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Black Screen Troubleshooting

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COMPAQ Presario screen turned gray and I can't turn it off.

Blank screen afters bios?

Black screen with mouse pointer. Need help

Blank screen when restarting but computer still on

Black screen.

Vista has died for the third and final time on my kids laptop!

Running smiley on black screen

Screen Problem Help Please!

Black Screen/Freeze when switching users?

Acer Aspire - Blank screen! Please help!

black screen after windows load

Windows 7 Black Screen and Freezes

Black screen logging off or switching users

Blank screen after windows logo

black screen/cursor on startup from fresh install of 7

black screen with flashing underscore

Windows XP - Graphic card driver problem (blank screen)

Black screen active cursor on startup

Black Screen after Bios Load

black screen. Unable to reformat.

Windows XP 64 Boot Hangs Up on Black Screen

Can't boot because of Black Screen of Death

Windows 7 - blank screen at startup

Acer Aspire Black screen

Blank Screen

Black screen after login. (FileCure)

screen is black except for the window i had open prior to blue screen

Black screen after exiting full screen mode

My laptop's screen is gone black with a white line blinking on the top left corner

black screen in windows xp

Black Screen please help!

KSOD: Please help

Black screen after windows welcome

Screen flashes black and mouse centers afterward

Vista 64bit won't boot up in Normal Mode

Black screen with cursor on cold boot in Win 7 64 bit

Black screen on Acer Aspire V3-571G

Black Screen in Windows 7 64 bit

Black Screen Crashes

BSOD and black screen

Black Screen after Overheating

Vista Ultimate Install No Video After POST

Windows 7 - Laptop not working at random when turning on - Powers up but nothing on

A real challenge - reinstalling XP with black screen

problem with cursor since last vista update

Black screen Load error

Ubuntu won't start

Acer Aspire Laptop screen problems.

Flashing cursor! Vista

vista sp1 login to black screen

XP Home - Black Screen - Normal & Safe Modes

Hello4/Black Screen 2 Advanced Help

dell bios load then black screen no windows logo

Black screen of DEATH / laptop froze during BIOS update

Black Screen on Windows 7 startup

blacK Screen Of Death (KSOD)

Screen goes black after Windows xp loading screen

Trying to fix black screen/blinking cursor on boot - no c:/boot folder?

Blank screen @ Windows load

Black screen replaces Intro setup (RESOLVED)

Will NOT Boot Windows. Stuck at Black Screen.

Black screen help

Why no display when running chkdsk?

Win 7 Compatibility Black Screen of Death

Black Screen w/ DrvmCDB & Diagnostic Traces

black scrren

Desktop blackscreens - HELP NEEDED!

Windows Vista - Black Screen

Screen is black and will not start

Dell Inspiron n5030. Black screen and flashing cursor at start.

WinXP Pro boot with blank screen and mouse cursor only


Black Screen on Startup after Random Crash

Windows Won't Boot - Black Screen

crashes and now blank display

mac stuck on black screen

black screen in safe mode and normal after virus removal

No login screen after possible explorer crash

Windows XP welcome screen black

HELP! Black Screen with cursor only

Black screen with cursor win7 dell laptop

KSod before the windows 'Welcome' screen

Black Screen Xp boot and boot from CD

Black Screen (BSOD)

Very long black screen before Windows starts up

Vista SP2: black screen

Windows Vista Computer w/no display

Computer stuck at black screen with flashing white underscore

Boot-up trouble

i get a black screen

Black Screen & Underscore

Toshiba Laptop L650 with White Dash on a Black Screen

boot time black screnn

Black screen on starting windows 7

a trojan that gives me a blank screen

Black Login Screen

black screen after login

Black Screen No Cursor After W10 Updates

Black screen on Vista reboot. Help!

Black Screen During Startup

Black Screen of Death or Black Gaming Screen of Death

Black screen with blinking underscore

No picture after initial loading screens

black screen after avast boot scan

Monitor Goes Black After Windows XP Logo

Black screen on acer mini laptop

Xp Home edition - blank screen and cursor

Vista Won't Boot & Monitor Doesn't Work

Black screen after system restore

Vista booting into a black screen with only the cursor working

Black Screen of Death: story so far and request for advice

Black screen after I log off

Display goes blank after Windows welcome screen in XP

Vista black screen w/ cursor

Loads Directly to a Black Screen and Cursor

Win XP - No signal after splash screen

Windows Screens- Blank Screens?

windows loads.but then flicks

Screen keeps going blank while booting up.

Blue Screen; No Screen

Black Screen While Updating Drivers

Black screen on loading.

