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Computer Freezes Troubleshooting

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Computer freezes up at odd times

sound stutters and screen freezes

Computer Freezing up

Computer freezing at random.

System freezing

Freezes while downloading

Major PC Problem - System freezes/hangs/crashes

Windows 7 freezing/crashing during video games

Freeze on boot up (only when restarting) Win 7/Vista

Computer Freezes Or Restarts =(

Static Computer freezing

my PC hangs some times without any reason

Comp freezing/ restarting

Freeze on Boot

Computer keeps freezing[moved from win7]

PC freezes during games

Constant PC freezes

System Freezes!

Computer Lockup while scrolling webpages

Computer fails to initialize; loud crashing sound occasionally

Frequent Freezes

system freezes briefly intermittently

computer freezes on opening screen

Computer freezes after a few minutes in normal mode no matter what

System Freeze Up

Need expert for difficult computer problem - random crash/lockups

Computer freezes at start up Dell Dimension 4700 Problem

Computer crashes when i attemt to turn off.

Computer freezes very frequently.

Computer crashes randomly after 20 minutes

Computer Freezes for no real reason

Computer freezes while watching videos

system freeze

Desktop Frequently Locks Up Malware Check

pc freezes after start up

Computer Freezes during games or streaming videos

Compuetr freezes after starting

Computer freezes and locks up.

constantly locks up!

Frequent hangs and programs taking 10 minutes to load (Windows 7)

Random crashes and sometimes BSOD

Computer Hard Freezes

Computer Freezes Streaming Video

Windows freezes

Large Downloads Causing freezing

Computer mysteriously freezes up after minimal use.

Computer Freezes Please Help

Computer freezes frequently

Computer Freezes and stops working

Strange AFK Stability Issue

My computer hangs and the POST takes forever. PLEASE HELP

Streaming Video Freezes computer

Freezing Problem

Freezing during boot

Computer Freezes

crash then audio and video stutter

computer locks up on startup

Computer locks up while streaming videos

XP locking up after hardware change

computer freezing!

freeze up when attempting standby

Freezing when watching videos

Computer freezes - HJT Log

PC Random freezes

Another PC Freezing

Streaming video crashes my computer

Computer freezes for about 20 seconds

Freezing/Locking up Randomly.

recently computer starting to freeze at start up

Freeze after start-up!

Comp freezes

Pc freezing at start up and no boot menu

Constant system freezing

Windows Freezing issues

PC continues to keep on freezing!

Need Help Computer Freezes upon Boot Up

Hangs when booting

PC buzzing & freezing while playing Audio/video

Screensaver Freezing PC

PC freezing randomly

Laptop crashes whn streaming certain video

Computer freezes on startup

PC freezing up during games

Freeze's on startup

Boot Freeze

After Installing Programs Pages Freeze

freeze up issue

Computer freezes once started

system totally freezing !

System Randomly Freezes

Computer freezeson bootup

Constant freezing

screen freezing and having to reboot

my computer freezes

computer froze after start up

Computer freezeing!

Frequent freezes - how to troubleshoot

Choppy Sound and freezes

Freeze/hang problem.

Vista freezes when left idle; didn't before now

Freezing issues

Computer freezing on desktop after startup

My Computer locks up or reboots at random

PC freezes on boot

Computer Freezing at Startup- Vundo Infection?

Computer freezes & scans won't complete

Computer freezes for 5 seconds every minute

Hangs at boot

computer randon computer lockups

toshiba netbook - internet web page glitching

Computer Freezes. Help

Computer freezes except for mouse

Software freezing

PC Hangs now and then

Laptop freezes regularly

Newbie at Computer. Comp crashes during shut down and

Computer Freezes Soon After Startup

Freezing problem while watching videos

XP crashes when connecting IPOD or Camera to USB

System locks up

My computer is freezing and i have two other issues

Restarts and / freezes

Random BSOD and computer freezes

Computer freezing and randomly shutting off

Computer Freezes on boot.

Vista notebook crash after idle

Computer freezes up.

Sometimes My Pc Hangs for a while

My PC is continuously freezing

Computer freezes after startup

PC hangs on boot.

