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Blue Screen Troubleshooting

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random reboot/bsod newer custom pc Please help

Blue screen and the resart !

BSOD HP Laptop

Blue Screens Doh!

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit BSOD while gaming

blue screen and safe mode problems

occasional problem with bootup and error messages (blue screen)

Bluescreen of death!

BSOD - PC suddenly re-starts.

help me.bsod after pluging usb tv

Windows XP Blue Screen of Death

Getting BSOD Regularly - Don't know why?

Multiple OS and BSoD

computer blue screen crashing problem

Trying to install Windows Xp

Screen turned blue with error messages written all over!

Formatted computer and Blue Screen when Windows XP installs

Custom PC BSOD

BSOD - with full info

constant blue screen crashing

BSOD after restarting with Jaksta SME installed

BSOD's close to startup

Windows XP Blue Screen of Death problems caused by Flash

What do I do to be able to read the message on the Blue Screen of Death?

BSOD When play game

Blue screen zip

Blue screen of death help required

BSOD. but not blue!

BSOD ? What 's this?!

Blue Screen of Death and Freezing. Great

BSOD Multiple things?

Rare Blue screen of death error.

Continuos Blue Screens

BSOD and other bad gubbins.

Windows 7 Ultimate - BSOD's

New computer only 2 weeks old BSODS

BSOD on boot

Blue Screen of Death at startup?

Bsod Suffer

BSOD and Im really bad at computers

Blue screen crash again

BSOD Windows 7: Please Help

Windows 7 - Another BSoD

BSOD crash at startup

BSoD problems :(

BSOD cant startup BIG issue

Blue Screen of Death! OoOoOoH! Lawl.

Gaming BSOD after new GPU

Vista BSOD Error

i keep getting the blue screen i think its a virus cause this.

blue screen in Vista

BSOD Nid help

BSoD even after a format

Blue Screen Party at my house

Programs crashing and blue screen.

Windows 7 Shutdown-BlueScreen

Win7 Pro x64 BSOD

Error Guard detected 353 errors in my Computer

BSOD few days after reformat.

Erron Screen! Need Help Please!

BSOD few times

Bsod when going to sleep

BSOD on windows XP (Dont hate me)

Please help! BSOD while playing game!

Can not reinstall WinXP - blue screen

B.S.O.D. after I installed the win7 x64

BSOD with games

BSOD Couple different stop errors

blue screen error from virus

I get bluescrean when the computer has been turned off for a long time.

New build getting occasional BSOD

BSOD upon user log in

Help identifying BSOD cause [moved from Vista/7]

BSOD in specific game

Dreaded blue screen of death

keep gettind bsod

BSOD help. Blank screen after BIOS pop up and blue screen while trying to re

BSOD while playing games!

[Help] Blue screen while using internet browser

Blue Screen of death Message

Blue Screen of Death! Need help!

Windows XP Crashing BSOD Issue

[BSOD] Blue screen

BSOD error code 50 in Win 7 64 bit.

Please Help! Keep getting BSOD.

Constant BSOD with All sort of Stop Messages

System error - blue screen and restart


BSOD problem PLS Help me

Blue Screen STOP:0x000000BE id:1033

BSOD after system hangs on shutdown

BSOD after user login

BSOD on windows 7 machine

My Blue Screen Error

BSOD STOP errors on Vista

BSOD in Seven Family Premium

BSOD Please Help [moved from Vista/7]

Bluescreen no idea :S

Help Diagnosing Reasons For Blue Screen Error.


Blue Screen of Death Random Crash

Fresh install: BSOD with 8E

blue screen on windws 7

Just started getting BSOD

Frequent BSOD

blue screen at xp load up

Bluescreen error

windows vista startup problem bsod HELP

BSOD - can I be saved?

Help: Blue Screen of Death

BSOD - WIFI driver problem

BSOD Problems Please Help

HP Pavilon G series laptop blue screen.

Two different BSODs

Possibly Driver-Related BSOD

I get BSOD's every time i play games.

Win 7 (64 bit) constant random blue screens

BSOD: Windows 7. Need Help

How can i fix my bluescreen?

Constant bluescreens

BSOD due to main hard drive

BSOD - Windows 7 - Please help [moved from Vista/7]

BSOD problem on a new laptop

blue screen of death when i play video

BSOD on Win7 whenever I open Explorer

BSOD's to the max

Windows XP BSOD on Login

invalid timestamp/ windows blue screen login freeze

BSOD error randomly

Safe Mode bluescreen

the blue screen keeps showing up when im rebooting

6 BSOD in four days!

Random BSOD in Windows 7

So many blue screens

BSOD for more than a year

Vista hangs/BSOD with suspicios HD noise

Windows xp craching on blue screen

BSoD on launch

BSOD occurring rarely

blue screen error on shutdown

Windows updates causing bsod?