Need help! my laptop froze after installing Defender Pro 5 in 1 2009

Problems with my Compaq CQ60

Black Screen after attempted XP repair

Random black screen and hard freeze!

Black Screen At Vista Login

RemoteDesktop/Screen goes blank (No Signal)

Black screen after boot logo

Blackscreen after windows logo

Black screen. Epico challengo.

Black screen right after Win XP logos

Black screen after Vista loading bar at boot

Windows 7 black screen and cursor boot - Graphics card related

Vista 32 boots to black screen

Windows 7 stuck in black screen with computer information

Crash & Black Screen when downloading or installing programs!

Black screen/no video

Computer gets stuck on a Black screen with a white cursor before login?

Windows Vista started up in Black and White

Vista Won't Boot At All (black screen blinking cursor) Any Help?

my home screen won't load up my screen stays black and shows the mouse

black screen upon start-up

Black screen with cursor for 20 minutes then pc finally loads

Just retored to factory settings now I have no screen.

XP Splash screen is dimmed then changes? Need help.

black screen w/text at start up.

Black Screen Non Responsive Crash

WinXP black screen on startup with cursor

Win7 black screen on startup

Acer 5620 Vista boots only to black screen

Windows won't open- stops at black screen

Black Screen Virus (Windows XP)

eMachine Boot Issues

Black screen! no cursor. Dell inspiron 1525

HELP Black screen

Blank Desktop with only mouse cursor showing

Black sreen only with error message


blank screen problem returns

Dark blue screen when booting up. Vista won't load

Black Screen of Death after returning from Sleep Mode

flashing curser after bios screen

Sudden freeze followed by blank screen.

Black screen with cursor when I boot up my PC.

Black Screen BEFORE Login screen and AFTER Windows 7 logo/loading!

Start-Up ends at a black screen with only the cursor

Black screen after XP logo

black screen start asking for password

black screen with flashing dash

Monitor shuts down after XP load screen.

Windows Vista-SP 1 caused system not to boot

Help Me! Blank screen but seeing cursor.

Acer Aspire 2930 Blank Screen

Urgent problem: Logon screen will no longer work

Computer freezes and then black screens.

e-machine Windows XP black screen

Windows Vista went black

Vista Black screen on pre installed Dell

Laptop won't boot after Microsoft corporation (Vista)

Blackscreen before bootscreen

Vista black screen after power up help!

Win7 Won't install - Black screen on 1st startup

VISTA not booting! Black screen

Windows black screen

blank screen issues

Screen is black when starting up

Virus makes my 3 screens go dark - help!

Vista Ultimate boots to half a screen

Black screen at startup on XP

Black screen after splash screen

Blank screen on boot

ok messed with bootscreen with stylexp

Black Screen and Random Crashes - Long

Blank screen because of registry?

New Alienware M15X Blackscreen

XP reboots in safe mode only; black screen all other times

Laptop boots to black screen

Blank screen on Vista startup?

My notebook's screen turns off when Windows starts.

Black Screen + White Underscore in Upper Left Corner

Virus blacks out screen and blocks task manager HELP!

Acer Aspire 5535-5050 won't boot.

black n blue hp screen ahhhhhhhhh

Black Screen instead of Win Logo

Black screen afterboot up - laptop

Startup problems after fixing Black Screen of death

Boots to a blank screen

Windows boots into black screen with cursor after installing ubuntu

Blank Screen after Windows XP loads.Desktop doesn't appear

Windows hanging on black screen on startup

Black screen with cursor after bootup

Startup goes to Black Screen!

windows 7 slow start up and black screen

computer shows blank screen with funny symbol and cursor

System32 errors and black screen

Black Screen With Active Cursor

Blank Screen on Login

Black screen and it wont load

Black Screen - trouble at MWinVista

Virus On computer. My startup screen is gone!

Black screen after reinstall

I get a black screen when trying to boot up

Win7 Black Screen again.

Message w/black screen STUCK on desktop!

HP Black Screen after logon


Black Screen Freeze

Black screen when booting from Vista DVD

Slow Acer. BSOD. Black Screen.

Bootup error message with black screen

Keep getting Black Screen of Death after fixing

Windows not starting Black screen

Black screen after Compaq logo screen

Monitor turns off shortly followed by PC restart

Black screen when Windows XP starts.

Flashing white line top left hand corner


Black Screen AFTER user logon

Black screen at boot and all i try fails

Monitor goes black after booting up

XP gives Black Screen.after booting.Plzz help!

No video when vista starts up

Win 7 Ultimate Black Screen

(Win XP) Windows Black Screen of Death Help!

Vista won't boot on my laptop no matter what.

