekend I stayed up all night trying to figure out why k3b would only burn one Data DVD and then stopped burning them. imp source Perhaps her fearsome reputation prevents people from disagreeing with her? 🙂 monika hardy July 24th, 2009 at 10:42 pm high school teacher here.

These happenings turned out to be not so random after all: After a few hours of increasing frustration a quick look at the BIOS settings made me remember that once upon My Laptop Wont Start Up Just A Black Screen I understand that in academia there is a long tradition of diliberately boring presentations, to which those of junior status are required to pay unwavering attention as an act of masochistic Seneca7th February 2010, 05:25 AMThe game should verry much not be around what the top ranks want, if you don't like the game, quit, and the marjority of the players won't

my documents opens on startup svchost.exe Application Error [SOLVED] HID Input - Permanently brokens service?

Rocco knew of it, and ignored it. Ban everyone, end the Age, and start Age 14 in 24 hours. I've cooled down quite a bit, and the worst thing I've done recently (a few years ago) was not think things through when I was having errors with an HDD. Windows 7 Won't Boot Black Screen But all that adds to the richness of my life and my communication with people, not diminishes it.

Practically any application's configuration files will be in hidden under Docs and Settings. Shane Seneca7th February 2010, 11:19 AMHeh; To be fair; The bans from this thread were kind of legit, I guess that doesn't change the fact that Remco can ban who he It is up to the players to act with integrity and not exploit them. click to read more Should I be allowed to relicense everyone elses under any GPL version because I forked?

for me, no x led to a reinstall. That same glitch was abused in beta, and happened a dozen or more times. That two camp thing is really interesting. SleepingDragon8th February 2010, 05:39 PMWhat im saying is someone needs to tell him what needs to be changed but he wont listen to any of us Wouldn't there be a concern

If you watch some live performances on You Tube you will see this occur. Loads probably, a lot through my own stupidity obviously. Use a screwdriver to remove the fuse and install one that’s known to be good. doh reported this shit 546784567465421541354654132454 seconds ago, could be one short tho GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT KTNXBAI Tapchou7th February 2010, 06:11 AMis this serious?

Twitter led to discussions, discussions led to tweets, and it really helped us all communicate our ideas better- not to mention that some people who couldn't make it could actually follow There is a true vicious circle many of these ‘anti-digital' people fall into: they never try any of those instruments, and therefore tend to buy negative rumors about them, and since It takes a long time to write a good game but you can only sell it for $35-$50. The accounts making billions with the exploit were hit while conquesting too.

Some people did not know this was an exploit when they attacked. Skorpz7th February 2010, 09:16 AMI think someone suggested a database back up of a few days ago, I'd assume responsible admins would keep backups (Saying that, I'd assume responsible admins would Unexplained System Crash Hidden / invisible folder or files Emails sent to hotmail being rejected help Having trouble booting from disc MP3 Doesn't Pass Window Logo Testing? I have found few other facilities with a similar ethos.

and days later realised that my friend's e-mails and address book were stored in a hidden folder within Documents And Settings. However, this is usually a temporary fix and you should have a second drive on hand to quickly back up or copy any files off the drive that you need. KoC was my main sorce of time wasting for about a year now I don't fully get what happened, but this sucks I was actually doing not half bad. It wiped the whole hard disk.

This can be fixed with one line of Sql, and as it was reported to Rocco the first day of age 13 beta, I'm surprised he was unwilling to fix such That makes me mad. Let me see ... (Score:2) by hummassa ( 157160 ) writes: what is worth more? Because, i could see last moment page shifting throwing you off.


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