BSOD Win7-64 / New Install

BSOD Before and After Reformatting

Hard Boot / BSOD problem

Blue crash screen

Need help ASAP. Blue screen of death when doing a virus scan

BSOD and Crashing during video games

Multiple Blue Screen Error Help Please

BSOD - I need help!

BSOD while streaming video--and scrolling

In general is BSOD a sign of serious problems?

Another BSOD problem (0x000000CE)

Constant Blue Screen (Help please)

Hi i have had BLUE screens(STOP ERRORS) in Xp but i have had less in ME

BSOD appears when trying to install XP Mode in Orcale VM Virtualbox

Laptops blue screening after updating to IE7

BSOD on startup fresh xp install + Complicated problems

BSOD When Hibernating

BSOD in SONY vio VGN-455J

BSOD Windows 7 issues

BSOD with several causes

BSOD - Windows 7 64-bit

BSOD. Driver problem?

Please need information on this BSOD error

Blue screen while installs software

Blue Screen ntoskrnl.exe

BSOD on new laptop

Windows 7 64 bit blue screen

BSOD won't go away

Blue screen flashes

Blue screen warning!

BSOD probs have all info asked for. Need help

BSoD when I watch a youtube video.

BSOD after changing network properties

Blue screen error after wierd Kaspersky crashes

BSOD and Jittering problems running windows


BSOD after System Standby

from BSOD after login to start up issues

another blue screen problem

BSOD fix

Fresh Win7 different BSODs

Windows7 BSOD

LG A510 Blue Screen Of Death

Daily Blue Screens

[HELP]BSOD (YASWERBS.SYS)- when using internet

BSOD blue screen of death

BSOD in a random way

BSOD after I registered Win 7

Blue Screen help please

Windows lockup/BSOD issue

Blue Screen Errors

BSOD Win 7 bulid 6_1_7600 x86

I get a blue screen error when installing windows xp home.

Vista BSODs whenever I use the internet

BSOD on start up

Blue screens on start up

BSOD 3 months old comp

Trying to install XP

2 BSOD and not sure what caused it?

[BSOD] Windows 7 premium 64 bit blue screen on startup.

BSOD Win 7 Professional 64bit OEM

Blue Screen --up to 4 times a day.

BSOD information

Blue screen - DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL - Totrec7.sys

BSOD again and again.

Windows BSOD on startup / Booting off windows CD

Computer bsod'ing or freezing randomly.

New System Rampant BSOD Problems in Vista64

BlueScreen Help

BSOD when watch videos

BSOD and hdd question

Blue Sceen

blue screen when veiwing flash format videos with firefox 4

Constant Blue Screens !

Blue Screens on Boot

Blue Screen Trouble

Blue Screen of.?!

getting bluescreen on xp install on new machine

Win7 Pro 64-bit BSOD errors

BSOD scanning or on IE

blue screen upon copying from external drive

help me please blue screen

BSOD when starting a game[RO]

Computer crashed but I can't even get a BSOD!

BSOD on a new build (Very Detailed Report Included) Plz Help

BSOD on brand new PC

By frequent pretty Blue Screens

BSOD Windows 7 Help please!

Blue Screen Of Non-sense.

Constant BSODs - Windows XP Failure?

BSOD right afer logging in

BSODS on Win 7

Please Help Me! Blue Screen Keeps Happening (details inside)

XP SP3 BSOD 50 but very intermittent

BSOD win 7 problems

[Bsod] Fresh Installed Windows[Driver Card]

Constant BSODs/Soft-Locks w/ Dual-Channel Memory

Multiple BSODs and crashed after 2 months of inactivity

BSOD on link clicks / randomly

Computer blue/black screen

I'm back! Everything wil be going along fine and then blue screen

Startup - Blue Screen of Death - System Reboots Repeatedly!

Blue Screen after Installing Ram [moved from Vista/ Windows 7]

Random BSOD in new computer

BSOD on fresh install

blue screen win xp home HELP!

BSOD with drive message + System restore = BSOD again

Blue Screen at after desktop loads

blue screen that keeps restarting my computer

blue screen during re-installation

Another BSOD issue.

blue screen trap

BSOD Hardware Problem

BSOD when trying to reformat

I log in and get blue screen of death

BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH - vista ultimate

My computer is getting BSOD.

