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Virus or adware "eating up" my PC

Help! Computer Running Slow Please help

Computer getting slower and a virus

Computer running slow again

Slow Lagging Computer

Computer SLOWS after starting & running programs.

Slow computer that shouldnt be slow help!

computer running like crap

Start Up and Performance Issues

Computer running slowly and crashing

Computer slowdown

computer going really slow again

Computer Running Sloooooooow

Computer is running super slow. pleaes help

Computer is acting very slowly

Computer Still Slow

Computer going slo when resizing/moving windows

Computer running super slow

Something really slowing my PC - Possible hidden virus?

Slow computer+slow internet-not sure if virus related

Computer still sluggish!

Computer Running at 90%+ CPU When Idle.HijackThis Log. All Help Appreciated!

Images seem to load slower than usual on my PC.

Computer types very slowly but otherwise runs fine.

Slow Computer+Other Problems!

Signficantly slowed computer/HELP

Slowed overall performence due to spyware

slow computer virus found

Slow computer-no apparent reason

computer running slower than ever

Slowdown computer but no detection

Multiple Viruses plus overall computer slow down

Fast help required! Bad file/virus is blocking computer abilities.

slow system for no reason?

Hijack log file help needed - Computer running too slow. Startup is painful.

Computer acting VERY SLOW

Computer Running Slow and Lagging! Help Needed!

My Super Slow PC

PC is slow.Internet is slow.and a VIRUS that can't go away.HELP PLIZ!

Computer skips and slows down[moved from xp]

computer still extremely slow

Computer running slow/ redirects etc.

Computer SUPER slow.

system slowdown

computer's been a little slow lately.

Programs Crashing and Excessivly SLOW Computer!

Problem: Computer speed is slower than normal

Have some kind of Virus that slows down my Laptop.

Slow running PC Virus?

Please Help - Computer Running VERY Slow

Cpu all over the place- something bogging my system!

Slow Comp. Think Its A Virus

need some help - computer running very slow

Possible Spyware Issue (Computer slow

Computer running very slow! Plz helpwith hjt log.

Slow computer may be attibuted to windows - Help

Computer slowed down terribly and has a mind of its own

PC Slow. Can't delete. Can't run programs. Can't do Panda scan.

Computer not acting right and browser slow

Slow Computer. Log posted

Please Help! Computer is extremely slow!

Very slow computer + other problems

Computer Running Sluggish pt-1

Slow computer / Other stuff

Lots - Slow computer

Computer running VERY slow HELP!

Hijack this - Can someone review Computer running slower than norm

super slow computer

virus slowing down my comp

Computer running Extremely Slow (Vundo Trojan)

Please help! Computer is working very

have major problems of slowness with computer

Computer is booting terrible slow

Computer running extremely slow

system slowness

Computer running slower than usual.

Super slow computer-Heres Hijack log-Can you help?

Slow IE & Adverts/Image Swap

Computer just plain slow

Help-OS Slowing System & Internet Connection

Computer acting up: Lagging

Comp Slowed down a fair bit

Virus slowing down my computer and can't be found

Slow Running Computer possible virus?

Computer running super slow. blue screens of death!

spyware on computer [Moved from XP]

Computer reacting very slowly.

Malware removed but pc still slow - DLLs issues

PC running very slowly due to Vundo Trojan (and maybe others)

Computer running a little sluggish

computer running slow when multitasking followed 5 steps

Computer running terribly slow

Comp slows down and then freezes

First-time Malware victim - vwwdiag32 - computer runs very slow

Extremely slow system with clean scans

Computer on a Go Slow not sure why

Computer speeds through bootup but lags on Windows XP 64x startup.

computer running very slow hasdialers and spyware

Computer running too fast

Computer Runs Slow + LOP

Computer running unusually slow.

Computer slowness with no malware found

computer being REALLY REALLY slow

Computer is really slow due to Spyware. Need Help!

both computers are going slow because of spyware help!

Slow computer for absolutely no reason.

Everything windows-related becomes slow at certain point.

Computer running slow and erratic.

Help With My Slowish Computer

What could be my problem? Computer running very slowly lately

Follow up to slow clunky computer

School Computer running very slow.

PC Been Slow Lately.