Constant freezes / hangs

Computer Freezes after jagged blue lines appear

PC Freezes Upon Startup

Getting random crashes + screeching feedback through headphones

Help! pc hangs for 2 mins at startup showin 0% usage

computer lockup

PC Hangs With Jarring Noise

Computer freezes acts stupid

Computer is freezing

All Videos Freeze Computer

Help with Freezing Issue (not responding)

Freezing PC on Start-Up

Random computer problems - please help.

Windows is freezing up

Computer freezes while browsing the web

Video Playback causing display freeze.

computer freezing after a little while

freeze up with sounds

Frequent freezes and error messages

Computer Stalls During Power Up

my computer hangs every 2-3 minutes

Computer freezes minutes after bootup

Computer Crashing / Frozen in Sleep Mode

Frequent Freezing

PC freezing constantly

Computer Sometimes Freeze

Download causes my computer to freeze.

Temporary System Hang on Startup

System completely freezes

Please help computer freezes unexpectedly

Lock ups after idling and connection issues

Hang when Unattended

PC freezes completely right on the boot up

computer freeezes

Computer freezes except for mouse cursor?

Windows freezing/often rebooting

PC frequently freezes

Computer freezes while gaming

Computer locks up constantly

Computer Freezes with Anything to do with .AVI Files

Stop Error Message/lockup

computer freezes from time to time

Virus freezes PC on startup

Computer freezes whenever turned on

when i restart my computer it just pauses.

Computer randomly hangs?

Random Freezes and Reboots (I give up)

Computer freezes at boot up

Hang during boot

PC freezes or crushes multiple times at reboot and after logging in Vista

Screen and Computer Freezes Requires Hard Restart

Sudden peculiar hangs for no reason.

Windows Programs Freeze every one and.

computer freezes due to internet connection?

Computer Freezing Out of Control

PC is temporarily stalling randomly

BSOD and freezing up

PC hanging / freezing constantly

Problems with my PC (freezes

System will hang every minute or so

PC freezing occasionally

Computer frozen at startup/ virus attacks

Laptop crashes when streaming videos

Computer Freezes nothing functions except Winamp?

PC Freezes up randomly after reinstall of OS

Comp freezes after startup

Computer constantly freezing with weird sound!

Computer randomly freezes during no activity.

System freezes during scan; weird issues

Complete Freeze

Windows 7 sound buzzing - hardware problem?

USB causing vista to freeze.

System Freezes! Please help

Desktop crashes when connecting to Internet

PC Freezing at Login of program

Computer freezes or shuts down

Computer freezes while browsing

Freeze at startup

Windows Freezes!? HELP!

Computer freezes while on internet for no reason

Computer freezing problem

Desktop Freezes

System freeze when streaming video

Computer seems to be frozen.want to throw it out a window :(

pc hangs constantly when left alone for 15mins

Sound stutters; BSOD; problem with device driver

Pc Freeze issue:

PC with no other problems and with large professional heat-sink hangs/freezes

Computer Freezes after Brief Use

Cursor locks up -- very slow shutdown

Booting Error/Total Freeze

System Crash when Streaming Videos in Browser? Please Help!

Pc hangs up

Frozen Start up screen

Computers freezeing? HELP!

System hanged when i gave print

Computer Freezes after 5 Minutes of Gameplay.=.=

Computer freezing after 30 minutes

Completely Random hangs

possible sound-related computer freezing

Windows Freeze !

Constant lockups

Computer Freezes When Using Opera

Random BSODS/freezing

Freezing and locking up

Computer randomly freezes during gameplay

Video files freeze XP

Computer Freezes And Audio Stutters PLEASE HELP

pc freezing up. help please!

Windows freezes during boot up

Laptop freezes when downloading!

Desktop starts but everything is frozen

Strange PC Freezing

Program freezes

Programs crash with sound

HELP. random freezes!

Crashes in game and YouTube only

Computer freezes for a while after start

System freezes on start-up

Computer Freezes if Ethernet Cable is Plugged In

Computer frezes when connecting to internet

Computer freezes when connect to internet

Computer freezes when I plug in my modem

Freezing when display shuts off?

computer freezes at times

Computer Freezes on Shutdown - Help!

XP freezes on lauching a program

BSOD's and Freezing please help!