BSOD error when playing games.

BSOD Whenever using AC Adaptor and Gaming.

Continuous Blue Screen of Death and Restarting

Blue screen appearing during games

Random bluescreens on a newly build computer

BSOD in vista

Blue screen on brand new build

BSOD Diagnostics

Windows Blue Screen Of Death!

I get BSOD in the windows xp setup

BSOD Advice Required Please

BSOD -- What should I do?

BSOD in xp

Help! Blue screen error

BSOD gone before I can read it

Error when trying to install XP Pro on a new box

blue screen of death! Need answers quick!

Help.xp bsod when i run virus scan.

Blue Screen when starting up

I get BSOD on my windows7

Random BSOD after leaving the pc for a while

Blue Screen Message

not booting up blue screen

Blue Screen of Death.Desperate

BSOD will it continue with a new gcard

BSOD after logging in.

Weird Problem Causing BSOD Registry Error

Bsod during Gameplay fine during idle.

BSOD - Graphics Driver (when watching video)

Win 8 Int frowny face @ wake-up

BSOD while booting XP

Blue Screen of Death WILL NOT go away

regarding blue screen error.

desktop blue screen then crashed! windows 7

Windows Vista Blue Screen of Death Help

Blue screen on every OS

BSOD after updating graphics driver

How to recover from blue screen on a netbook?

BSOD after installing SSD

Dell pc w/bsod

HELP! Windows 7 BSOD :(

Blue Screen HELP PLS

BSOD Startup

PC BSOD'ing a lot more common now

BSOD on Wifi use

Receive BSoD When Connecting to the Internet

Acer Aspire 5750G blue screen problem

BSOD Help (Beeks)

Blue Screen when install XP

blue screen after hard reset

HELP! Blue screen of death wont go away

BSOD during Windows XP install

BSOD on my brand new pc

Random BSOD crashes on new Acer Aspire Windows 8 Laptop

Blue screen with message. Computer not starting. Urgent.

BSOD caused by 2 different errors

Getting error screen

Trying to diagnose BSOD remotely

Random Blue Screen

Installation problems! BSOD

Frequent BSOD - Windows 7

NVIDIA Card Causes Blue Screen in Microsoft Games

Keep getting the " Blue screen of death " thing ! HELP !?!

Bluescreen Constantly

BSOD - Video Card Problem?

BSOD on New Win 7 Pro X64 Install

Blue Screens in Vista

My computer randomly shuts downwith bluescreen

Multi Bsod

Blue Screen In Safe Mode Boot

Blue screen of death after installing sp

BSOD in Win XP

New Computer with BSOD

Constant BSOD Errors

Vista won't start up/blank blue screen

Blue Screen crash problems

Trying to setup Widows XP

HP Laptop/Vista BSOD

BSOD even in Safe Mode

blue screen shut down

BSOD Followed by Restart

What does this bluescreen mean?

I have a blue screen

Win7 64 BSOD

BSOD Again :jackson:

Windows 7 Blue Screen (Brand New PC)

BSOD Games Crashes help!

Blue Screen after VMTool install on Vista

Irql_not_less_or_equal - BSOD on newly built machine

Help Blue Screeen

BSOD When Computer is Sleeping

suddenly getting bsod

Vista BSOD---what caused it?

Windows XP BSOD Problems

Constant BSODs and assorted error messages

Vista Crash Blue Screen - HELPPP!

Blue Screen 50 when shutting down

multiple bsod codes

BSOD 9F on standby

BSOD > Repair > BSOD = New Problem

Blue screen at each startup attempt

Intermittent BSOD after replacing hardware

BSOD at boot.

Windows XP BSOD Help (warning long)

Windows BSOD on Splash Screen

BSOD Crash - Advice Needed

HP with vista BSOD

Blue screen mess

Blue Screens and Black Screens when connected to VGA or HDMI

BSOD and Program Issues

BSOD with changing error messages

Random BSOD Crashes in Windows7

BSOD constantly appearing.

BSOD and Audio issues

Infamous blue death screen

Computer keeps crashing to blue screen on startup

Murphy hates me-BSOD on new hardware

Have a minidump. Can someone please tell me why I have a blue screen?

BSOD Vista Ultimate

BSOD: Complicated hardware or software error


Blue Screen at Startup [moved from Security]

windows 7 BSOD's

BSOD when I hook laptop up to HDTV via HDMI.