Blank Screen Windows Vista Buisness

Black screen at startup XP Professional

Black screen of death on windows 7 :(

Panasonic Television Black Screen Issue

Blank (Black screen of death lol)

WindowsXP boots to black screen

Won't load OS in normal mode/Vista Security 2012 related issue

Blank screen after windows 7 splash screen

Black Desktop with Multiple system errors

Black Screen & Cursor - Cannot boot in any mode

Black screen when system turned on

x64 Bootscreen display problem!

Black Screen After Windows 7 Logo?

dark screen

[bsod] Shut Down After Black Screen!

Windows Blank screen. What I've tried.

Can't View Fraps Vids

Black Screen Problem in Normal AND Safe Mode after Virus

Computer boots to black screen

Vista boot problem with dots and dashes.

Switch user black screen

XP Blank screen

my windows vista prem. machine has crashed

black screen after log in and other problems

Black Screen. Startup problems

BSOD/Black screen during gaming

firefox w7 youtube.

Games crash to black screen between 30 seconds - 10 minutes.

Disabled Graphics Driver - Now XP Boots to a Black Screen

Black Screen w/ mouse pointer on start-up (details within)

youtube gives me black window

Total Black screen on startup. Cant see anything.

solid cusor in top left corner

Black screen at bootup?

black screen after refreshing pc

Help: Black screen with flashing line at top left corner

Vista Hangs [i have seven days to get this sorted]

Monitor goes black during booting.

Blank Screen Upon Start up!`

black screen flashing mark upper left corner

Windows 7 black screen with mouse pointer before logon.

Computer Black Screen; no menus

Laptop crashed and cannot boot when try to instll intel graphic driver

Blank Screen after chckdsk.

Windows 7/Vist Black Screen issues

Blank screen at startup and super-slowness

get a black screen

Black Screen after seeing Windows splash screen.

Start up of Acer Aspire 7551

Windows boots to black screen

Laptop Boots only to Mouse and Blank Screen

Screen blanks out after startup

another blank screen prob.

Windows XP starts then screen goes black

Can't install drivers VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR black screen on windows startup

Black screen following start-up.

Screen Freezes after login - no desktop icons

Black Screens of Death on Vista

Blank Black Screen on XP Boot

Logo screen then nothing.

Random restarts Win7- black screen of death BSOD

Black Screen and Buzzing hardware issue

WINDOWS 7 Black Screen after Install

Windows will not load up

Black Window starts up when i try to start up something!

XP Boots to a Blank Screen

Windows 7 black screen on startup

Black screen after Windows splash screen. Unable to acces safe mode.

Black screen and buzzing sound when gaming

Black screen. Help please!

Black screen on Netflix and full screen YouTube

Recieving a black screen during startup

Windows 7 Black Screen then Blue Screen of Death

radmin 2.2 problem

Black Screening problem

Black Screen After Windows XP Logo

Black screen at startup

Screen goes black when i click on something

BSOD (Black Screen of Death)

Black desktop with cursor arrows after log in

Black Screen playing Mpegs

black screen with white cursor after splash

Windows 7 Blank screen just cursor after installing SP1

Computer will only show black screen

Black Screen After Logo

Device manager goes blank after cable man goes in msconfig

Black cursor ; no safe mode

windows xp black screen

Windows 7 Black Screen with Underscore at boot.

Windows Vista Home Premium won't boot at all.

Nothing but black screen and cursor

Blank screen after boot

Vista leaves blank screen

Black Screen Problem

Aspire 4551 Black Screen of Death?

Windows Vista Boots to a black screen

Monitor Turns Off after Booting- Windows 7

Screen goes Black after WinXP finishes loading

No Display When Starting Windows Normally

black screen with cursor flashing left corner

Windows Classic log in/log out after installing PCI card

Vista Boots to cursor arrow on black screen

Black screen of Death Before Log in appears and no cursor

Black Screen of death every other week

Acer Aspire Display Issues

usb - blank screen

Black screen after Win XP boot

Windows Vista - The Black Screen Of Death


Black Screen on Startup .

Black Screen shortly after Windows Logon

My xp loads and when it should display login screen it goes black.

Stumper: Black screen of death

Black Screen After Logging On

Black screen with movable cursor?

No local video on my monitor w/Wlive Messenger

Windows wont startup

Black screen with blinking cursor & M1004 error code: Dell Inspiron 6000 with XP Pro

Toshiba Satellite C660-1E3 - Black Screen

windows not loading up properly

Windows 7 black screen! HELP ME

flash drive pulled early = Blue Screen Of Death!

Please help black screen at startup

black screen on a dell 6400

Short 10 second-ish black screen before/after logging into Windows 7

Black Screen on start up.

Black Screen after reboot.