System runs slow Possible virsus

Computer slower than before

Computer slowly slowing down

[HELP] [VIRUS]i suck with computers[windows xp] [long] please dont tl;dr :(

slow computer and non starts

Compuer starts slow and I happened to see

Help with computer slowdown

Problem with very slow comptuer

System Performance Issues - Possible Virus

computer running slow after removing ~tmpa.exe

Having some slowdown issues here.

Not sure whats wrong; computer slowing up

Does iTunes store carry viruses or does it usually slow down a pc very significantly?

Computer Running Slowly Virus Check

Computer Slowness and Lagging

Adware/Sluggish Computer

Slower computer than usual

Laptop runs very slow-possible viruses

comp slowdown

Spyware/Slow Cpu

Slow System Response

Computer Running VERY Slow - Can't Figure It Out

everything is slow on this pc

Computer crashed and now resolution is messed up and internet browsing is laggy.

Computer acting a little slow.

computer running slow - can somebody help with hijackthis log?

Computer seems slower than normal

Windows 7 computer runs very slow-no obvious reason?

Slow startup up - Malware problem?

PC slow probably due to a spyware

Slow Computer - Virus?

heres my new scans help plz my computer is running so slow!

Big problems slow proformance

NEW computer is SLOOOOW

computer MUCH slower - please help

Computer Going Real Slow - Possible virus?

Slow Computer/ No Downloads or Updates

Computer very slow and spyware problem?

Computer running ok Brower and Downloads Slow

Computer acting really slow

Slow Performance due to Malware

Computer becomes real slow

Computer becoming slower and slower

Slow pc possible virus.

computers slower

Many Spyware make my PC run bad.

Computer acting unusually slow?

slower computer and other problems

Why is my computer running so sluggishly? log included

Slow Computer with Issues

malware resolved but now slow computer

Slow Computer - possible Hijack

computer running very slow ! if u could just check my hijackthis log please please

computer slower than it should be

Computer running slow -> freezing

Requesting Help with Virus/Spyware/SLOWWWW PC.

Sluggish and Choppy PC performance

Sudden performance problem (crashes/freezes/slowness)

Slow System and Unknown File

Computer Slow - Multiple viruses

computer recently slowed down alot - malware? virus?

This computer runs very slow when it starts

very slow copmuter

my pc going very slow

computer running slower then normal

Need help! Computer runs terribly

computer being very slow

Very Sluggish Computer

Virtual drive slows system by 95%

Please help.slow computer issue. Adware?

System "lag" and slow internet suddenly.

Computer being slow=[

Incredibly slow work computer with seemingly normal specs

seriously slow computer

Computer running slow. Internet disconnects when I leave computer.

pc very very slow

Comp. slower than normal.please help!

PC slow operation

Computer sluggish and acting funny. Want to wipe hard drive.

PC Gets Really Slow & Run Out of Resources

Very very slow computer

Computer running very slow can Hijackthis help

Help PC running extrmely slow

computer is running unusually slow

PC Is Running S-L-O-W

Random popups and bogged down computer

System dead slow . help

PC frquently crashes and is very sluggish

Popups when brower is open and slow speeds

Slowwwww commputer

Very Slow System. Virus or other issue?

PC Running Sooooo Slow

Too Many Ad popups and slow system performance

Slow Slow Slow computer. Followed all links to fixes

Computer is running really slow

Laptop sloooooow. Spyware?

Computer Running Slow-Please Check Log

non booting computer and slowing down

Programs Running Very Slow [moved from Vista/7]

Computer running super slowly.!

Computer speeds faltering

Computer Slow - Virus

My PC is slow and I know I have atleast one Virus - Please help

Computer Really Slow

computer running slow.hjt log

Slow Startup and Run - Possible Malware

Computer Viruses slowing my computer down

Windows 7 barely works but no virus.?

Computer runs very slowly

Windows XP slows down but doesn't detect virus

Computer getting slower

Computer Running Horribly

Followed the 5 steps Still have slow system - browsing ; . Slow computer

Computer acting slower then normal.

computer goign slow

Computer is slow.Pls. Help

Computer slowed down significantly

Another Slow System

Computer Running Excrutatingly slow

Computer really slowing down.