I had BSOD

Can't get rid of popups and got a blue screen of death ealier.

Windows crashing (STOP error) problem

Blue Screen of Death - seems to be something to do with Ethernet

Windows 7 Home Premium BSOD!

Windows 7 BSOD Issue

Blue Screen of Death on HP Pavilion

BSOD/Crashing problem Win 7

BSOD and Chkdsk

Consecutive BSODs wreaking havoc!

Windows 7 Blue Screen Help!

BSOD on Idle - 0x0000001a

PLEASE HELP! Blue screen

Computer giving Blue Screen at startup

Re-formatted Acer laptop and then bluescreen

VWIN32 Blue screen on exit

While Using Computer : few different BSODs.

BSOD while clean installing XP

BSOD: Lots of Dump Info.Maybe an Easy Solve

BSOD When Turning off PC.

Need some help with my BSOD Windows 7 20 BSOD in 24 hours!

Win 7 64 bit Keeps BSOD

BSODS.start-up repair-> Kernel

Random Blue screens while gaming

Random BSOD appearing

Reoccuring BSOD's

blue screen errors on new computer

Fakealert.h and blue screen

Freezes and Blue Screens after scanning?

i cannot install vista in my new build (BSOD

BSODs right when I got the system

Blue Screen Of Death(BSOD)Help!

Spyware Infected /Blue Screen

BSOD frequently occuring on Win 7

Need some help with BSOD errors

Win 7 Enterprise 64 BSODs

Aftermath of Malware removal causing blue error screen upon bootup

Blue Screen of Dead problem

System Crashing BSOD

BSOD - Microsoft Windows 7 - PC Keeps Restarting

Need help. BSOD.

Blue Screen keeps on coming up

Fresh Win10 innstall keeps getting BSOD`s

Computer restarts just before Win XP Splash screen

* Blue Screen of Death - Files loaded for analysis

BSOD Constantly Happening

BSOD on very new laptop running Windows 7

Blue Screen that shows error and causes auto shutdown

bsod windows 7 video card

Blue Screen Errors But I Cant Go To Safe Mode

Sudden BSOD problems


Blue Screen (no message) Plus Antivirus Questions

BSOD when playing certain game

blue screen/nonresponsive/ error message as follows

BSOD when running high performance game

BSOD when going into sleep mode

Still having BSODs after complete hardware replacement.

blue screen windows 7

Numerous BSoD

BSOD / Repair Install

BSOD while watching videos

BSOD - ranomly crashes

Windows BSOD's during bootup

BSOD please help win 7 64 bit pro

Bsod unfixable from xp to windows 7

BSOD Restart Problem

Safemode reverts all changes/BSOD in Windows

Video causes bluescreen and reboot.

constant bluescreening

Blue Screen When Starting Paltalk Log Inside

Strange BSOD and no reboot after win update

different blue screen errors.

Windows 7 - Blue Screen on Start-up

Rash of blue screens

Blue Screen Error x3

hpzipm12 & blue screen

BSOD in Win7

Blue Screen Problem. Please help.

Back again (I had posted here before about BSOD

Problems with BSOD post?

XP media Center shuts off on boot

Blue Screen please help

frequent BSOD's with vista

[resolved] WinXP boot stops at blue graphic screen after drive copy - HELP!

Computer crashes blue screen

BSOD-Hardware Problem XP Home Edition?

Help! BSOD when I turn on my wireless

Microsoft blue screen error message

Windows 7 constant BSOD - dump inluded

Blank Blue Screen. is it a bsod?

blue screen ialmnt5.sys

BSOD issues on Win7

Dell Inspiron N5110 with Window 7 home premium problems

BSoD - mainly whilst gaming

BSOD - 2 separate error codes

Vista BSOD when gaming

Random Blue Screen of Death (windows 7)

Blue Screen Windows Shuts Down.please Help!

Vista BSOD problem - please help!

BSOD during shutdown

Various BSOD Stop Codes [moved from Distibuted Computing]


Another BSOD

Bluescreen on Windows 7

nv4_disp and blue screen of death!

bsod blue screen of death problems

Computer gets BSOD when going to sleep mode

BSOD Playing certain games after a while

win 7 bsod!?!?!

Help ! BSOD at Startup

BSOD after installing graphicscard drivers

Random BSOD on laptop

Dell Crashing.

I get a blue screen then my computer restarts.

BSOD Win 7 Driver_IRQL_Not_or_Less_Equal

laptop bsod

Blue Screen returns after Full Restore.

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