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Computer freezes requiring reboot


Computer Screen Freezing.must force it to shut down.

BSOD + Computer freezes at startup etc

New computer freezes

Cumputer not shutting down and mouse freezing

Help with my BSOD & lockup issues

BSOD-Now there's a buzzing in the speakers

Computer freezes randomly for no reason

[RESOLVED] computer freezing and bsod

Internet Explorer freezes on startup. a little help would be appreciated.

Problem with Freezing

pc crashes when streaming video!

Windows randomly freezes for seconds then Resumes

Is a driver problem causing my laptop to freeze?

Random computer freezes

computer freezes going from 16 to 32 bit

Freezing During all Boot

Crashing & Hard Reset Needed

Complete freeze under any graphic intense program.

BSOD and hangs problem

Computer Freezes With Audio Loop/Stutter Requires Hard Restart

Computer freezing up at random times

PC freezes at startup

Short random freezes on Win7

Computer hangs when starting up video display program

Computer freezes when changing sound

Freeze/Lock up withing a min of boot

Computer freezes when loading!

Win XP Freeze When Gaming

Computer freezes when playing videos

PC freezes up

Computer boots fine

PC Desktop Sometimes Freezes Up

Computer temporarily freezes up

USB Modem causes PC to hang?

Computer Keeps Stalling

Problems with IE locking up and slow operating system

Freeze on wakeup after hibernation

computer constantly freezing up!

Random Lockups on system [moved from Vista/7]

Computer Freezing/lagging at startup.

Screen Freezing Computer Crash When Gaming

Laptop freezes frequently with looping sound

frozen on startup

Screen freeze

system restarts when coppying file

Computer freezes out of nothing.

Comp Freezes at Start up

Random BSOD's / Freezing

Computer Freezing Issue (+ other realated problems)

HELP! my bosses computer freezes overnight

Post-boot system freeze.

System Freeze for 15sec then Unfreeze

Very Short Repetative Lockups

Error - freezes PC

Computer freezes on standby/hibernate!

Computer Lockup Issue

Computer crashes spontaneously after upgrading to Win8

Comp freezes at end of downloads

HijackthisLog- computer RANDOMLY locks and restarts.

Desktop Locks Up During Video or Gaming

Win7 freezes upon waking

Hangs on startup screen

Computer freezes while usng internet

Freeze on bootup - only in a particular location

Strange Comp Lock-ups

Strange hardware freezing

Trying to figure out PC freezing after monitor off

System freezing after idle. out of ideas :(

Computer Hang after Internet line is opened

computer freezes/beeps

PC Freezes During Start Up

computer starts and hangs.

Entire computer freezes after restart.

Computer freezes or crashes every few minutes.

Frequent freezes on my win 7 64 PC - PowerOffer application main cause?

Windows freezes for hours! HELP.

PC freezes whn logged onto Internet

My computer freezes at boot screen?


Computer hangs on startup

Computer locks up randomly. Driving me NUTS!

PC frequently restarts & freezes.

Computer continually freezes.

Computer freezes after unlocking

go to watch video freeze or crashes

computer freezes on desktop for 10-15 minutes at startup

computer freezes when on internet

Constant computer freezes

System hangs automatically after start up.

Computer hangs for 5 minutes regularly

Computer locks up during gameplay

All LAN devices freeze when PC freezes

Screen freezes & other things

Freezing Startup

Computer freezes when screensaver comes on.Windows XP Service pack 3

Various BSOD + freezes + reboots

Computer freezes when Im doing some functions

Computer freezes in sleepmode or lock

Screen Freezing up

computer freezes while doing nohing

computer freezes on desktop forever plz help

My Windows 7 laptop freezes momentarily

System Freezes Constantly when Windows is Open

Help! Half my processor freezes up

Computer Freezing @ Random Times

Movies crash my computer

PC Crash to static/white noise

Videos lockup windowsxp

my computer keeps freezing after logging in

Computer Freezes when I lose internet

PC freezing / restart random

CPU freeze/unfreeze

computer stops

Computer freezes when installing software.

Startup and freezing problems

Windows 7 startup sound "freezes up"

my comp freezes!

Freeze and crash when playing video content

Computer freezes when I try to play a DVD or watch TV

Computer shutdown problems + random freezing

Computer hangs while downloading

System crash when accessing online video content

windows 7 expolorer connection locks all up

Computer freezes on internet

1 Year Later and Random Freezes AGAIN

Beeping and freezing

Constant Freezing Windows securitycenter_disabled

Random hard lockups

Network Cuases my comp to Freeze

Compy freezes up every now and then.

My Computer Random Shut Down and Freeze

PC Lock ups whilst downloading

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