Sluggish computer and more plz

Ran my Utilities but System still very slow

Troubleshooting steps for slow startup

Computer running much slower than normal.

IE very very Slow because of ads234 automatic Routing

supper slow comp cant seem to fix hlp plz

slow PC due to being always corrupted

Computer running very slow - Help Please

Older PC incredibly slow - no malware though

Spyware and viruses slowing computer

PC getting slower by the day.

Newish Computer Running Slowly

computer running slow sluggish again

Please help. Viral problem computer slowed down

moved up: computer being REALLY REALLY slow

Computer running slooooow

afew things slowing me down at times

Search Hijacked and pc slightly sluggish

Please help! (slow comp and lost of new downloads)

Slow boot up - hardware issue or virus?

Computer Acting Up Bad.

Slow Computer Problems (Moved from Other Operating Systems)

Looking for help- slow computer

Computer running slowly (VunDrop

Computer's super slow

I notice computer slow down

Computer running a bit slow

PC slower than normal

Computer running V E R Y S L O W

PC working slower than normal

Computer running slow & misbehaving. HJT log enclosed.

Flowz Computer running slowly CLED error

computer running slow from spyware/viruses?

Slow computer speed & e-mail issues

My desktop is slow

computer running v

Computer acting slow

Computer getting slower by the day!

computer running slow need help HJT

Virus/Slow PC. Please Help

Computer Running Sluggish

Drivers make computer slower?

Computer Running Slow - Log included.

Slower than normal processes.

Slow Computer Issues

Computer is running very slow viruses and spyware possible malware

Everything's been running very slowly for a while now

Computer Slow down.

Computer got slow

Computer Slow May be Spyware

Hard drive corruption causing Windows slowdown?

computer slowing down dont know why someone help plz!

Very slow computer! Possibly no virus or spyware? Help!

SLoW Computer issue

PC Slow Problem

Can someone help my slow system?

Random computer speed issues.

Many runs slow

Help slow computer

slow computer and other problems

Computer running very slow. Possible worm?

Computer Acting Slower Than Normal

Slow computer! But such clean scans

pc is way slower than normal

Having problem with speed on PC

Computer MUCH slower than usual!

Computer running quite slow

Computer running slowly cannot go online

Not Normal Slow/Stopped Computer

Video hangs and slows down everything

System very slow with freezing periods

Problems with Comp[Slow]

Irrationally slow pc performance

Slow computer-not sure why

Computer running irradically

Computer running really slowly. Maybe this will help?

Scans say Im clean But something is slowing PC

Computer got really slow after sending to comnputer shop?

Laptop is running VERY slow! Must be a virus.

Very Slow Computer - Different PC This Time

PC slows down with games BIG TIME

computer running very slow.have no idea what it could be.thanks

Multiple users vs slow running pc

Computer Running Slow (Hijack log)

Computer running laggy overall

Very slow startup plus malware/viruses

probable viruses/slow pc

Malware Problem- Extemely sluggish computer

Slower PC by a virus

Slow Computer - No Reason

computer running slow. about blank. Hijack log included

Help! My PC is Super-Slow

NAV & Sluggish Comp

System extremly slow with occasional hangup requireing restart.

Virus? Spyware? High CPU use/slow download speed

Computer Running Bad

Computer Running Slowly - Please Help!

computer running slow at times

Computer slowed down in spite of antivirus and anti-spyware; sacked by bugs; help

Severe system slowdown.

Slow computer again

significant computer slowdown

Computer running slowly for some reason

computer running way slow please help

Computer running very very slow

Slowdown computer (no virus)

Computer running very sluggish.Please check log.thanks

All around slow PC

Slow PC with Multiple Issues

runs slow. please help out

My powerful computer runing very slow; HELP!

Computer Slowed by Virus

Removed programs.PC still SLOW and bogged down.1 yr old

Computer acting slowly

computer running slow has popups and keeps crashing

Help with this super slow computer

BrstsWnd causing computer to run slow?

Computer Running slow. Logs Attached

Computer is running very slow

Computer running painfully slow

Computer running slow CPU bouncing off the wall

Best Offer Popups and SLOW response times

Computer running weird - Unsure what it is

Computer super sluggish

Computer runs very slow

Computer has got Virus and is very slow

Real Slow Computer (moved from Security)

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