Black Screen w/ Mouse Cursor

Vista boots sometimes

Black Start-up screen

Help! Black Screen with nothing but opened "My Document"!

Black screen w/ cursor for admin account only

blank screen when Win XP should load

Computer freeze then Black screen

Has the "black screen" replaced the "blue screen"?

Black Screen after windows loads

Black screen when switching user

Mouse Issue In Vista Business

black screen after windows logo. (VAIO VGNFE95HS - Win7)

black screen when booting

xp sp2 black screen on boot up no password

OMG.the black screen

black screen before login in windows 7 x64

Long pause between splash and logon screens

Black Screen During XP Recovery

Black Screen with Cursor

Black screen after loading bar

Black computer screen from boot up

Stuck at black screen before logon

Black screen with streaming

XP Problem; Black Screen (But Loading)

windows vista blue and dlack screen plz help! :(

Black Screen after closing Dos based Programs

Win 10 occasional black screen

WXP Pro goes black after WXP logon

Black Screen after logging in - Windows Vista

Black screen after ram upgrade.

Stuck on black screen

Black screen during logon

Used computer restore and now my computer has NOTHING on the screen.

The BLACK screen of death?

Black Screen After Windows Logo

Computer Won't Go Passed Black Screen After Startup

Blue AND Black Screen of death

Black screen (need help ASAP)

New Presario With NO VIDEO OUTPUT - Processor Light Solid?

After Windows but up animation screen stays black for 15 secs

Black screen with lots of Zeros

Windows 7 Upgrade results in Black Screen Help!

Black Screen with mouse after vista boots

black monitor screen after discovering trojan

Black screen + hal.dll

Computer Crashing into A black Screen! Please HELP!

window 7 acer aspire desktop problems

Can't boot laptop (Vista Home Edition)

BLACK SCREEN before user login accounts

Flashing white line

blank screen at windows loadup

Game Blank Screen

Black screen issue

Black screen with mouse cursor working

Windows 7 KSOD with moveable cursor - one solution

Black Screen with moveable cursor

[W10][Not BSoD] Frozen black screen

Screen turns black after Gateway logo on my laptop

Windows 7 Black Screen white blink at top left. URGENT. Please Help

Black screen at login

Toshbia Netbook boots up with black screen and cursor moving.

Windows XP virus - black screen after boot up - display drivers attacked

Trying to install software- get black screen and blinking cursor

Black Screen of Death cause by virus? Help!

XP black screen after logon

Black Screen Before Windows Splash

Windows 7 - Black screen No Desktop

Black screen after windows xp splash screen

blank screen HELP

black screen on xp startup

Blank Screen - Computer Will Not Boot

black screen while booting

Left 4 dead black screen

The Black screen of doom is back!

Black Screen in XP after startup.

windows 7 Black screen when installing

Win XP boots to black screen

Window goes blank when trying 2 install my onboard grahics ?

Cursor and black desktop.nothing else

Blank screen after loading

Black Screen @ startup

black screen error.

Boot Issues: Black screen with cursor.

Blue Screen has gone Black with this message

Black Screen with Green Arrow

Downloaded wrong display driver/screen blank!

Black-Screen start-up

XP will not load at all. Blank screen

Black screen white underscore

Windows Won't Boot - Black Screen [Moved from General Security]

My laptop freezes or/and goes black

Vista SP1 Mouse Malfunction

win7 64bit install problem / black screen

Windows Disappear Upon Login

black screen issue after signing in

System Crashes While Playing Audio

Cursor freezes or screen goes black

Startup Error then Black Screen

Monitor stops working once xp is loaded!

black screen with a mouse cursor

Windows update making my comp freeze on black screen on restart

Black screen reinstalling windows 7

black screen won't boot no safe mode hd working hard

Stuck on blank screen during start up.

Browser Black screen

My acer aspire 9500 black screen on start up

black screen crash exactly once a day

BootUp Problem Blank Screen.

Black screen on bootup

Black screen with pointer after defrag

Black Screen W/ Error Codes

Windows 7 Fails to start: Black Screen with mouse cursor

Vista hangs at black screen on start up

Black screen on boot

Screen blackout

Black Screen w Moving Pointer - But NOT w Ubuntu 11.10

Black screen crashes getting more frequent

Vista Login Screen problem

Vista Slow Bootup/black screens/error messages.please help

Laptop screen goes dark and unresponsive but not to sleep.

Vista: Start-up prob/Just get Black screen w/cursor.

black screen on touchsmart 600-1350

Black screen where XP login should be. Booting issue.

Black screen with mouse after Loading vista up

Computer Stuck at Black Screen with Blinking Underscore

No Display for Windows Vista Ultimate

Black screen with a difference

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