PC Monitor Freezes

Random crashes sometimes BSOD

system Hangs after boot

PC Freezes kinda

Intel HD drivers crash/intermittent freezes upon waking up from sleep mode.

Mouse only locking up and Active Desktop recovery reset required

Complete system freeze when viewing Flash videos.

Computer constantly freezing

Computer freezes as soon as it starts

Computer restarts and/or freezes

PC randomly freezes

pc is locking up and ie sometime takes a long time to come on

Computer freezes when it looses wireless internet connection.

freezing on start up

Random BSOD and Freezing

Computer Freezes Every 20 minutes

Computer freezes for a brief moment

Random freezings ang BSODs

Computer freezes on boot-up

Computer Freezing At Regular Intervals

Computer Freezes when trying to connect to Internet Explorer

Random small freezes

Problems with freezeups

Windows freezes at start-up

desktop freezez

Windows 7 locking Up when accessing Internet

Freeze during bootup

internet freezes desktop

freezing and computer turning off

Computer freezing randomly please help

Computer stops responding after short time

Computer freezes often and won't recover without manual shutdown

computer freezing on startup

Computer freezes for 5-10 seconds every minute [XP SP3]

DDS causes my computer to freeze up

Random freezing with buzzing sound from speakers

Windows XP is freezing during playing any video

windows freezing up

Computer is frozen at startup

Computer freezes after being on for 10-20 mins

Constant freezing whilst Gaming/watching youtube video's

Computer freezes very often. Power problem as well. Please help!

Desktop freeze

PC randomly freezing/turning off

Frequent short freezes

Computer freezes after about 20 minutes

PC started freezing

Win 8.1 Hard Hangs New Computer

Static in speakers.then Frozen

YouTube freezes entire PC

Strange crashes during games

Unexplained Accounts page freezing

Control Panel - 'Appearances and Themes' freezes then shuts down

computer freezes when I connect to the internet

Computer freezing during screensaver

All programs freeze every 10-15 minutes! Help!

Computer Frezzes

Computer freezes during operation at random

Vista freezes on resume from sleep mode

Computer freezes under medium to heavy load.

Video/audio files freeze & crash.

Computer was freezing

1 second freeze and buzzing

Pc Freezes For 15-20 Minutes After Windows Welcome Screen

Computer constantly freezes

Computer freezes while playing online games

PC continuously freezing

Computer stalls

Crashing with buzzing noise?

Win 7 freezes during and after start up.

PC hangs on startup

Computer Lags every 5 minutes!

Programs freezing and random reboots

pc freeze on startup

Constant Lockups/Freezes

Computer crashing and software freezing

IE hanging after 15 mins

Computer Freezes/Locks Upon Video Playback

Different programs freeze same way

PC hangs during video playback

Win 7 freezes often/periodically for minutes at a time


System shuts down while idle and then fails restore on bootup

Computer randomly freezes in various parts of general startup

freezing problems

Computer Freezes at Startup

Frequent lockups

Computer freezes after closing my pics or my music folder

Windows crashes + loud speaker noise

5min Freeze Randomly HELP!

Computer Hangs after an hour

My pc restarts out of its own and sometimes freezes

bsod or freeze

Programs Freeze

Computer Freezing and BSOD after 20-30 min of idle.

PC freezes during startup

Temporary but constant computer freezes

Programs freeze or go into an unstoppable sleep mode

Computer freezes on start up.?

pc freezes and reboots by itself!

Laptop with SP2 hangs when using dial-up

Help computer freezing

Laptop randomly freezes/shuts down

Windows crashes after booting

Freezing at startup.

Random PC freeze

Computer is having random freezes that require reboot. Help !

Computer freezes up when I try to connect to internet

Entire computer freezes when connected to the Internet

Freezing often

PC randomly freezing

new computer hard freezing

Explorer seems to freeze after Standby

Computer Freezes when streaming video off net or using itunes

Windows stalls. not at splash

Computer freezes sporadically like I have malware - just cleaned up

all clicks in win 7 pro freeze the Op sys

System Freezes every 10 - 15 minutes

Freezing Issue

Vista Freezes When Computer Left Idle

Computer freezes after boot and keyboard doesnt work. help!

pc freezes and/or crashes sometimes with bsod

waking up pc stalls XP

Screen freezes

System freezen up when browsing.!

Computer freezes continually

Help internet browser automaticly shuts down and my computer freezes alot

Win 7 Freezing after Idle

Windows Vista - freezing with sound loop

Computer Hangs When Resume From Sleep S3

computer freezes shuts down - dds files attached

Freezing after sleep mode

Computer freezes at Random

Computer Freezes Completely

Freezing up and pc restarting constantly.

programs hang up for a few minutes

Computer Pauses

My computer freezes up for 1 second every 5 minutes or so.

Various problems (freezing

intermittent restarts and freezing

programs randomly freeze and i have to close them

Internet on + pc hang

Computer Locks Up When Booting

Frezzing computer

Computer freezes up if left idle

Computer freezes or constantly restarts

Computer freezes within 10 mins of power on. Everything unresponsive.

Windows XP crashes after 20 minutes

Unit Crashes When Plugging Into USB

Help troubleshooting a freeze

Computer Freezing like I've never seen before.

PC locks up (10-60 seconds) when I save something

Frequent Hanging and BSOD or manual shutdown

New ram causing freezes?

Computer freezes always

total LAPTOP freeze at random interval

Downloading files or anything on my laptop freeze during downloading

W10 freezes while watching certain video formats online

Freezing before I can get to boot menu

BSOD and freezing

Computer Lockups

Frequent Freezing Without Obvious Errors

pc stalls when i try to change page; more likely if i leave pc on longer.

My computer hangs on boot up

Entire Computer Freezes

computer freezing and hanging during boot

Computer Momentarily Freezes

Computer freezes quite often

Computer randomly hanging

Please help (PC Freezes)

My computer badly locks up when I'm browsing on the internet.

Computer hangs on boot

Computer freezing after short period of use (5-60 minutes)

Computer Freezing Up With Various Programs

second try: PC switches to screensaver only and freezes

PC just freezes.

Downloads freezes

Computer crashes when "busy"

Computer is jump freezing!

Computer regularly freezing up

Having random lockups.

Computer freezes for a few seconds then resumes. Please Help!

Windows7-64 bit freeze when idle

Videos Crash Laptop

blue screen serious error crashes - distorted sound

computer locks up every minute when it's idle

PC hangs at desktop

Computer Freezes for 5 seconds

Computer boots to desktop

Strange freezing problem when running normally.

Random Freezings in the most random times =( please help

Computer freezes up after monitor wakes up

constant freezes

Computer Freezing During Videos

Computer hanging on standby

My computer freezes every few minutes!

PC freezing not much working

PC Freezes and Reboots Randomly

Computer crashes after on for 20 minutes

Lost internet + Computer freezes

Computer problem - computer froze

panda and dss post computer freezes and acts strangly slow randomnly

Pc Freezes randomly while using internet.

laptop freezes while playing youtube videos/flash games?

When streaming video computer freezes

My Computer Freezes All The Time. Help Me.

Some programs freezing

Multi Range Problem spanding from computer freezing

Windows hangs on Boot

Internet Crashes My Comp

Freeze during online video streaming requiring hard reset.

Computer freezes during Crysis - Could someone pls check these minidump files

Computer freezes but can move my mouse

Computer freezing and having trouble shutting down/restarting

Crash w/o BSOD or Error in Event Log?

Comp Freeze - help?

Browser locks up while surfing the net

Mouse hanging up and maybe too many processes

Freeze/Locks at login

My PC keeps on freezing randomly every 2-5 minutes

Computer Lockup/Freeze

Computer randomly freezes for a period of time

PC freezes all the time

HELP! Computer constantly freezes.

Computer freezes when downloading

Completely Freezes

Help with 4 minute system hang after dialup

System freezes at Startup

Computer freezes at logo sign

My computer temporarily freezes

Random PC hangs

Computer hangs/BSod while surfing net

computer freezes before even finishing virus scans or even ad-aware.

New Computer Locking Up When Left Overnight

Been having random freezes for the past year.

Dektop Freeze

Please Assist with Freezeups/Hangs!

Starting to FREEZE TO MUCH!

PC and HDD locks up every few hours

Computer freezing at startup

Desktop freezes up

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